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Welcome to Poland! Long time no see! After 7 long months we impatiently waited for the Cypriots to arrive! We’re together again! At 8 PM the coach came.

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2 Welcome to Poland! Long time no see! After 7 long months we impatiently waited for the Cypriots to arrive! We’re together again! At 8 PM the coach came. We started to squeal, jump, cuddle etc. After a joyful greeting me and my partner Alexandros, my brother and his partner Alex, and our parents went home. There was a lot of laughter and fun:). There was some laughter at first when my partner tried the traditional Polish dishes. Then we played, laughed a little bit more and went to bed late at night:) Dreams come true :) 25.04.2014

3 In the morning Cypriots went on a trip to Czestochowa. Polish group didn’t go. At 4:30 PM we all went together to a party. There were sausages, we played volleyball, and in the end we were talking a lot. We had a great time and could not believe that once again we are together. Best friends forever! 26.04.2014


5 27.04.2014 Sunday, the day with the families. First, our family went to the rocks in Rzędkowice. Then me and my partner went with Natalia and her family to visit the casltes Mirów and Bobolice. We had a wonderful time, took photos and enjoyed each other! We went back home to eat the traditional dinner - broth and pork chops. Then we had a lot of fun until the evening. Poland is nice!


7 28.04.2014 We spent most of that day at school. Cypriots met with Polish students and it was funny :) Then, Polish students prepared and presented the play call „Witcher”. I think Cypriots liked it :) We had classes in the computer room.. and a basketball match between POLISH and CYPRIOT students. Unfortunately... Cypriots won but we all had a great time. We returned home and after dinner me, Bartek, Maja, Natalia and Konrad together with their partners went bowling and then to pizzeria. It was a great day!


9 Today in the morning Cypriots went on a trip, and we were at school and had lessons. I wanted to take my partner to a dance studio, but the trip ended up late. Despite this fact, we had a great evening when Natalia and her partner Chrystaleni came to my house:) 29.04.2014


11 That day we had a ceremony at school connected with the celebration of the 3rd of May! Cypriots saw us and cheered loudly:) After the ceremony there were art classes - we drew drawings of the mystery. We also had music workshops and many other interesting activities. We took a lot of pictures. Then the group from Cyprus went to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. I spent a very interesting afternoon, and when they came back we threw a party :) It was nice! 30.04.2014 ♥


13 01.05.2014 From 9 am till noon we were in the Adrenaline Park! We had a great time on the rope course, and then we ate a traditional Polish dish called "prażonki“ - it was delicious! Then we went on a trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. ALL TOGETHER :) It really was a beautiful place. The way back home went pleasantly as I slept comfortably:) Although we came back home at 11 PM we grinned until we went to beds :)


15 02.05.2014 A trip to Cracow! We visited the castle, we saw the Royal Sigismund Bell, touched it and made a wish (the legend is that if a person touches the bell with a left hand the wish he or she has made will come true. We had dinner in the cozy restaurant, and then we had some free time :) We bought the balloons with helium and recorded our high- pitched voices when saying "WE LOVE POLCYPRUS". A journey back home was a lot of fun!


17 That day we had to get up at 5 AM to make it precisely at 6 AM to school! It is due to the fact that we left to Zakopane. I tried to sleep but these people just couldn’t sit still and talked all the way:) The weather was awful which is why we all bought cheap raincoats made of foil. We were terribly cold and wet! But we saw the ski jump slope, used a cableway to get to the top of Gubałówka Mount, and then we had 4 hours of free time in the Krupówki Street. We were dripping wet but happy as we had bought a lot of souvenirs. Then we got on the bus :) The trip was long but enjoyable. It was the best (cold) day :) 03.05.2014


19 It was the last day, and tomorrow the exchange in Poland was about to be finished. In the morning our family went to the Okiennik Rock and the small lake near Kostkowice. Then, along with Maja, Natalia, Konrad and their partners we drove to the Zborów Rock. We visited cave full of bats and spiders! It was really cool! In the evening … we went to the restaurant to eat a „goodbye” dinner. It was delicious, but at the end we all wept as we were sad that the end of the exchange was near. When at home, we were talking with my partners and enjoyed every single moment spent together with our partners… 04.05.2014


21 Well, unfortunately the day had came. It was our last day together. We still had a free time until noon which we spent together with Zuzia and Christina on the playground at school. When the time had came to leave home the boys patted the dog for goodbye as they liked it very much... I felt terribly sad and cried. At school, we watched a touching goodbye video from the entire exchange... we were all cuddled tightly and tearfully. We wrote a few sentences in each others diaries, cuddled and cried. Those were probably the most terrible moments in our lives. When they boarded the bus, they "touched" our hands through the glass. They set off, and we ran behind the bus. When it disappeared out of sight, we were very sorry. 05.05.2014


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