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NLU Grant Policies December 9, 2013. 2 CONTENTS Salary and Other Incentives Pre-Award Process Post-Award Process Seed Grants.

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1 NLU Grant Policies December 9, 2013

2 2 CONTENTS Salary and Other Incentives Pre-Award Process Post-Award Process Seed Grants

3 3 SALARY AND OTHER INCENTIVES Eligible for faculty who successfully attract grants If a grant is received during an academic year, load buy-out is available during the academic year and the potential exists for increased pay in the next academic year If a grant is received prior to an academic year, the potential exists for an increase to the pay on the next letter of appointment. Such increases can be up to 40% Increases to pay are not automatically included in a faculty member’s base contract forever Supplemental pay can be provided for work in the summer via overload contracts

4 4 CHANGES TO PAY ON LETTERS OF APPOINTMENT ARE CONTINGENT UPON: Sponsor must cover 100% of the change Dean or dean designee approval The costs of the proposal are reasonable in nature. Unreasonable costs may be flagged for review by the Institutional Advancement (IA) Office. If the faculty member disagrees with the assessment of the IA Office, they may appeal to the dean for approval.

5 5 INDIRECT COST RECOVERY Supports the university’s contribution of facilities, academic oversight and administrative support for grants Amounts to about $300,000/year Starting in Fiscal Year 2014, half of this amount is invested in support for the provost office and individual colleges This will help to fund the seed grants in Fiscal Year 2014

6 6 Proposal Development at NLU TaskFacultyIA 1.Identify ProjectX 1.Identify Potential Funding SourceXX 1.Coordinate with External PartnersXX 1.Interpret Request for Proposal (RFP) and Draft Project OutlineXX 1.Manage Shared WorksiteX 1.Write Project Narrative (Need, Project Design, Management Plan and Evaluation)X 1.Coordinate with External Evaluator (if needed)X 1.Create Draft Budget and Budget NarrativeXX 1.Proof Read Project Narrative and FormatX 1.Finalize and Proof Budget and Budget NarrativeX 1.Route Budget and Necessary Forms to LeadershipX 1.Prepare Memos of Understanding and Letters of Commitment from Partners and Secure Signatures X 1.Secure Letters of Support and Secure SignaturesX 1.Submit ProposalX 1.Communicate with Funder, Manage Initial Contract, and Coordinate Transfer to Post-Grants Team X

7 7 PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Identify project/funder Develop a timeline for submission with Institutional Advancement Submit Proposal Routing Form Advancement will submit proposal and handle any external contact

8 8 POST AWARDS PROCESSES Grants Management  Managing your award  Paying your bills  Invoicing  A/R  Financial Reporting  Sample:

9 9 POST AWARDS PROCESSES Record Keeping  Establishing a “One-Stop Shop”  Banner (University Accounting System) Closeout  A-133 Audit  Completion of Your Award  Retention

10 10 SEED GRANTS: RATIONALE The rationale for the Seed Grant Program is to stimulate and support full-time NLU faculty in research, scholarship, and innovation by “seeding” projects that show promise for attracting external funding and/or for creating financially sustainable innovation through scholarly activities.

11 11 SEED GRANTS: FUNDING DETAILS A total of $50,000 will be available for seed grants to be used in FY 2014-15; Individual project awards may range from $2500-$7500 Awards will be available for use and must be dispersed between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015 Awards may be used for student support, temporary labor, travel, communications, incentives for non-NLU research participants, and supplies.

12 12 SEED GRANTS: APPLICATION PROCESS Grant proposal guidelines including application outline & budget form are available at: or Submissions to will be accepted electronically ( through March 3, Proposals will be reviewed by the Research Strategy and Implementation Committee with notification of awards by March 28, 2014

13 13 SEED GRANTS Questions? For more information after today’s meeting, please contact Matt Douponce, NLU Advancement Office, at:

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