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The Greeks at War! B.C. the Greeks fought several wars.

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1 The Greeks at War! 500-400 B.C. the Greeks fought several wars.
Against Persian Empire & between poleis

2 Persian War In 490 B.C. … Persian army landed at Marathon
The Persians greatly outnumbered the Greeks. Persian Empire Athens Marathon Sparta The Persians decide to attack Athens by sea. While they were loading their ships, the Athenians attacked and defeated them. The Persians Retreated.

3 Marathon The Greeks sent their fastest runner Pheidippides to carry home news of the victory. He sprinted 26.2 miles from the battle site to the city-state of Athens. He arrived and said, “Rejoice, we conquer,” and died from exhaustion The Marathon race is named after this event.

4 What Happened at Thermopylae? (or the real 300)
In 480 B.C. Persians sent more-200,000 soldiers and nearly 1,000 ships. Athens convinced Sparta to join them in battle.                                                                                    Sparta took charge of the army.

5 Thermopylae: The Last Stand
A Small Spartan force of about 300 men commanded by King Leonidas, guarded the mountain pass of Thermopylae. Stopped Persian force for three days. They were betrayed when someone told the Persians how to get in behind the army. They were defeated, but won valuable time for the rest of the Greeks.

6 Who won at Salamis? The Persians marched south after Thermopylae and destroyed Athens. Thermopylae Athenians moved to Salamis, a small nearby island. Salamis Athens 800 Persian ships attacked island. Persian ships could not maneuver.The smaller Greek ships destroyed them.

7 Results of the Persian Wars
The Greek sense of uniqueness increased. Athens is the most powerful city-state in Greece. Built an Athenian Empire which other poleis didn’t like.

8 Greek against Greek Many Greeks resented the Athenian domination. The Greek world split into rival camps. A 27 year war broke out in 431 B.C. engulfing all of Greece

9 Peloponnesian War Sparta invaded Athens
Athenians move inside city walls. Plague kills a third of Athens. Sparta allies with Persia. 404 B.C., with Persian navy, the Spartans capture Athens.

10 The Aftermath of War Athenian democracy corrupted.
Sparta weak and defeated by Thebes, another Greek city-state. Culture stopped growing. Greece was not united and left open to invasion.

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