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Airpower: the Industry Vision

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1 Airpower: the Industry Vision
ISTAR solutions (to support Air Operations ) Rome, 21 Mar 2014

2 Airborne and Space Systems
We partner with our Customers to deliver world class, tailored and proven airborne integrated systems, sensors and training for military and security ISR/ISTAR manned and unmanned operations through a successful, customer focused business

3 Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance.
ISTAR is a practice that links several battlefield functions together to assist a combat force in employing its sensors and managing the information they gather.

4 SELEX ES Capabilities on ISR/ISTAR Mission System
SUPPORT TRAINING AIRCRAFT MISSION SUITE CONOPS Mission Mng. System SENSORS E/O turrets ESM RADAR Radio & Datalink SATCOM COMMs 45 systems on 12 different platforms. Multi-sensor, multi- operators, expandable capability. Sensor Data Fusion. ATOS

5 Airborne Tactical Observation & Surveillance
ATOS Airborne Tactical Observation & Surveillance The Platforms The Customers

6 Sentinel Program Air Segment (SIM-A) Aircrafts (Qty 10) Helicopters (Qty 2) Ground Segment (SIM-G) NSC (Qty 1) PRNs (Qty 2) Communication Infrastructure SATCOM (INMARSAT) WAN / LAN The System is designed to achieve maritime zone awareness to satisfy the information needs of Customs and to provide intelligence and data cueing to for Customs Operations

7 P72A MLR Last generation sensors: AESA Radar, EO HD video, ESM with ELINT Tactical Data Link 11 & 16, Satcom for Net Centric Operation Optimized HMI with a high level of automation to manage complex tactical objects, Data Fusion and function Dual GB LAN architecture open to integrate additional sensor and capabilities for ASW role Upgrade of technology with latest computer generation; Extensive redundancy to minimise the risk of lost missions caused by equipment failures; Data management compliant to NATO standard


9 Classify the Target according to a stored database
nEUROn IR signal acquisition Target Search, Detection and Tracking Target Recognition Classify the Target according to a stored database

10 skyISTAR One System. Unlimited Solutions
Platform agnostic and scalable : Designed to be fit in a MALE class of UAV Adaptable, open and flexible architecture Easily scalable to different class of platforms, including manned ones Flexible: Suitable to different Mission profiles Easy adaptation to customer’s specific needs /operational concept Focus on information rather than data On board multiple Sensors Data Fusion process to extract information Increased level of sensors autonomy minimizes ground crew effort Maximizing mission effectiveness despite of the datalink bottleneck

11 SELEX ES Capabilities on UAS Mission Systems
nEUROn Falco 48 P1HH E/O sensor and data processing with autonomous target identification. Safety-critical SMS and bay doors control SELEX ES Capabilities on UAS Mission Systems 1 Ton. Light MALE: 24hrs - 30,000 feet Heavy MALE: > 5Tons – 16/24hrs – multimission UCAV technology demonstrator SAR Radar Seaspray 7300E VMS Interface Unit GPS Attitude Heading Reference System C-band Data Link EO/IR System V/UHF Flight Control Computer Ku-Band Satcom Engine Interface Unit SkyISTAR Mission Management System Embedded GPS/Inertial IFF Transponder

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