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By: Lucas G, Matthew C, Frank A, Santi C, Raffi T.

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2 By: Lucas G, Matthew C, Frank A, Santi C, Raffi T.

3 There were many types of Armours bronze platebody, Leather cuirglass They used leggins Of bronze or of Leather There are other types Like gold Iron Steel They used A shield too The helmets were Corinthian Helmet Attic Helmet Hopolites helmet

4 They used spears They did archery and used catapults Hopolites used……

5 Men in Sparta had Really Tough lives. If they weren’t Healthy or were weak When they were babies, they were left in the mountaintops to die. bARRACK From 7 to 15 Boys in Sparta went to School and learned everything about the lives in the barracks They didn’t have warm clothes

6 All the things they did in school were mainly fighting They just wanted to be great warriors, like this one When they were 18, they joined the army. When they were 30, they got married!

7 When they were old, they left the army and the Barracks. Then they told their stories



10 The fiercest warriors in Greece came from Sparta. All Spartan men were full-time soldiers who spent their lives training and fighting.

11 In 480 BC, the Persians attacked again. They built a bridge of boats tied together with ropes, and crossed the stretch of water known as the Hellespont. Then, they marched into Greece and destroyed the city of athens. The Greeks won a great sea battle near the island of Salamis. They trapped the persian fleet in a narrow channel of water and wrecked over 200 persian ships. The Geek army finally defeated the Persians in a huge land battle at Plataea.



14 The Greeks had different types of government At first Athens was governed by a king but the Greeks were great lovers of freedom After time the rich men took the place of the king People were treated fairly Democracy Means the rule of the people in Greek that is were a person has a vote about what to do


16 A ncient greek armies were developed a long time ago. Some battles were fought on land and others on water. One of the most popular battle boats was called trireme This boat was: Fast Dynamic But most of all … deadly.

17 This triremes crew consisted in : 170 Oarsmen 14 Foot soldiers 10 Officers 2 Archers The Captain

18 Some images of ancient greek triremes in battle


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