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Organization of the Body

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1 Organization of the Body
Unit 2 Organization of the Body

2 Body Systems Cells Tissues Organs Systems

3 Circulatory system

4 Lymphatic system

5 Digestive System

6 Endocrine System

7 Female and male reproductive systems

8 Musculoskeletal System

9 Nervous System

10 Respiratory System

11 Skin and sense organ

12 Urinary System

13 Body Cavities

14 Cranial Cavity

15 Thoracic Cavity

16 Abdominal Cavity

17 Pelvic Cavity

18 Division of the Back

19 Spinal Column Vertebrae Disk Cartilage

20 Divisions of the Back Division Bones Abbreviation
Cervical (neck) region 7 bones C1-C7 Thoracic (chest) region 12 bones T1-T12 Lumbar (loin or waist) region 5 bones L1-L5 Sacral (sacrum or lower back) region 5 fused bones S1-S5 Coccygeal (coccyx or tailbone) region 4 fused bones

21 Planes of the Body Frontal (coronal) plane Sagittal (lateral) plane
Up and down plane Divides body into front and back portions Sagittal (lateral) plane Divides body into right and left sides Transverse (axial) plane Horizontal plane Divides body into upper and lower portions

22 MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
A technique for producing images of the body using magnetic waves. Used to create images of organs and other structures in specialized detail and in all planes of the body.

23 Terminlogy

24 Terminology Abdomin/o – abdomen Anter/o – front
Abdominal – pertaining to the abdomen Anter/o – front Anterior – located in the front (of the body or structure)

25 Terminology Bronch/o – bronchial tubes (leading from the windpipes to the lungs) Bronchoscopy – visual examination of the bronchial tubes Cervic/o – neck of the body/neck (cervix) of the uterus Cervical – pertaining to the neck (see context)

26 Terminology Chondr/o – cartilage Hypochondriac
Pertaining to the lateral regions of the upper abdomen beneath the lower ribs. Can also describe a person who has chronic concern about his or her health and body functions.

27 Coccyg/o – coccyx, tailbone
Coccygeal – pertaining to the coccyx Crani/o – skull Craniotomy – surgical incision into the skull

28 Terminology Epitheli/o Epithelial Esophag/o Esophageal
skin, surface tissue Epithelial Pertaining to skin cells Esophag/o esophagus (tube from the throat to the stomach) Esophageal Pertaining to the esophagus

29 Terminology Hepat/o Hepatitis Lapar/o Laparoscopy liver
inflammation of the liver Lapar/o Abdomen Laparoscopy Visual examination of the abdomen

30 Terminology Laryng/o Laryngeal Later/o Lateral
Larynx (voice box) Laryngeal Pertaining to the larynx Later/o side Lateral Pertaining to the side

31 Terminology Lumb/o Lumbar Lymph/o Lymphocyte Pertaining to the loins
Loin (waist) Lumbar Pertaining to the loins Part of the back and sides between the chest and the hip. Lymph/o Lymph (clear fluid in tissue spaces and lymph vessels) Lymphocyte White blood cell that is found within lymph and lymph nodes. Example: T cells and B cells

32 Terminology Mediastin/o Mediastinal Pelv/o Pelvic
Mediastinum ( space between the lungs ) Mediastinal Pelv/o Pelvis (bones of the hip) Pelvic

33 Terminology Peritone/o Peritoneal Pharyng/o Pharyngeal
Peritoneum (membrane surrounding the abdomen) Peritoneal Pharyng/o Pharynx Pharyngeal

34 Terminology Pleur/o Pleuritis Inflammation of the pleura. Posteri/o
Membrane surrounding the lungs. Pleuritis Inflammation of the pleura. Posteri/o Back/Behind Posterior

35 Terminology Sacr/o Sacrum (five fused bones in the lower back) Spin/o
Spine (backbone) Spinal

36 Terminology Thorac/o Thoracotomy Incision of the chest Thoracic
Pertaining to the chest Trache/o Trachea Tracheotomy opening of the windpipe.

37 Terminology Vertebr/o Vertebra (backbone) Vertebral

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