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The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

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1 The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
Tomorrow’s Air Power Today Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd

2 Strategic Transformation…
F/A-18E/F/G 2007 EA-18G Super Hornet 2005 Super Hornet Today Network-Centric Operations Integrated battlespace times capability multipliers Effects-based warfare Fast track technology transition Time-critical precision engagement MYP II: FY05-09, 210 A/C, includes 56 EA-18G Contract: 30 Dec 2003 $1.1B Savings, $100M CRI FMS increases savings Spiral development ATFLIR – IDECM – MIDS AESA – AMC&D – ACS Neck-down: replaces EA-6B, F-14, S-3 $1B annual fleet operations savings Performance better than plan MYP I: $700M in customer savings On cost, ahead of schedule Balanced: Survivability and stealth Commercial-based logistics . . . of Tactical Aviation New, now, network centric Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P07002.ppt Programmatics

3 USN Complementary Plan: F/A-18E/F + F-35C
Complementary Capabilities No Capability Gap 2013 2020 F/A-18A-C F/A-18E/F, EA-18G EA-6B F/A-18E/F and EA-18G Carrier Air Wing saves over $1B per year in operations and maintenance costs to the fleet S-3B F-14A/D F-35C F/A-18A-C F/A-18E/F/G Block 2 – AESA / MIDS / ATFLIR F-35C Block 3 – AESA / MIDS / ATFLIR USN complementary plan: F/A-18E/F/G+F-35C… Same benefits can apply for international customers Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P07003.ppt Programmatics

4 The F/A-18E/F Super Hornet: Delivering Capability on Time
Block 2 Plus Block 2 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Spiral upgrade path to grow in pace with joint network centric development Block 1 Advanced Crew Station AESA radar MIDS ATFLIR AIM-9X Network centric MYP2 FY05-09 EA-18G Advanced Mission Computer & Displays Advanced EW suite Advanced weapons Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System Combat deployed Long range Increased survivability/lethality Improved carrier suitability Tanker Long-term growth MYP FY00-04 State of the art receiver system Full-spectrum Electronic Attack Self-escort capability Network centric operations 2002 2005 2008 … Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P09013.ppt Warfighter/Capabilities

5 Super Hornet – Capability Sooner at Lower Cost
F/A-18E/F Blk-2 F-35C Blk-3 Payload flexibility 17,700 lb payload Balanced survivability Mission utility (Tanker, Deep Strike, FAC, (A), (RECCE) Two-seat operations (F/A-18F) Twin engine Advanced technology sensors (AESA, ATFLIR) Network enabled operations (MIDS, DCS) UCAV interoperability/ control (growth) Advanced support concept Balanced Autonomic logistics ORD Specifications Multi-aspect signature reduction (with internal carriage of stores) Increased range (CV version only) Distributed infra-red sensors Single engine USN complementary plan: F/A-18E/F/G + F-35C… complementary capabilities – no capability gap Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P07004.ppt Programmatics

6 Super Hornet Program Status
Calendar year deliveries 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 MYP II FY05-09 (Total E/F/G production) LRIP MYP I FY00-04 12 20 30 36 39 48 45 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 26 Block 2 Breakout of EA-18G (90)* 2 SDD 4 12 18 22 20 14 International Operational in the fleet Fleet replacement squadron 8 operational squadrons 3 squadrons operated OEF/OIF Replaces F-14, F/A-18A-C, S-3B, EA-6B EA-18G entered SDD Dec 2003 5th year of MYP I On cost, ahead of original schedule, under weight $700M cost savings MYP II – FY05-09 210 aircraft $1B+ cost savings Stable, long-term, low-risk production program Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P07009.ppt Programmatics

7 Long-Term U.S. Government Commitment
Calendar Year 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2030 Airframe/engine development First flight Development test Operational evaluation Full rate production authorization First production delivery USN fiscal year current plan (460) In service USN current plan (90) EA-18G International Initial operational capability 2 multi-year procurement contracts On cost, ahead of schedule, under weight In-service with U.S. Navy beyond 2030 U.S. Navy confidence In production today (low risk) Long-term USG commitment The U.S. Government’s long-term commitment to the Super Hornet ensures continued support Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P07010.ppt Programmatics

8 Super Hornet Growth Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd GP42P11022.ppt Growth

9 A quantum leap in sensor technology for unequalled combat capability
APG-79 AESA Radar Enhances situation awareness Near simultaneous modes Improves lethality Increased air-to-air detection and tracking range Multi-target track High resolution SAR maps at long standoff ranges Precision all-weather targeting Improves supportability Increased reliability Increased availability Supports two level maintenance Improves affordability Designed for low total ownership cost Improves survivability Longer ranges for stand-off weapons Optimize radar contribution to signature Counter advanced threats A quantum leap in sensor technology for unequalled combat capability Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P09025.ppt Warfighter/Capabilities

10 AESA Radar Excellent Supportability
– 66% +500% Support cost Reliability APG-73 AESA APG-73 AESA High Reliability Graceful array degradation No array maintenance predicted for years Low support costs The AESA provides significant combat capability and high reliability Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P09028.ppt Warfighter/Capabilities

11 AESA Lowers Pilot Workload With Greatly Increased Capability
Exovolume tracking Selectable search volumes Exovolume track Cued search Weapon support Electronic protection Air-to-ground targeting SAR wide-area ground mapping Ground moving targets Sea surface search The pilot selects “What” he wants done, and sets priorities The AESA radar determines “How” to give optimum mission performance Results in reduced pilot workload and increased warfighting capability Requires less training Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P09054.ppt Warfighter/Capabilities

