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Mateusz Czernek. D AY 1 (F RIDAY )  We arrived at the school in the Barnstaple and went home with our British partners, unpacked and had a moment of.

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1 Mateusz Czernek

2 D AY 1 (F RIDAY )  We arrived at the school in the Barnstaple and went home with our British partners, unpacked and had a moment of rest.  After dinner, eaten with the families I, my partner Tom, Ada, Bart, and their peers drove along the beach away from our place of residence about 30 minutes. On the beach, we met the other members of the exchange.  Until late in the evening we all played cricket on the beach and have a good time while having fun.


4 D AY 2 (S ATURDAY )  That day we went on a trip to the city of Bath. I had the opportunity to ride a two-storey bus. When we went there we had the earphones through which we learnt about all the places we have passed by. After the tour bus we went to the Roman Baths. Then we had free time for ourselves – we went shopping and bought souvenirs, clothes etc. After a day of sightseeing we went back to Barnstaple Bath and drove with all Polish group to my family for party. We ate dinner, watched the Eurovision Song Contest and so the day 2 passed quickly and pleasantly.


6 D AY 3 (S UNDAY )  This day was aimed to spend it with our English families. Me, my partner Tom and Bartek Wilk, and his partner Joe went to town for shopping and meeting up with friends. Then we all went to the NCC for breakfast. We spent our time pleasurably. When we got home we rested until we went for a walk, and then to the playground, where we would make up games and then we played them together with English students. At night I went to Ada Machelska’s place, and there we watched "Happy Gilmoor”. Then we played on X- box and the PS 2. We ate snacks, drank cola and talked along.

7 D AY 4 (M ONDAY )  That day we had a trip to Lynton and Lynmouth. First, we had a long walk from Watersmeet to Lynmouth. By the way we were able to enjoy beautiful views of the river, vegetation, birds and many others. After the walk we had a rest in the small town where we could eat a second breakfast. Another highlight was the cable car ride to Lynton. We took a lot of interesting and beautiful photos there. Then we came to the Valley of the Rocks, where we sat and watched the views of the Atlantic oceans. Then we went to the "Mother Meldrums Tea Rooms, " where we could try the traditional cookies and drink the famous English tea. After returning to Pilton school majority of Polish and English students drove two double decker buses to a party at Dawid Słowik’s house. We learned to play Rugby and Cricket there. After returning home I used the computer and talked a long time with my colleagues how was my day.


9 D AY 5 (T UESDAY )  In the morning we went together with our partners to Pilton College. There we took up dance classes for us, where we learnt to dance the dance, and then we took up sports. After school we went with a tour guide to visit Barnstaple. We visited many interesting and historical places. Then we could go shopping on the Hight Street. We all bought a lot of things I've bought many souvenirs. After shopping we picked up our partners with the library in Barnstaple and went to school where we tried traditional English dishes and snacks, but we also listened to music and singing school students. At the end of feast we went home to rest after a busy day.


11 D AY 6 ( WEDNESDAY )  That day we had a trip to Clovelly and Tintagel. Clovelly is an incredibly charming small town as I had chance to observe. Although the weather was rather rainy, I was very pleased with this trip. Then we reached the castle in Tintagel, where King Arthur lived with his knights. Views of what I saw there were just amazing. I took that day a lot of pictures. After returning to Pilton college, me and my colleagues went by bus to Marcel and his partner’s house. Her mother prepared for us a traditional English hamburgers and hot dogs. After dinner we all went to explore the surrounding countryside. It was a very interesting day which I won’t never forget.


13 D AY 7 (T HURSDAY )  The day shaped up well and it was so. Polish group and a group of English students went to the Devon County Show in Devon to the city of Exeter. There was a ceremony, which takes place every year. There you could see the exhibition of old cars, cows, sheep, cultural presentations of Devon. There were various competitions and interesting shows, for example, dogs or horses shows, performances by brass bands, etc. I also went with Kuba to small amusement park where we would ride many rides etc. At night we went to Bartek Wilk’s party. We sat by the fire and talked about the whole day.


15 D AY 8 (F RIDAY )  We went to the city of Exeter, where we could visit a very old cathedral and see the famous hotel. After exploring all of us went to the last shop, among others to the Primark store. After the tour we went back to Barnstaple, and the few people and I went to Ada Machelska, where the party was, and Szymon Żak’s birthday simultaneously. Then we all went to the playground where we played late into the evening. I think it was a very interesting day.


17 D AY 9 (S ATURDAY )  It was our last day in the UK before leaving to Poland. All that day we spent with families Me and my English family drove into town for evening festivals. I saw there the English students who have appeared on the stage dancing and singing. After lunch we went to the beach where I met with all participants of the exchange. We ate there hot dogs, hamburgers, and we played all together Cricket. It was a great day!


19 D AY 10 (S UNDAY )  This day we spent on our way home, because we already had to leave at 02:45 AM from Barnstaple to Bristol Airport. At 10:35 AM we were in Krakow at the airport. And so ended our exchange in England. I think that until the end of life, I will mention those pleasant moments spent in the UK.



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