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VisionMaster FT Series Radar Chart Radar ECDIS TotalWatch.

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1 VisionMaster FT Series Radar Chart Radar ECDIS TotalWatch

2 VisionMaster FT Platform Radar ECDIS Navigation Features TotalWatch Dual Radar Track Control Chart Radar

3 Key benefits: Network based architecture for easy data distribution Anti-clutter for clear radar images in all weather conditions User-friendly windows based interface Common user interface throughout the VisionMaster FT series to increase ease of use High resolution widescreen display for a clearer picture Easily upgraded to Chart Radar, ECDIS or multifunction workstation Ability to rapidly deploy many configurations immediately worldwide Dual channel for seamless radar data (Optional) CCTV and Playback integration (Optional) Navigation Radar

4 Key benefits: Multi View / Operator Selectable Conning Information Display Direct target tracking (built in ARPA facility) Operator movable system menu controls with hide facility Advanced track-keeping module Chart portfolio management and voyage planning capability Split screen (vertical & horizontal) and Picture in Picture display modes Multiple Conning Information Display Pages User-Defined Chart Additions Data Logging and Playback Optional feature: Central Alarm Manager ECDIS

5 Key benefits: Ease of use during ship docking or anchoring Increase situation awareness Picture in picture can include: –Close up –Secondary chart –CCTV Complete overview with split screens Horizontal or vertical split screen ECDIS - Movable Windows & Picture in Picture Feature

6 Chart Radar Key benefits: Baseline features of VisionMaster FT Radar Superimposition of voyage plan graphics High resolution widescreen display for a clearer, brighter picture User-selectable density of chart layers Integrates electronic chart and radar displays for improved efficiency and enhanced safety at sea Easily upgraded to Multifunction workstation

7 TotalWatch - Multi-function workstation All displays in one display:

8 TotalWatch - Multi-function workstation Key benefits: The flexibility enables reduced bridge configuration and manning Common user interface in all watch modes for safe operation All navigation data is available at any time: Radar Chart radar ECDIS AIS Navigation sensors Ship alarms CCTV and night vision Performance based navigation

9 Key features: Stabilized head up: clear picture of targets Optimized route planning for costs savings Network Based Architecture for easy data distribution on all displays Innovative user interface with commonality on all VisionMaster products Multi View / Operator Selectable Conning Information Display Customized Conning Information Display I-Help for Integrated context sensitive help Diagnostic reporting Interactive Advanced tracker performance in clutter Target tracking capability of 100 ARPA and 240 AIS targets Advanced target correlation with tracked ARPA and AIS targets Integrated voyage plan and radar maps Total Watch - Multi-function workstation

10 Features Key Features: Clearing Lines Autopilot –Track Control & Automatic speed control –Joystick Heading Control Propulsion control CID as external display 3D Vision & 3D Vision with Sonar I-Video/CCTV Playback Total Tide System Features –NAVTEX –Weather Fax –Third Party Applications

11 Conning Information Display (CID) Key benefits: Widescreen including radar or ECDIS and CID Quick overview of necessary data Customize CID information and tabs CID includes: –Default information –Berthing –Docking –Environment –Route –Sea & PIP –Sea –Steering

12 Conning Information Display – Sea View Key benefits: Information on prevailing sea conditions History of depth below keel Wind strength and direction Default pages include: –Date and time –Depth below keel –Wind (relative) –Wind (true) –True heading –Route plan –Speed through water –Position –Rate of turn

13 Conning Information Display - Docking View Key benefits: Ease of use during ship docking or anchoring Complete overview with side panel and chart radar or full screen CID Default page includes: –Speed over ground –Rate of turn –Azimuth pod –Fixed pod –Bow thrusters

14 Navigation Features - CCTV View Key benefits: CCTV video feeds generated over a LAN Widescreen display can include CCTV for full overview and awareness CCTV increases safety

15 Navigation Features – Record & Playback Key benefits: Record –Comprehensive screen capture facility –Operator selectable recording interval (basic 8-12 hrs) Playback –Onscreen facility through mode selection –Operator selectable playback speeds –Files exportable for onshore review at VMFT Workstation Benefits –Excellent onboard tool for training –Near miss and Incident review –Diagnostics

16 Dual Channel Radar Key benefits: Complete situational awareness and increase safety Improve Pirate detection Reveal nearby and far-off targets No blind arcs or blanked sectors Seamless operator view from two radar heads Targets seamlessly tracked across the two radars Reduce operator workload with a seamless view from two radar heads Two independent asynchronous radars displayed on a single screen Enhance target detection Track targets seamlessly across the two radars Control any combination of X- and S-band sensors


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