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AIM CPM/LOM Tom Bonnano N74 21 August 2014.

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1 AIM CPM/LOM Tom Bonnano N74 21 August 2014

2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nature of Brief Issue Summary Context /Directive
Training Effectiveness Production Efficiency Disciplined Employment of Leading Edge IT Career Long Sailor Learning and Development NETC Workforce Development EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Nature of Brief Decisional/Informational Source Documents: NETCINST A (Sep 19, 2013) NAVEDTRA 136 (Nov 2010) NAVEDTRA 137A (July 2013) Issue Summary AIM CPM/LOM Conversion Issues Inadequate Training System Reliability Lack of a Prioritized Implementation Plan Acquisition Program Considerations Resource Constraints TE PE IT L&D WF Context /Directive AIM CPM/LOM is NETC’s targeted tool for developing and maintaining content New development/revisions shall be completed in AIM CPM/LOM Current guidance directs content conversions to be completed by 01 OCT 2016 Desired End State NETC content in AIM CPM/LOM Recommendation Enhance training across NETC Domain Improve System Reliability Revise NETCINST A to accommodate analysis, acquisition program considerations and prioritization of content conversion. Develop tailored POA&Ms with each Learning Center for content conversion Seek contract support funding to assist in conversion efforts when available

3 CPM/LOM What is CPM? What is LOM?
The Content Planning Module (CPM) is a planning, analysis and design tool used to capture work requirements for specific jobs, duties and tasks. This information is then used to develop training solutions to achieve desired Fleet performance requirements. What is LOM? The Learning Objective Module (LOM) is a content development tool that develops training content based on approved performance requirements captured in the CPM processes.

Directly links performance requirements of work to training content in an integrated web based environment Standardizes and enhances instructional systems design processes Promotes and enables Reuse, Repurpose, and Reference (R3) capabilities for the analysis of performance requirements and development of supporting curricula Reduces content development costs Potential reduction in AIM systems costs when legacy applications usage is reduced/phased out

5 TRAINING ISSUES Current Training: Future Training: AIM Help Desk:
NETC N7 provides End-to-End (E2E) training to Learning Centers and curriculum developers NETC N7 developed and promulgated a SOP that supports the development of content using AIM CPM/LOM. Updates to the SOP will include content conversion. Contractor developed Buttonology training is available to system users Future Training: NETC N7 will develop an AIM CPM/LOM curriculum developer COI AIM Help Desk: Support provided by NAWCTSD (Mr. Mike Matzko (757) )

6 SYSTEM ISSUES Software issues can be addressed via the AIM
System Help Desk Network connectivity issues are addressed with the Service Provider (NETPDTC) and the AIM Technical Program Manager, as appropriate

NETCINST A to be revised based upon an executable conversion plan for each Center NETC N7, working with Centers, will prioritize course conversions and develop a POA&M for each Center Progress to be tracked via Center Readiness Briefs

OPNAVINST C mandates compliance with NAVEDTRA series guidance for courses transitioning to NETC Change transmittals to NAVEDTRA 130 and 131 will direct all new training development to be in AIM CPM/LOM Analysis to be conducted by NETC N7 and Learning Centers will address conversion costs and resource alternatives

9 SUMMARY AIM CPM/LOM will house Navy training content in a single repository eliminating stand alone computers with multiple versions of AIM I and AIM II software AIM CPM/LOM will facilitate Reuse, Repurpose, and Reference (R3) of content across Learning Centers; thereby reducing content development costs NETC N7 will work with each Learning Center to develop an executable conversion plan that meets NETC priorities in a resource constrained environment

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