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Sensors and location technologies – the front end of ISR

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1 Sensors and location technologies – the front end of ISR
Jeff Rice BAE Systems Chief Engineer C4ISR Solutions 1

2 Intelligence & Security
Intelligence & Security deals in the most advanced technologies and has a team with the most cutting edge systems and solutions. - But we never forget that technology isn’t the point. The true point is how that technology helps our customers achieve their missions. In other words -- how well it works out in the real world. - Our end users are often in harm’s way, and their real world can be a matter of life or death. We never forget that. That’s why everything we do is aimed at making sure they have the actionable knowledge at the right time for them to make the right decision. Information Solutions Intelligence & Security Actionable information = Achievable missions 2 2

3 The computer screen is the portal to mission success.
But it is not enough for information to be accurate or timely. It must be actionable. That’s where Intelligence & Security comes in… Those screens and the networks that link them are the difference between success or failure for our customers…victory or defeat - From warfighters to crime fighters to inefficiency fighters, we make sure that our customers have on their screens not only what they need and when they need it but that it is actionable information. - There are far too many screens in too many agencies and commands around the world that are filled with information that slows the mission down or throws it off course. At IS, we seek a customer intimacy, a command of the customer’s mission, that allows us to make sure that the information that appears on their screens is a launching pad for achieving their mission.

4 Intelligence & Security’s portfolio
Portfolio of gateways to its customers and markets Defense Solutions Defense Solutions Mission Solutions Cyber Security Solutions Cyber Security Solutions Cyber Security Solutions Global Analysis Global Analysis Global Analysis Civilian Solutions Civilian Solutions These photos don’t come close, of course, to showing all that our customers’ do -- we’d need a thousand slides to do that. But they give you an impression. We deal in advanced technology and analysis -- the kind that enables an AWACS to help manage a battlefield…or turn black and white photos into roadmaps to mission success…or help a solider in Afghanistan set up a small satellite and hook up to DISA’s worldwide network…or make sure that those troops get to the right place at the right time…a Predator drone…and, last but not least, The Treasury Department -- and if you’re wondering who Albert Gallatin is and why is statue is out front, he was the longest serving Secretary of the Treasury, covering the Jefferson, Madison and Monroe administrations -- a nice stand-in for all the end users inside that building that we are committed to assisting do great work.

5 Intelligence & Security San Diego-Based Capabilities
Mission planning Command, Control and Battle Management Systems optimizing operations for US Combatant Commands and the DoD Services Knowledge management / Data archive and dissemination Storing and exploiting critical relationships among information elements to create actionable knowledge and insight Geospatial processing and exploitation Commercial software product lines and geospatial data production that transforms data into knowledge for numerous agencies across the Intelligence Community Precision targeting Service-Based Enterprise Solutions for C4ISR/T Systems, including End-to-End Targeting and Weaponeering for Precision Targeting Avionics test equipment Test & Logistics Support Solutions for Advanced Electronic Systems on the World’s Most Technologically Advanced Aircraft and Munitions Systems architecture and integration Designing systems to reduce infrastructure, decrease operational costs, while enhancing the flexibility and responsiveness of the warfighter Data-to-knowledge systems tailored to our customers’ mission needs

6 Electronic Solutions Our customers
Aviation Electronic Combat Solutions – Passive situational awareness and electronic attack Survivability & Protection Solutions – Threat warning and countermeasures Soldier & Vehicle Solutions – Optical imaging, targeting, and situational awareness systems Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance Solutions – Electro-optical, radio frequency, acoustic sensors, and signal intelligence systems Communications & Network Solutions – Integrated resilient tactical networks with assured access Technology Solutions & Mission Applications – World-class technology management and application engineering Maritime Land Our customers U.S. Dept of Defense: all services and combatant commands U.S. federal and civil agencies Space PUBS-09-C79-ESoverview 6

7 Electronic Combat Solutions
Expertise: Networked electronic combat solutions; advanced digital receiver architecture, electronic countermeasures and electronic attack; advanced signal processing; passive signal detection and exploitation; command and control disruption; weapon targeting and protection solutions 5th Generation Integrated EW Suite for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II (JSF) and F-22/A Raptor EC-130H Compass Call weapon system Advanced Platform Integrated EW/IW Systems Platform Support Solutions for Lockheed Martin Aero (Ft. Worth, Texas) and Hill AFB (Ogden, Utah) Surface-ship EW system for U.S. Navy’s Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) PUBS-09-C79-ESoverview 7

8 Future Focus and Direction
Efficient solutions for rapid expansion of data and information volumes/types Information security: access control and dissemination Cross domain information sharing Data analytics 8

9 Photos courtesy of Department of defense, DARPA, U. S. Navy, U. S. Army, U.S . Air Force, U. S. Marine Corps, Department of Homeland Security, U. S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of the Treasury, Department of Justice, FBI, National Security Agency and Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Photos are in the public domain

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