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Expression of Equality

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1 Expression of Equality

2 Expression of Equality
Use when saying two things are equal in comparison

3 tan + adjective (must agree with noun) + como
Formula When comparing something that cannot be counted, you use: tan + adjective (must agree with noun) + como For example: She is as nice as he. You cannot count nice, therefore that is an adjective. You must make the adjective, nice, agree with the noun, she. Ella es tan simpática como él.

4 More examples The girls are as athletic as the boys.
You cannot count athletic, so we must use tan. You must make athletic agree with girls. Las chicas son tan atléticas como los chicos. He is as tall as she. You cannot count tall. Use tan. Él es tan alto como ella.

5 New formula When you compare items that can be counted (nouns), you use another formula. Tanto(a) + noun + como Tanto must agree with the noun that you’re counting For example: He has as many books as she. You can count the number of books that they have, so you use the tanto formula. Él tiene tantos libros como ella.

6 More examples of tanto(a)
They have as many classes as we do. You can count the number of classes. Ellos tienen tantas clases como nosotros. She plays as many sports as he does. Ella juega tantos deportes como él.

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