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Yaz Waters - Hola, Hola Unit - Day 3 Sra. Rump NHS español I

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1 Yaz Waters - Hola, Hola Unit - Day 3 Sra. Rump NHS español I

2 Unit Objectives By End of Unit: Students will be able to:
Greet people & introduce themselves –Ask basic get-to-know you questions about feelings, birthdays, age, date, & time –Say goodbye to a person Understand different levels of formality used in Spanish conversations Sra. Waters

3 La Abeja (STINGER) En español ask your group mates what their Spanish name is. Record their answers. You will say: ¿Comó te llamas? They will state their Spanish name for you. Each person will have a chance to ask en español & record names. Sra. Waters

4 Lesson Essential Question
How can I ask someone where they are from & state where I’m from? Learning Goals for this Lesson Recognize how the verb Ser is used when asking where someone is from ask where someone is from & state where they are from Sra. Waters

5 Vamos a repasar… Let’s Review
Basic Conversation video. This video reviews most of our last lessons… Sra. Waters

6 Los pronombres Singular yo I tú usted You (informal) You (formal) él
ella He/it (masculine) She/it (feminine) Sra. Waters

7 Practice using Ser with 5 sentences on worksheet.

8 Let’s Listen to Ser in action….
Vamos a practicar with Ser …. Sample conversación using Ser on the next slide. Sra. Waters

9 ¿De donde eres, Sr. Ruiz? Soy de Panama. ¿Y tú? Soy de Puerto Rico. Mucho gusto Adios.

10 ¿De dónde eres? Examine the map of Spanish speaking countries on the next slide. Take 45 seconds to pick out a Spanish speaking country that you would like to be from. Write this sentence down in your notebook following the model we just practiced. Soy de ______ Quietly to yourself, practice saying that you are from this country. Sra. Waters

11 Map of Spanish speaking Countries
Sra. Waters

12 Vamos a hablar…. Let’s talk.
How to say ¿De dónde eres? Video clip Stand up & ask 3 friends where they are from. Take notes as you go following the chart. 4 minutos. Nombre ¿De dónde eres? 1. 2. 3. Sra. Waters

13 Homework ¿De donde eres? & Spanish Months/ Days worksheet.
Let’s do the 1st sentence together. Hola, soy John – Hola, soy Jim / ¿De dónde eres? / De Facebook, ¿y tú?

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