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University Of Hawai‘i Office of Research Services UH Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting December 10, 2008 ORS Overview.

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1 University Of Hawai‘i Office of Research Services UH Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting December 10, 2008 ORS Overview

2 Agenda Who comprises the research management team at UH? What is ORS’ role and responsibilities? What services have been enhanced at ORS in the past two years? 2

3 Awards and Federal Expenditures for the UH System Last Ten Years Fiscal YearTotal AwardFed Expenditure 98159,948,612140,099,155 99164,168,101152,927,776 00180,629,855149,313,666 01216,233,918158,355,342 02252,370,477196,988,540 03323,868,218250,092,898 04328,982,431278,912,128 05355,122,915311,609,931 06434,385,440322,322,080 07356,548,429332,206,848 08362,252,126 325,240,837 3

4 4 Why is Research Administration Important? As Federal expenditures steadily increase the importance of research administration becomes more evident. Awards and Federal Expenditures for the UH System

5 UH Research Administration VPR and VCR Unit Heads (Dean, Director, Chair) Administrative Officer/Fiscal Officer Office of Research Services (ORS) Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (OTTED) UH Office of Human Resources UH Financial Management and Procurement RCUH – Services Provider Agency RCUH Human Resources RCUH Procurement 5

6 UH Research Compliance Offices – Environmental Health & Safety Office (EHSO) – Vice Chancellor for Research, UH Manoa (VCR - Conflict of Interest; Research Misconduct) – Information Technology Services (ITS - Data Security) – Risk Management (ORM) – Committee on Human Studies (CHS) – Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) 6

7 7 Office of Research Services Performs institutional review and submission of the proposal on behalf of the University Negotiates sponsored agreements Accepts awards on behalf of the University Acts as institutional liaison for post-award changes requiring sponsor approval or notification Performs accounting, billing and reporting functions

8 8 Office of Research Services Negotiates indirect cost (F & A) rate agreements Coordinates financial compliance audits performed by external parties Performs periodic financial compliance reviews Provides technical advice regarding federal, state and sponsor requirements

9 9 Office of Research Services Director’s Office Grants & Contracts Administration Manoa Grants & Contracts Kaka’ako & Maui Satellite Service Center Pre-Award Administration Financial Compliance Projects Fiscal Accounting Administrative Operations Information Systems Support Projects Financial Services Cost Studies and Rate Analysis

10 10 ORS - Challenges in the Past Over 9,000 active accounts in the system, of which 6,000 accounts needed to be closed 3,000 of the 6,000 accounts > 3 years old Timely Billing Collection Efforts Filing of Final Reporting Timely Closeout

11 ORS – Updates and Improvements New Closeout APM A8.954 policy - July 2007 Converted Excel invoice log into new Access database system - January 2008 Re-engineered the reconciliation, deposit and collections business process Prepared A/R aging reports from new invoice database 11

12 ORS – Updates and Improvements Automated the billing process through ITS programmed for standard invoices - July 2008 Enforce Closeout APM A8.954 policy deadlines Created Online PI Orientation available via ORS Web site: 12

13 13 Billings and Payments From January – June 2008 2,888 Invoices issued total to $ 81.8 M Total payments received $ 202 M – Payments from invoices $ 90 M – Payments from LOC $ 112 M From July – November 2008 2438 Invoices issued total to $ 68.8 M Total payments received $ 150.6 M – Payments from invoices $ 69 M – Payments from LOC $ 81.6 M

14 14 Contract Review ORS has an average of 85 award documents under review at a given time The award review and approval process can take a few days to several months depending on the complexity of the contracts Within the past 3 months, the average turn- around time for new agreements has been around a month

15 15 Common Causes for Delays in Contract Execution Inconsistencies among documents Requirement of Board of Regents Approval Sponsors' slow response and/or unwillingness to compromise Sponsor requires additional documentation Unusual contract clauses that require additional review by UH General Counsel Requirement of Office of Risk Management review for insurance purposes

16 16 ORS Resources Questions… ORS newsletter Resource available on ORS Web site: Contact the ORS Helpline: 956-5198 or

17 17 Mahalo!

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