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What do you like to do in the school holidays?

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1 What do you like to do in the school holidays?
I like to read story books at home. I like to travel with my parents. 2. What do you like doing with your parents? I like going to the park with them. I like playing basketball with dad, and I like shopping with mum. 3. Can anyone in your family play a musical instrument? Yes, I can play the piano. /Yes, my dad and I can play the violin. /No, nobody can play it. 4. What sports are your mum and dad good at? They are good at swimming.

2 5. What kind of weather do you like most?
I like sunny days./… 6. What is the biggest shop near your house? Zhengda shopping mall. /… 7. Who is the cleverest person in your family? My father./… 8. What is the nicest room in your house? My bedroom. 9. What do you think is the best sport in the world? Basketball./ Football./ Tennis./ Swimming. 10. Who cooks the best food in your family? My mother.

3 11. What did you watch on television yesterday?
I watched cartoons on television yesterday. 12. What time did school start today? It started at eight o’clock. 13. What did you do on your last birthday? I had a big dinner, sang a birthday song and ate a birthday cake. 14. What was the weather like yesterday? It was sunny/ rainy/ cloudy/ foggy… 15. What subjects did you have yesterday? I had English, math, Chinese, Art and PE. 16.How did you come to school today? I came to school by car.

4 17. When are you going to have your next English lesson?
I am gonging to have next English lesson next Monday. 18. Where is your family going to go on holiday this year? To Beijing/ Paris/…/ To the beach. 19. Who are you going to see this evening? I am going to see my grandparents/ friends/… 20. What are you going to do tonight? I going to see a film/ read a book/ do my homework.

5 Topic: My hobby Cars, buses and trains The countryside and the city
My favourite time of a day Meals in my house The most beautiful place in my country My most expensive clothes The best place in my town(city) Some of my friends My next holiday After this test My next birthday Tomorrow My last time at a restaurant My last time at a party

6 My last time at a restaurant
Yesterday was the weekend. I didn’t have supper at home. I went to the restaurant with my family. There is a new restaurant near my home. It opened last week. We arrived at the restaurant at six. Oh, there were many people in it. Dad ordered the meal for us. The steak was nice and the vegetables were fresh. I ate a lot. After dinner Mom and I had ice-cream for dessert. The dishes were cheap and delicious. We had a good time at that new restaurant.

7 After this test/ Tomorrow
I am going to have a test Tomorrow morning. Yesterday I went to bed late. I recited the text and reviewed the notes on the book. After this test, I am going to have a big meal in a restaurant in the evening. A new restaurant near my home opened last week. The dishes there are cheap and nice. Then I am going to play the computer games with my father for half an hour. Before my bedtime, I am going to read a story book.

8 Cars, Buses and Trains Cars, buses and trains are transportations. Cars and buses run on roads. Trains run on rails. They are very important in our daily life. Every morning some people drive a car to work and some people take a bus to work. From seven to nine o’clock in the morning roads in Shanghai are very busy. During the holiday, some people like go travelling by train. Nowadays trains are much faster than before. And most trains have air-conditioners. It is very convenient for us to go everywhere by cars, buses and trains.

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