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Slovenia, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden Špela Lovšin, 9.b.

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1 Slovenia, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden Špela Lovšin, 9.b

2 INTRODUCTION I would like to thank all teachers, that prepared us such an amazing week. Im sure, that was the best week in my life. Thank you!

3 17.9., the first day We were waitinf for Dutch, Sweden and Protugese students for about two hours. They were very late. Two minutes past six the bus finally arrived and we saw are new friends. We greetted each other and then they took their luggage. Ive got a 13 years old Dutch girl, Sifra. She was very nice and when we came home, I introduced her to my family. She gave us gifts – typical Dutch candies, photos of her and her family and little dutch souvenirs. Then I left her alone, to pack her things and half past seven, all Dutch, German, Sweden, Portugese and Slovenian studenst went on pizza in Kaval Club. They really liked their pizzas! When me and Sifra came back home – it was around half past ten – we just washed ourselves and we went to sleep.

4 18.9., the second day Predjamas castle We woke up at six oclock, because we had all-day-excursion around Slovenia. I served us breakfast and then we went to shop andwe bought something to drink and some candies for this days trip. Half past seven, all students were driving to Predjamas castle. Students from other contries were very impressed, because they never saw a castle sculptured in a wall! They were taking photos all the time.

5 Postojnas cave After Predjamas castle, we went to Postajnas cave. We drove with train and I think, that was the best part of that days excursion! Our visitors were impressed, they really liked stalagmites and stalaktites. They were bit offended, because we were not allowed to take photos there. I enjoyed in the cave, but I was there a lot of times before, so I knew everything there.

6 Piran and Portorose When we finished with our excursion in the cave, we went to our last todays place – Piran. Teachers gave us one hour of free time, so we went to the chocolate store and then directlly to the café. We drank lemonade, which everyone liked. We all enjoyed in our free time. After the Piran, we drove past Protorose. German students were very excited about the seaside.

7 The party We came back to Ljubljana around six oclock. We wanted to hang out more, so I orginazed a party at my house. I think my Dutch girl – Sifra really liked it. We watched Mr. Bean and Scarry Movie 3 and we were laughing all the time. Of course, we all posed for the photograph. It was very late, when our guests decided to go home.

8 19.9., the third day School worshops We woke up at eight oclock. In one hour, our school-project-day started. First, some students came in sung to us. Everyone enjoyed it. Then we distribute ourselves into small groups (around 7 students in one group) and we had workshops. In my group, we were writing our promises to Earth. We did it very good, I think.

9 Trip to Ljubljana After the school worshops, we went on excursion to Ljubljana. Slovene students prepared it, so it was bit difficult task to do. But when we finished our excursion, we had free afternoon in Ljubljana. On Prešerns square, there was a concert of well known slovene group – Dan D. We also went to the souvenir shop and clothes shop. We had a lot of fun. In the evening, there was a party at Leas house, and it was very good! We went to sleep very late, again.

10 20.9., the fourth day A free day! We couldnt wait that day and now, it was finally here. First, we went on a wakeboarding show on the longest Slovenian river, Sava. We really liked that show! After the wakebording, we went to bowling place. None of us is a good bowler, so it was very exciting! And the, we visited the biggest Slovenian department store, City Park. We had a dinner in chinese restaurant with teachers. After the dinner, we went to shopping. We came back home very very late.

11 21.9., the last day Today, everyone was sad. We knew, that our guests from foregin countries will leave. All Slovene students with Dutch guest met together and we took them to Bled, and then we went on the bob-slides. Everyone liked it. Finally, we took them to pizza again to restaurant Castles Restaurant. Half past two, we took of and say goodbye to them at the airport of Jože Pučnik. Everyone was crying and it was very sad. I hope, well repet that project Comenious some day.

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