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los Adjetivos y el verbo Ser

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1 los Adjetivos y el verbo Ser
Sra. Waters NHS español I

2 Self Portrait Magazine Image Collage
Weight: 1 Quiz Grade Project Goal: Create a collage that reflects your body, your friends, your likes & dislikes. Create a collage that reflects your body. Include your hair color, eye color, skin tone, body shape, height, etc. Include pictures of your friends Include pictures of your favorite & least activities. 00

3 Abeja Create a 2 column chart following the example below. Write down at leaset 3 of your friends. In the 2nd column, labeled Adjetive, write down 1 Spanish adjetive to describe each friend Friend’s Name Adjetive Stephanie inteligente Jodi comíca Matt grande Andi creativa Connie bonita

4 Unit Objectives Throughout this unit students will revisit:
Greetings & Salutations the verb Ser in the present tense Subject pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella, etc) Students will be able to: Understand gender as it applies to Spanish nouns & adjectives Practice using definite & indefinite articles Describe their personality & physical attributes as well as those of their friends Express likes and dislikes using the verb Gustar

5 Lesson Goals Essential Questions
I can review el verbo Ser y practicar usando el verbo Ser. Essential Questions ¿Cómo es el verbo Ser similar en ingles y español? For what conditions would I use the verb Ser in Spanish?

6 Describe Las Fotos

7 Describe Las Fotos

8 Remember w/ Spanish adjectives & noun you must Agree It!
singular plural masculine blanco blancos feminine blanca blancas

9 Remember w/ Spanish adjectives & noun you must Agree It!
Adjectives do not change in English, however, in Spanish, the adjectives must always agree with the nouns. The boy is tall = El chico es alto The boys are tall = Los chicos son altos The girl is tall = La chica es alta The girls are tall = Las chicas son altas Notice the verb being used in these sentences… agree it music video


11 Fill in the chart! Ser video lesson

12 Ser is used with: Elements of your identity: physical description, personality & character, nationality, race, gender, profession, origin Things which "Take Place" or "Occur": Dates, days, seasons, time, events, concerts, parties What things are made of To express possession Ser Notes Sheet

13 Be prepared for a Quiz on Ser Next Week!!!
Ser Review & Practice Sheet Be prepared for a Quiz on Ser Next Week!!!

14 http://www. proprofs. com/quiz-school/story. php

15 Practica en YouTube

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