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MONIKA NEMŚ EXCHANGE ON CYPRUS My Diary. Friday, 27th September I woke up in the morning and I started to pack the rest of my clothes. When I was ready,

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2 Friday, 27th September I woke up in the morning and I started to pack the rest of my clothes. When I was ready, I said goodbye to my grandmother and together with my parents we left our house. We arrived at the school. All my friends were there. We were waiting for our bus. When the bus arrived, we had to goodbye our parents. In one hour we were in Cracow and we went to the airport. After the journey, which lasted three hours, we landed in Paphos. We went to OELMEK apartments. I was with Natalia, Julia, Iza and Karina in one room.It was very spacious and comfortable.


4 Saturday, 28th September In the morning, we woke up and ate delicious breakfast. We took our backpacks and we were waiting for our Cypriot partners. When I saw them, I was very excited. I couldnt wait to talk to them. My partners name is George. We said hello to our new friends and we went to the Archeological Park in Paphos and the theatre of Kourion. I took a lot of photos to present Cyprus as mysterious. It was very interesting to see the film about some monuments and beautiful mosaics of this country. After this, we had some free time and we went to Pizza Hut. When we finished our meal we went to the harbor, and then we went to see Tombs of the Kings. When we were going to Nicosia we stopped to see the Rock of Aphrodite. When we came to Nicosia, we went with my partner to his house. I talked with his father, and when we arrived home, I met his mother and younger brother- Andreas. They showed me my room. We ate the supper and I went to sleep.


6 Sunday, 29th September After the breakfast we decided to go to Georges dads friends. Me, his parents and his brother came to them in the afternoon. George wanted to go for a walk, so I went with him. We went to the beach ans we ate some ice- cream and cake in one restaurant. When his dad called us and informed about dinner, we came back. After the dinner, we went swimming in their swimming pool. It was very hot. Later, I was talking to George about my school and my friends. We had great time. When his parents decided to leave, we asked them to go to the mall. We met our friends there and we bought some things. Later, we came back home and we were watching a film, surfing the Net and playing cards. Later, we went to sleep.


8 Monday, 30 th September We arrived at the school and me and my friend Julia went to the lessons. They are diffrent than our lessons. Later, we were welcomed with traditional cypriot breakfast. It was very nice and tasty. After this we attended the celebrations of the Cyprus Indepenedence Day. Later we had tour on their schoolpremises. Their school is different, too. It is bigger and you can go outside during the break. We had also had some Comenius Activities. When the school lessons finished I went to his grandmothers house for dinner. I met his cousin and grandparents. Natalia and Antonia lived opposite his grandmother so we met and went for ice-cream and to the game room. In the afternoon we visited the old city of Nicosia and the Venician walls. We also saw Ledra Street and the Green line (it separates the Greek district from the Turkish district). Then some of students decieded to go to the restaurant called Friday. One of the Cypriot girls had her birthday so we ate the cake and we spent a lot of time together. Later, we returned home and went sleep.


10 Tuesday, 1st October We went to the school and together with all students from Cypriot and Polish groups we went to Avia Napa Monastery and The Harbour. Later, we went to Avia Napa beach. I had forgotten to take my swimming suit but I bought another one. We had a lot of time so we were swimming and playing with others. We ate dinner in one restaurant which was located near the beach. When we came back to school, Georges dad was waiting for us. We went home and we ate delicious spaghetti. I showed them on the Google Map where my house and my school are. Later we went to sleep.


12 Wednesday, 2nd October In the moring we went to school and we had Comenius Presentation Ceremony. Some Polish students were talking about our country and our traditions. Later, Cypriot students presented activities from the project they have done so far. We planned future activities. We spent some time in the computer lab. Later, I went to Georges grandmother and his dad came for us and we went to his house. George taught me how to play the drums, we played video games, we danced and we watched a film. Later, we ate hamburgers and started to watch the next film, but we were so tired that we went to sleep.


14 Thursday, 3rd October When we went to school, we started working. We were divided into international Polish-Cypriot groups. We cooperated in the groups to create materials for the project. I was in group 6 with George, Natalia and Antonia. We worked out a trilingual mini-dicitionary of parapsychological terms. We learnt how to dance The dance of ghosts. We created materials on Cyprus legends and myths. There was an exhibition of photos called Mysterious Cyprus. We designed the superhero called PolCyprus and we created the comic book with his adventures in Cyprus. This is the first part. We created the presentation, movie, prezi, profi-profs and glogster about our favourite movie connected with fantasy. Later, me and George went to his grandparents. In the evening we met at the swimmimg pool and we presented our favourite films and continued our discussion.

15 Friday, 4th October We went on the trip. We visited The Archbishops Palace, The Cyprus Folk Art Museum, Museum of National Struggle. We saw amazing costumes and pottery. We also visisted The House of Hadjiyiorkatzis Kornesis, Leventis Museum and Ledra Street. When we came back to school, we had to wait for our partners because we had some lessons. When they finished, we went to my partners grandparents, and I visited my friend Natalia. Later we went to the restaurant because Natalia Baczewska had her birthday and we wanted to surprise her. The party was very nice - we spent a lot of time with Cypriot students.


17 Saturday, 5th October We went to Trodos. We visited Kalopanaviotis Vullage and St. Johns Monastery. We were in the Trodos Mountains. We ate the lunch and later we had some fun. We were divided into two groups: Mystery Hunters and Guards of Mystery. I was the Guard of Mystery with Natalia, Julia, Konrad, Iza, Bartek and our partners. We gave hints for mystery hunters and the followed our directions. It was great. When we came back to school, Georges dad was waiting for us. We went to the park, because one of Andreass friends had her birthday and we were invited to the party. Later, I went with George to the restaurant and we ate hamburgers.


19 Sunday, 6th October I woke up and me, George, his parents and his brother went to the beach. It was cold so we didnt swim. We took a lot of photos together. Later we returned home and we went to the Goodbye Evening at the traditional Cypriot tavern. It was very sad, because I really liked Cypriot students and it was hard to say goodbye. We took pictures and we had a lot of fun. Later, we got home and I started to pack my clothes.


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