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NETC N7 Status Update to AIM FRB Roy Hoyt, NETC N74 Jake Aplanalp, AIM Pgm Mgr 23 Aug 11.

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1 NETC N7 Status Update to AIM FRB Roy Hoyt, NETC N74 Jake Aplanalp, AIM Pgm Mgr 23 Aug 11

2 Overview NAVEDTRA 130B, 131B, 132, 134, 135C, 136, 137 NAVEDTRA drafts – 133, 138, 139 Central Site implementation AIM/CPM status support of JDTA w/ participating Center updates AIM/CPM status support of OCCSTD capture/validation AIM/CPM integration status w/ Learning Assessment Systems FEA/BCA capability plans for CPM NETC/OPNAV N15 integration of NETC domain/acquisition community business processes

3 Promulgated NAVEDTRAs 130B (task-based learning content) 131B (PPP-based learning content) 132 (Assessment) 134 (Navy instructor manual) 135C (Schoolhouse Mgmt) 136 (ILE learning content) 137 (JDTA)

4 NAVEDTRA Drafts 133 (HPRR) 138 (course/content modularization) 139 (FEA)

5 NAVEDTRA 136 & 137 Impacts on CPM / LO Module Rel 5.0 Re-evaluated and prioritized existing functional requirements based on 136/137 policies Re-write has created a need for additional functionality to meet – Design Strategy (IMDP) – Significant copy and link capability in JDTA and Project tabs and in LO Module

6 NAVEDTRA 136 (ILE) Implementation Current status ‒Promulgated by NETC in Nov 10 ‒136A in work to address user community feedback and extend/refine ILE learning content business rules Transition from NAVEDTRA 130/131 (AIM II/AIM I) to NAVEDTRA 136 (CPM/LO Module) ‒Policy / trigger ‒Pace of migration ‒Continuing support for AIM I/II through ????

7 AIM Central Site Implementation Management points of contact: ‒ NETC N74: Leslie Desenburg ‒ NETPDTC: Peg David Center-by-Center implementation schedule: ‒ Initially established by Leslie Desenburg ‒ under review based on NETPDTC move to eDMZ application hosting in early 2012 and related workload for user account re-initialization Peg David to brief in more detail

8 CPM Hosting at NETPDTC NETC N74, N6, NETPDTC, and AIM team in process of migrating the production version of CPM to NETPDTC by 1 Oct 11 ‒ Full IA Certification and Accreditation process underway by NETPDTC/AIM team ‒ CPM Rel 5.0 GAT on new NETPDTC server in early Sep Benefits Include: ‒ Enterprise hosting and support vs. current R&D environment in Orlando ‒ Co-located with rest of NETC enterprise IT applications and off- site COOP support

9 OCCSTDS Support in CPM How did we get here?: – Started with NETC N74/NAVMAC discussions – AIM Team provided a CPM “sandbox” for NAVMAC familiarization – NAVMAC developed an OCCSTDS Storybook PPT to describe high- level functionality – Initial OCCSTDS tab implementation in Rel 5.0 for creation/management of OCCSTDS data by NAVMAC – crawl functionality Working toward business rule definition of: – How OCCSTDS data pulls forward into JDTA tab – Life-cycle impacts of OCCSTDS revisions on JDTA-based learning content


11 AIM/CPM Support of JDTA and Participating Center Updates CPM Rel 4.1 operational Jan 11 / Rel 5.0 delivered Jul 11 – operational at NETPDTC by 1 Oct 11 JDTA NETCINST 1510.4 promulgated 24 Feb 10 / NAVEDTRA 137 forthcoming Center projects: – CPPD/CSFE: Curriculum Developer – SLC/CSCS: IT Rating – CID: Information Professional – NETC N72/Carley: ‘A’ School re-engineering – PMS 420/NAWCTSD: LCS mission pkg JDTA

12 AIM/CPM Support of OCCSTD Capture/Validation NETC N74 coordination with NAVMAC CPM OCCSTDS tab added in CPM Rel 5.0 AIM team working with NAVMAC and NETPDTC on OCCSTDS data interface with NETC enterprise LAS for fleet validation of preliminary OCCSTDS Business rules for use of OCCSTDS data in CPM as basis for JDTA in development

13 AIM Interface with NETC LAS Support for NETC N51 assessment program as well as NAVMAC OCCSTDS validation Working with NETC N5/N6/N7, NAVMAC, and PMW-240 for implementation via Atlas Pro Assessment Engine and Survey Engine Participants: – NAVMAC and NETC N51 as SMEs – NETPDTC/PMW-240 as Navy technical agent for Atlas Pro suite implementation and support – AIM team on Web service data output from CPM, AIM I, AIM II, and LO Module

14 FEA/BCA Capability Plans for CPM FEA – NETCINST 1500.6 (NAVEDTRA 139 draft) BCA – NETCINST 1510.3 Business processes integrated into NAVEDTRA 136 AIM team supporting business process definition ‒ Design prototype of CPM support for FEA/BCA in final development for NETC / community review

15 Integration of NETC Domain/Acquisition Community Business Processes SPAWAR and NAVSSES Philadelphia working JDTA projects in CPM NETC N74 working with aviation community (Kelee Plagis of CNAF) on ‘harmonizing’ NAVEDTRA 136-137-138-139 business process with that in Naval Aviation Training System (NATS) Handbook for NETC domain and acquisition community standardization

16 Questions?

17 Backup Slides

18 AIM Interface with NETC LAS

19 PPP Repository Status AIM team supporting NETC N74 (Leslie Desenburg) in operation of the PPP repository hosted on fedsun at NAWCTSD Hosting will shift to NETPDTC with integration into CPM Rel 5.0

20 SLC e-Library Project Overview Goal: Provide site access to electronic library ‒ Validated mission, functions, tasks of Librarians ‒ Developed business rules for access, inventory control, and user requests ‒ Identified publications available electronically to support CINs ‒ Defined functional requirements for e-library layout ‒ Planned for hosting and deployment Project lead: Beth Wigfield (SLC N6)

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