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Day 1 (Friday) I woke up very early today. Before leaving, we said goodbye to our families. After checking in at the airport we took some nice pictures.The.

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2 Day 1 (Friday) I woke up very early today. Before leaving, we said goodbye to our families. After checking in at the airport we took some nice pictures.The flight was very pleasant and without turbulences. After landing we went for our the luggage. It was rainy and windy outside. After arriving to Barnstaple we got acquainted with our partners. After coming home, we played football, cricket and jumped on a trampoline. Then we ate a delicious pizza. Then, me and my English family went for a walk. They took me up the hill, where you could see the whole of Barnstaple. It was a beautiful sight. After a walk we watched Johnny English and went to sleep.


4 Day 2 (Saturday) Today the weather was nice. The sun was shining, but it was very windy. Today we visited Bath. It's a beautiful city built in the Romanesque style. We saw many interesting places while traveling through the city by double decker bus. I did a lot of pictures. Then we went to a Roman bath. Next, we visited a few shops with clothes. After returning to Barnstaple I went to Tom, who participated in the exchange, to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. It was really nice.


6 Day 3 (Sunday) In the morning I ate a very tasty breakfast. Toast and jam were delicious. Then English family took me to mass in the church. It was very strange mass. Everyone sang, danced and rejoiced. The lunch was a stew with sausage and rice. After lunch we went to the beach. It was cold and windy so we didn't swim. We played football, cricket and rugby. After all I was all in sand. After arriving from the beach we have watched a British Got Talent, we played golf on the Nintendo Wii and went to sleep.


8 Day 4 (Monday) Today we were in Lynton and in Plymouth. There are many small waterfalls and trails for tourists. We walked a very long time. We stopped for the rest for a Cream Tea. It was delicious. Then we went home. The spaghetti was our dinner. Then I went to the cricket training with my partner. After training, we played Scrabble and we went to sleep.



11 Day 5 (Tuesday) Today is quite windy and cold. It's going to rain. Today we were at school dance workshops. Girls from the school in Barnstaple taught us dance steps. Then we went to visit Barnstaple. This is a really charming town. After sightseeing, we had a little time for shopping. We all went to the store called Primark. It was very cheap. After shopping all students of Poland and England went on Eurodinner. There were traditional English dishes. In my opinion, the best meal was pudding. After Eurodiner met with a Polish friend in the home of his partner.


13 Day 6 (Wednesday) Still there was bad weather. Today we were in Clovelly and Tintagel. The views were beautiful in Clovelly. It was raining, slippery and abruptly. In Tintagel, we did a lot of walking. There were several caves, the ocean and high situated castle. After returning we went with an English family to the pool. Then we ate a traditional English dish: french fries with fish (fish & chips) and went to sleep.


15 Day 7 (Thursday) Today is very hot. We were on the Devon County Show. It is fair to farmers. There were many attractions. My friends and I enjoyed most many rides and games. There were many interesting animals, stands with tractors and agricultural machinery, and many restaurants. Return trip took about 2.5 hours. I was very tired and I wanted to sleep. In the evening we went bowling. There were also my friends from Poland. We had fun.


17 Day 8 (Friday) Today is quite warm, but it is light cloudy. Today we were in Exeter. This is a quite large city with beautiful cathedral. There are many shops and restaurants. A guide showed us the hotel where Michael Jackson stayed. After sightseeing it was time to go shopping. Again, almost everyone went to the store Primark. After arriving to Barnstaple I went with my partner on the cricket match, in which he participated. He was doing quite well. Then we had a joint dinner and went to sleep.


19 Day 9 (Saturday) Day with families. The weather is nice, no wind and no clouds. For breakfast I've had pancakes with whipped cream and jam. I was very curious about where my English family will take me to sigthseeing. We drove about 45 minutes. It turned out that we are in a museum of carriages. There were very interesting carriages. It was one carriage made of gold, which the Royal family once have driven. Then we visited a huge house, which was also part of the museum. Then English family invited me to lunch. I got a very tasty tomato soup and a piece of cake with hot chocolate. After exploring the museum we went to a barbecue on the beach. They were almost all students from England and Poland. It was lovely. Tonight we won't go to sleep, because at 2.30 pm at night we are leaving for the airport.



22 Day 10 (Sunday) Today ends our visit to England. Today I didnt sleep at night. About 2:30 a.m. all students are showing up in the parking lot next to sports hall. Everyone was sad. Some people even cried when saying goodbye. After checking in at the airport in Bristol, we have a little time to do shopping. We took off at about 7.05 a.m. The flight was quite pleasant. After landing, we took our luggage and went to the coach. Everyone was sad that this is the end of this wonderful adventure. It was the best 10 days of my life. I'm happy to be able to participate in this exchange and meet many interesting people from England.




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