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MT Continuum Status 25 February 2015 Presented by Mark Campbell, LMSSC Gerry Cullison, SSP.

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1 MT Continuum Status 25 February 2015 Presented by Mark Campbell, LMSSC Gerry Cullison, SSP

2 Topics MT Continuum (MTC) Overview Project Status MTC Components MTC Integration Tasks Learning Community Applicability Lessons Learned

3 Background Strategic Systems Programs (SSP) re-engineering Missile Technicians (MT’s) 30+ week training pipeline: – Blended just-enough/just-in-time ILE-conformant content – Instructor Led (ILT) and Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) sections – Delivered, tracked, and assessed through LMS – Training via both afloat and ashore LMS instances AIM CPM and LO Module toolsets are part of SSP’s baseline business process for this re-engineering First major end-to-end design, development, and maintenance project that’s defining CPM/LO Module business rules and data exchange mechanisms

4 MT Continuum Team SSP - Requirements Owners, Afloat Training Capability LMSSC – Lead Material Preparing Activity Contractor Team – ILT development, IMI Storyboard development, SMEs NAWCTSD / AIM team - CPM/LO Module support NUWC – MTC Lead System Integrator, LMS (Seaware) LSI, Inc. – ISD and IMI design/development; integration tool development Chenega Logistics, LLC – CM/QA agent for SSP Applied Physics Lab (APL)/JHU – VIPr PC sim developer SLC –CCA for all MT curriculum Fleet – SME’s/Management of training afloat

5 Project Status Plan, Analyze & Design Phases Completed – Delivery Method Analysis Process still needed – Scientific/Justifiable/Repeatable Development fully underway. Development effort is progressing on schedule – Assessment, Performance Testing (NAVEDTRA 132) Large emphases on Implementation, Evaluation and Maintenance – Versioning, LMS interface Ongoing integration of CPM/LO Module, IMI toolset, PC simulation toolset, and LMS for planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of blended content

6 MT Continuum Technical & Schedule Integration MTC development spans from the JDTA’s to the delivery and maintenance of training and test assessment material to students afloat and ashore MTC Lead System Integrator (NUWC) – Coordinates technical and schedule activities between and among developers, relative to the training and assessment delivery and maintenance goals of the MTC

7 MT Continuum Components Plan/Analyze – CPM (JDTA/TPP/TCCD) Design – CPM (COI) – LO Module (final design of ILT/preliminary design of IMI) Develop – LO Module (complete for ILT and test items) – IMI toolset (complete for IMI and assessment Sections) – VIPr (PC simulation scenarios for ILT and IMI) – Content Packaging Tool (CPT) (provides SCORM-conformant sequencing and navigation within the MT Continuum lessons, which consists of AIM-based blended training content)

8 Packaging & Delivery of MTC Content Content Packaging Tool (CPT) Training Content Packaging: The CPT packages approved IMI and ILT (except VIPr scenarios) for delivery by the LMS, and sends corresponding Source and Surveillance Packages to AIM for subsequent maintenance and updating Venus (AIM SCORM Export) IMI design & test items ILT AIM Final IMI & assessment items AIM LMS /CCS CPT Runtime Package (includes VIPr launch files) VIPr Scenarios CPT Source Package CPT Surveillance Package

9 Training Content Maintenance & Updating Mode: Venus is used to modify IMI stored in AIM in the CPT Source and Runtime packages. The CPT generates updated source, runtime, and surveillance packages and then stores these modified packages back in AIM. Venus AIM Version 1 CPT Runtime Package Maintenance & Updating of MTC Content AIM (AIM SCORM Export) Version 2 ILT Content Packaging Tool (CPT) Version 2 Final IMI & assessment items Version 2 CPT Source Package Version 2 CPT Surveillance Package Version 1 CPT Source Package Version 2 IMM or test items Version 2 CPT Runtime Package

10 MT Continuum Components (contd) Implement – Toolset that supports ashore and afloat delivery Seaware (Learning Management System) Venus (IMI and assessment development and maintenance tool) EPS (Ashore Delivery) ATSS (Afloat Delivery) Elite (Classroom Control Software) – Interface with existing systems Schoolhouse Management PERS Fleet Scheduling

11 MT Continuum Components (contd) Evaluate – ILT/IMI/knowledge assessment delivery and tracking – Performance Assessment delivery and tracking (Lab and virtual environments) Maintain – Content Packaging Tool (CPT) – LO Module/ (integrated surveillance/update of ILT/IMI/test items)

12 MT Continuum Integration Tasks LMS Interfaces – Interface specification with LO Module and VIPr (JHU APL) – NUWC Newport lead with inputs from PPC (Chenega Logistics), ISD/IMI developer (LSI), LMPA (Lockheed Martin) and AIM team (AIMEREON) Content Packaging Tool (CPT) – Delivered by LSI with support from NUWC Newport Seaware LMS team, PPC, and AIM team (AIMEREON) Classroom Control Software (CCS) ⁻ Adapting Elite CCS in use for many years by SSP and rest of submarine training community to support LO Module-based ILT delivery


14 Learning Community Applicability Focuses on a Continuum Model of Learning ~ supported by ashore/afloat delivery – Reduces frontload of ILT ‘C’ School – Delivers ‘ready now’ sailors sooner to fleet. – Delivers sustained career training – grows with the sailor – Supports manager level training at both the E6 and CPO level Closely coordinated with NAVEDTRA 136 development – Repeatable and sustainable model Coordinated with AIM by design to ensure short and efficient maintenance cycles.

15 Learning Community Applicability (contd) Truly Blended Experience for the Learner – Leverages efficient and instructionally sound delivery methods that include: – Classroom (ILT) – Self Paced (IMI) – Virtual/Simulation (VIPr) – Hands On (ILT – LAB) – Facilitated /Peer to Peer (Manager Level)

16 Learning Community Applicability (contd) Systems Engineered Approach ~ NAVEDTRA/SCORM Compliant – LO Module and IMI toolset for integrated IMI / assessment development / maintenance – Development of ILT and IMI test items and output to IMI toolset for aggregation into LMS-delivered Lesson-level assessments Sections, including enhanced performance test item development – LMS delivery and tracking of integrated ILT / IMI / assessment content – Integrated surveillance and maintenance environment for blended (ILT/IMI/test item) SCORM NAVEDTRA 136-compliant learning content

17 Learning Community Applicability (contd) Role of MT Continuum to ‘Big Navy’ future training – Training 2020 study group following MTC as one of two major prototypes under new Fleet Forces Command team leadership OPNAV Fleet Forces Command

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