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WORLD WAR II A timeline.

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1 WORLD WAR II A timeline

2 1939 Nazis take Czechoslovakia Nazis sign Pact of Steel with Italy
Nazis sign Non-Aggression pact with USSR Nazis invade Poland Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany

3 1940 Nazis invade Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands Battle of Britain, German Blitz against England begins Italy invades Egypt Tripartite Pact signed Italy invades Greece Britain begins desert offensive in North Africa

4 1941 British troops invade Italian Somaliland
German Afrika Korps arrive in North Africa Germans continue bombing London Germany attacks Soviet Union Nazi SS begins mass murder Germany abandons attack on Moscow Japan bombs Pearl Harbor

5 1942 First American troops arrive in England
Japanese-Americans put into internment camps Rommel and the Afrika Korps reach El Alamein, Egypt Germans resume attack on USSR and advance toward Stalingrad Rommel withdraws from Egypt

6 1943 Soviets repel attack on Stalingrad and begin counter-offensive
Allies take Tunisia, German and Italian troops in North Africa surrender Allies land in Sicily Italy surrenders and Mussolini is arrested. Germans occupy Rome and rescue Mussolini Allies enter Naples, Italy

7 1944 Soviet troops advance into Poland Allies enter Rome
D-Day landings begin First German V-1 rocket attacks on Britain Soviets enter Romania Paris liberated Allies cross Siegfried Line

8 1945 Soviet troops capture Warsaw and liberate Auschwitz
Allies take Cologne and bridge the Rhine Soviets reach Berlin Hitler commits suicide Unconditional German surrender (VE Day) Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Unconditional Japanese surrender (VJ Day)

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