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Athens and Sparta Two Cities in Conflict

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1 Athens and Sparta Two Cities in Conflict
Chapter 6 Section 4

2 A Spartan Life Sparta  a city-state in southern Greece
Life was harsh and cruel. Sparta’s army easily equaled Athens’ in the 400s B.C.

3 Map of Greece

4 A Different Kind of City
Early days – seemed to be developing as the other Greek cities were 600s B.C. – wars inside and outside the city led to changes in government and the way people lived Changes turned Sparta into a war machine One basic rule was made: Always put the city’s needs above your own.

5 A Different Kind of City
Spartans conquered the land round their city early in its history. Turned the conquered people into helots (slaves) Helots did all the farm work on the land owned by Spartan citizens. Left the Spartans free to wage war Helots outnumbered the Spartans Spartans turned their city into a war camp in fear of a helot revolt. Helots treated very harshly

6 Growing Up in Sparta Life = in the hands of the government from birth
Only healthiest children were raised Only wanted healthiest males as its soldiers Training began at age seven Lived in barracks with other boys Training continued for the next 13 years

7 Growing Up in Sparta By the age of 12, a boy had spent long hours practicing with swords and spears. Taught to live off the land (one cloak, one mat to sleep on, small portions of food) to be ready for war

8 Growing Up in Sparta Girls trained and competed in wrestling and spear throwing. No one expected the girls to become soldiers – war tactic Spartan women had a somewhat better life than women in other Greek cities. Allowed to own land and take part in some business

9 Growing Up in Sparta Spartan life lacked the beauty and pleasures found in Athens and some other Greek cities. Spartan warriors were known for their skill and bravery. The Spartan fighting force played a key role in the Greek wars against the Persians. Lived across the Aegean Sea, east of Greece

10 The Persians Invade Much of the history of the Greeks tells of wars they fought against themselves, but a new threat loomed near the beginning of the 400s B.C. – the Persians In the fall of 490 B.C. a huge force of thousands of Persians landed in Greece Gathered at Marathon, about 25 miles north of Athens Athenians hastily put together a small army

11 The Persians Invade The Persians outnumbered them by at least two to one. For several days the armies stared tensely at each other across the plain of Marathon. The Athenians rushed the Persians, who were overwhelmed by the attack. By the time the battle was over, the Athenians had killed 6,400 Persians and lost only 192 soldiers themselves. In a few hours, this tiny state had defeated the giant that came to destroy it.

12 Persian Invasion

13 After Persia: Athenian Empire
The Persians were defeated after several more battles. Athens’ influence spread over much of eastern Greece. Joined with other city-states and supported democratic groups within them Cities became more like subjects rather than allies, though

14 Sparta and Athens at War
Athens began to act unfairly toward the other city-states. At first, the allies paid tribute (money) to Athens for protection in case the Persians caused more trouble. Late Athens used this money for the Parthenon and other projects. People began to resent and fear Athens’ power Looked to Sparta to protect them

15 Sparta and Athens at War
431 B.C. – Sparta and Athens went to war Conflict lasted for 27 years = Peloponnesian War Given this name because Sparta was located in the Peloponnesus (southern part of Greece)

16 Peloponnesian War

17 The Fall of Athens Early in the war, Athens was struck by the plague (widespread disease) About 1/3 of Athens’s people had died from it (lasted 5 years) Pericles was among the dead Athens never recovered from its losses during the plague

18 The Fall of Athens 405 B.C. – the Spartans staged a blockade
Surrounded and closed the harbor where Athens received food shipments Starving and beaten, the Athenians surrendered in 404 B.C. Result: The victorious Spartans knocked down Athens’ walls. Athens never again dominated the Greek world.

19 Spartans vs. Athenians Athens vs Sparta (begin 5:30)

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