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Adjective Agreement Unidad 1.2.

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1 Adjective Agreement Unidad 1.2

2 What are adjectives? They are words that describe nouns.
Examples: serious, short, funny, tall

3 Where are adjectives placed?
English: In English, adjectives are placed before the noun. The serious students Spanish: In Spanish, adjectives are placed after the noun. Los estudiantes serios

4 Noun-Adjective Agreement
In Spanish, adjectives match the gender and number of the nouns they describe.

5 Noun-Adjective Agreement
Singular El chico alto The tall boy La chica alta The tall girl Plural Los chicos altos The tall boys Las chicas altas The tall girls

6 Adjectives ending in “e”
Adjectives that end in “e” match both genders. El maestro inteligente. La maestra inteligente.

7 Adjectives Ending in Consonants
Many adjectives ending in consonants match both genders. El amigo joven La amiga joven Some adjectives that end in a consonant add an “a” to form the feminine singular. El chico trabajador La chica trabajadora

8 Exception The adjective “deportista” is used to describe both men and women. Paula es deportista. Pablo es deportista.

9 Making Adjectives Plural
Add an “s” if the adjective ends in a vowel. Las chicas trabajdoras Add “es” if the adjective ends in a consonant. Los chicos trabajadores

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