12 ATFLIR Sensors Navigation FLIR Targeting FLIR Air-to-ground and air-to-air target track Three fields of view Long range magnification Electro-optical camera Low light video Laser designator Air-to-ground target designation Laser ranging Laser spot tracker Common aperture Targeting FLIR EO video camera Laser designator Laser spot tracker The ATFLIR includes the functionality of five advanced tactical sensors – all in a single pod Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P09030.ppt Warfighter/Capabilities

13 Reconnaissance Day/night, all-weather capability
Medium and high altitude sensors Overflight and standoff capability Data link near real-time imagery to ground station Onboard recording of imagery Shared Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP) Reconnaissance capability in any weather, day or night CC ppt Approved for Public Release SPR 101.3

14 Net-Centric: Capability Now . . . Focused on Growth
Precision multiple target engagement Reactive time critical strike FAC(A) mission tactical RECCE Self targeting, multiple platform cooperative attacks, and UAV coordination Network centric operations Digital CAS and digital deep air support NCO Customer emphasis on “Sensors, Weapons Networks” 2-Prong approach Precision engagement Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P11012.ppt Growth

15 Technology Infusion and Growth
EA-18G Near-term NCO - existing links, translators Wideband network, SATCOM Key NCO upgrades Transformational capability Linking ground troops and aircrews Tactical imagery, image exploitation/targeting F/A-18E/F Capability sooner, less cost Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd GP42P11023.ppt Growth

16 Network Centric Operations… Anytime, Anyplace
Sharing information among in-theatre tactical and command assets to accomplish desired effects Operationally deploy as early as 2007 Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd GP42P11027.ppt Growth

17 F/A-18E/F and EA-18G Upgrades
Increased connectivity (NCO) Today Multiple routing of information uses up precious time Future vision: Imagery exploitation 9-line brief with target coordinates and image By 2008 Solid state recorder – Target image capture and rapid access Mass storage unit – On board accurate location information Image processor – Enhanced precision targeting Target coordinates Image guided weapon Baghdad Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd GP42P11028.ppt Growth

18 F/A-18E/F/G: Supporting Transformation
Built on a record of performance Proactive modernization and growth plan for long-term combat relevance Flexibility for new mission areas Equipped for Network Centric Operations Transformational capability Transformational acquisition Better than X P E R F O R M A N C E A S P R O M I S E D Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd GP42P11029.ppt Growth

19 Net-Centric: EA-18G . . . Electronic Attack + NCO
2 proven systems, 1 flexible design ICAP III SATCOM F/A-18F Use of ICAP III radar receiver (ALQ-218) Full spectrum electronic attack ALQ-99 pod carriage (5 stations) Provisions for advanced jamming pod Communication jamming with and low band pod Wideband receiver (w/digital aux) Wingtip receiver pods emitter ID, precision location and targeting Selective reactive capability Optimized multi-mission capability flexibility Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P11014.ppt Growth

20 Net-Centric: EA-18G… Builds on E/F NCO
Sensors Onboard and off-board Data correlation Platforms Operations with: Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance Strike fighters Ground units Weapons Electronic attack Air-to-air Networks Link 16 Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) VHF/UHF/digital radio Super Hornet: e-Enabled Infosphere, FORCEnet, coalition-nets net-data provider/user: sensors, networks, weapons, platforms Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P11015.ppt Growth

21 Net-Centric: Capability Now . . . Focused on Growth
Near-term NCO – existing links, translators, wideband network JTRS risk reduction Cluster 1 flight test Wideband datalink Near-term NCO – existing links, translators, wideband SATCOM network Expanded NCO Manned/unmanned interaction Integrated Technology Data Lab (ITDL) NCO Boeing Integration Center (BIC) Demos and experimentation Virtual Warfare Center (VWC) Linking ground troops and aircrews - tactical imagery via VMF and link 16 Image exploitation/ targeting (fixed targets) Datalink weapons – moving targets Image exploitation/ targeting (moving targets) Datalink/seeker weapons – Moving targets Image exploitation/ targeting Precision engagement 2003 2004 2005+ Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P11013.ppt Growth

22 F/A-18E/F NCO Risk Reduction (November 2003 Boeing NCO Demonstration)
Airborne Command and Control Boeing Labnet GCCS-M (simulated) F/A-18F1 in-flight AWACS (simulated) MMA (simulated) F-15C,E (dome and MICS flight sim) Link 16 network EA-18 (dome flight sim) Boeing Integrated Center (BIC) Simulated Command Air Operations Center FCS Command and Control Node Anaheim Seattle St. Louis Mesa F/A-18E (dome and MICS fight sim) Demonstrated fielded assets in an Infosphere based NCO environment Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd GP42PP11030.ppt Growth

23 Super Hornet: Best Strike Fighter in the World - Net Enabled
Proven in combat, Proven supportable OEF/OIF: >2,500 combat sorties, 98% ordnance effectiveness OEF/OIF F/A-18E/F tankers: 5 million pounds of fuel passed Available Now, supportable Now, interoperable Now In-production, stable/declining cost Global infrastructure, worldwide support Multi-mission capable Now A-to-A, A-to-G, tanking, reconnaissance, etc. 2-crew capability: FAC(A), TAC(A), SCAR, AEA Connectivity: Ground troops, UAVs Future capability Now Capability sooner, less cost…no capability gap Relevance today…tomorrow – focused on growth Sensors, networks, weapons e-Enabled: Network adaptable…tailorable Capable Now – Others IOC Much Later… Others Not as Capable Until Later Block Upgrades Authorized for Public Release IAW SPR dtd CC42P07021.ppt Programmatics

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