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Friday Partner's meeting, her family and house. When I unpacked Paige said, that we will go with her mom, stepfather and brother to KFC and on the beach.

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3 Friday Partner's meeting, her family and house. When I unpacked Paige said, that we will go with her mom, stepfather and brother to KFC and on the beach. We visited KFC first, after zinger and fries I couldnt move. When we finished eating we picked up Paiges mom and brother to house, and her stepfather took us on the beach and we ocasionally picked up Ol a and India.

4 At the place Bartek with Joe, Marcel with Lucy, David and Emma, Szymon with Bethan, Matthew with Tom, Piotrek with Peter, and Ada with Kate already waited for us. We played rugby there and cricket which was quite interesting as it was new to me. Of course, I could not dispence myself of the pleasure if I did not take some sweet pictures. I came back home around 9 pm and together with Paige and her mom we have danced Michael Jackson's songs on the X-Box console. I won once, too!




8 Saturday On Saturday we went to Bath. It was beautiful there. We did sightseeing in two-storey bus and we admired buildings which were wonderful. We later had free time to purchase some souvenirs and we divided into groups and we split. It did not dispense without McDonalds obviously. Every each person showed on time in scheduled place and we came back to school.

9 Our partners waited for us there and together with with Ada, Ada, Ola, Kate, Kuba, Marcel and Szymon we went to Matthew and Toms place for Eurovision contest. We ate lasagne, pizza, cake with ice- creams there and other hors- d'oeuvres. About 11:30 pm I went back to home.






15 Sunday It was day with the family. Till noon we were on High Street where we did purchases, and we met Matthew, Bartek and also Piotrek. Around 3 pm we came back to house, Kate and Ada went back home, me and Paige ate dinner and we went further on to park with Paiges mom and siblings. We chased each other in the park, and we fed ducks.

16 In the evening we went to Ada and Kates place, where Matthew and Bartek were. We played drake which made our partners happy and we all enjoyed it a lot. About 9 pm we went to Kates house and we watched a movie, and about 10 pm I went back to home.




20 Monday We went this day to valley of rocks in Lynth. Woman there showed us around and I literally felt like I was in a real jungle. We later went to the city where we had one hour of free time. We could do some shopping. We divided into groups and went on stony beach. When we all met again we went by a cable car and it was very high. We did some sightseeing on the mountain. Unfortunately it was windy, but the weather did not prevent us from admiring unusual views. In the end we went to eat lunch where we had an opportunity to try little roll with butter and jam, as well as traditional English tea with milk.

21 Once we returned to school a few people went to David and Emma's place by double-decker bus, and oh! Emotions were immense, the wind in my hair made it unforgettable experience. Back at Emmas house, those who wanted to play some games with the English parteners played them, and those who did not want to just sat on the bench, then went inside the house as it was pretty cool. Later Ola, Marcel and Piotrek went to the store. About 9 pm I went back home.





26 Tuesday We spent most of that day at school in Pilton. We were divided into groups in the beginning and English partners taught us some dance steps and every group had opportunity then to demonstrate the arrangement - it was funny. Not only dances turned out to be active part of this day, as we taught our partners to play handball. As a returning favour they taught us to play rounders. This game was initially way too impossible to understand, but I learnt how to play it and in a few next days I started to like it. We later did sightseeing of Barnstaple. Our tour guide was Mr Tom. Then we went on High Street to buy some souvenirs. Almost everyone bought something there.

27 After purchases we came back to school on Eurodinner again, and we ate dish prepared by our partners there, we listened to songs sang by Englishmen, and obviously we sang our Polish song Stokrotka (En. daisy).




31 Wednesday Wednesday was very tiring and exhausting day. We were in the castle and we had to go down there, and later to go up there through the rocky road which wasnt comfortable but looked very strikingly. On our way back I met donkey and I even patted it. We played cards all the time when we were in the coach and on the mountain. The way to castle was somewhat lighter, and the views just incredible.

32 There was a well there to which each person threw in a coin and made a wish. When we came back to school our partners waited for us and we went to Marcel and Lucys place by bus then. We drove 30 minutes, and later parents Lucy came for us, because buses dont go to the town where she lives. We ate hamburgers, hot- dogs, ice-creams and we went to park. After 9 pm I went back to home.




36 Thursday We went this day to the place which looked like the large market which for Englishmen is very special as it takes place only once a year and it lasts 3 days. You could see and buy there everything – animals, clothes, food and cars. Various attractions for children and the teenagers were also organized. For example, the competition of the Oreo biscuits, twister and others of this type.

37 We went to Bartek and Toms place where we played rugby, we baked marshmallows which were very sweet, and we played game called The Truth. We went back to home around 10 pm.





42 Friday Today our destination was Exeter. We toured the city and saw, inter alia, the Cathedral as well as the hotel in which Michael Jackson once lived. Then, we divided into groups and we went shopping. After successful shopping we went to Ada and Kates house where we played drake, we ate shashliks and we played cards.







49 Saturday Unfortunately, this was already our last day in England. We were up to 4 pm on the ice rink which did not look like artificial (even tought it was). It was fun! At 5 pm there was a goodbye party on the beach where we made a camp fire, played rounders. This was also the place where I finally understood this superb game. We also played volleyball for the moment. We came back home earlier that day, because we were leaving that night from Barnstaple. This exchange was fantastic and unforgettable.



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