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Katarzyna Pietrzyk. This day group of 22 Polish people reached the Barnstaple. All we had to do was to get up early in the morning, but it did not bother.

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1 Katarzyna Pietrzyk

2 This day group of 22 Polish people reached the Barnstaple. All we had to do was to get up early in the morning, but it did not bother anyone, because everyone could not wait to leave. Each of us a few days before leaving was excited and at the thought occurred smiles on our faces. 13th and Friday – was it unlucky day? Certainly not for us! Everything went according to plan. The flight was smooth and without any complications and we all were in good moods. Upon arrival at the airport to Bristol bus was waiting for us, where we were going to Barnstaple - the town where there is our partner school. We arrived at school around 3 PM. Through the window I saw a crowd of people and lots of cars and coaches. We all anxiously waited until we know our partners. I was a little scared, because everyone said there very quickly and it was difficult to understand. Before the school our names were read from the list and the names of our partners. Natalie and her mom were already waiting. Then we went to the house where I met the rest of the family, Natalie's sister and dad. Everyone was very nice and greeted me today. At night we went to a family friends birthday. There were Poles, so I felt less constrained. My fear that I will not be able to communicate were unnecessary. The whole evening was very nice. 13th May 2011-Friday

3 It was the second day of our stay in England. Today we visited Bath. The road took us about 2.5 hours. Nobody was bored. In the coach the atmosphere was very light. We sang songs and laughed all the time. Each told how his family is and what is his first impression. When we arrived we saw the old, beautiful buildings. Of course, I took a lot of pictures. Then we went on a tour bus without a roof. We were given special headphones, through which the guide talked about the various interesting places in the city of Bath which we were passing by. After the ride we went to visit the baths, from which flowed hot water. In the end the time came to do some shopping. 2 hours of free time was enough to make small purchases. Everywhere you could hear the English words, it helped us to accomodate with the language. After collection, we came back to coach. The way back was very fast. But I think that the driver had had enough of our songs and laughter. When we got back into school, some of Polish students and their partners went to watch the Eurovision. It was very interesting. Nobody hurried to go home. 14th May 2011-Saturday

4 This day we spent with our families. In the morning I ate a traditional English breakfast. It was not too good. Later we went to the mall, where I met Ola, Ana, and Ada. I felt better in the company of Polish people, but spending time with the British was not a problem for me. I felt at ease and well in their company. After making a purchase, I went to the beach with Ola, Ada and families. Everything was wonderful, if not for the weather. It was very windy, cloudy and cold, but fortunately it did not rain. I spent whole afternoon with Ola. We were on a sample of the chorus and at home. 15th May 2011-Sunday

5 Today we went to Lynton. To get there we traveled quite a winding road and the coach was not comfortable. After the hard way, by foot we came to Lynmouth. We admired the beautiful views. Lots of greenery and colorful flowers, too. When we arrived we had free time. Then we drove the train to Lynton. There were beautiful, breathtaking views. The high altitude gave us opportunity to watch great views of coastline. Later we went for lunch in the Valley of Rocks. We ate traditional English cake and drank tea, weather was not good. It was not raining, but it was cloudy and very windy. After returning we went to Emma's, where we played and had nice time. After returning I immediately went to sleep - I was exhausted. 16th May 2011-Monday

6 Today's morning was boring. Dance workshops took place in the school. Polish students learned the dances. I havent taken part in them, because I was sick and felt bad. Then, the guys and some girls went to play handball. Me and a few people went to school because the weather was not conducive.I liked computer classes as I am keen on WebQests. When the game ended, we went to visit the Barnstaple and that was the coolest moment of the day. Ridiculously dressed, very high Lord, gave us interesting talk about the city. As much as you wanted to hear. He spoke slowly and clearly, so I did not have any problem to understand. After sightseeing, we had free time for shopping. When we returned to the school was ate EURO dinner during which everyone could enjoy traditional English dishes. During EURO dinner British students presented their skills in playing instruments and singing songs. We were not worse - we also sang in Polish. I spent the evening at home. 17th May 2011-Tuesday

7 Today we visited Clovelly. It rained all day. We walked with umbrellas. First we went to Tintagel, where the terrible path lined with stones lead the way to the port. You had to be very careful to not fall over, it was very slippery. When we went down to the bottom we observed the ocean, and we had to come back the same way. When we reached the top we had time to relax. Then we went to the castle. Rustic views were wonderful, I only watched them in the book so far. When you have walked the entire route we had free time exploring. After returning to a family we went bowling. It was great. 18th May 2011-Wednesday

8 When I woke up the sun shone strongly and I could not see a single cloud in the sky. We went to the outskirts of Exeter in Devon Country Show with entire 14 year olds. We got a map of the entire exhibition of Devon County. We had free time of 5 hours. As for me there was nothing to see here. Only animals, tractors and cars. We decided that we will go to the amusement park. Sun was shining. Matthew and Cuba went on some rides, I and Ola sat in the sun. After some time we went to look for a brown door, next to the which the gathering was about to take place. When everyone arrived at the place we went to the bus and went back to Barnstaple. 19th May 2011-Thursday

9 Today was a trip to Exeter. When we arrived there our tour guide showed us the city telling a lot of interesting things about Exeter. After sightseeing, we had free time for shopping. Most of the people appeared before the appointed time on-site. When I got home I started to pack, because I had planned the whole Saturday before. 20th May 2011-Friday

10 Today I could sleep longer. After breakfast I went to town with Natalie and her family. After a long walk we went for lunch. We spend our last moments very nicely. After returning home, I finished up packing. Natalie had soon a performance, so together with her sister we helped her in her preparations. It was nice and funny. After her return, we watched a movie together and prepared pizzas. 21st May 2011-Saturday

11 Today at 2:30 AM was a collection. I said goodbye to my families. I made friends with my family. Although I did not spend too much time with Natalie I liked her a lot. The best contact I had with her mom. I'm very happy that I could spend that 10 days with this particular family. It was a wonderful time and I would not mind being there longer. I hope we stay in touch. When we said goodbye to everyone we went to the airport to Bristol. There about 7 o'clock we had a plane to Poland. Around 13 we were at school. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Moments spent in England will always remain in my memory. 22nd May 2011-Sunday

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