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Grants Pre Award Workshop Barnard College “From A to F (Abstract to Funding)” Fall 2010.

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1 Grants Pre Award Workshop Barnard College “From A to F (Abstract to Funding)” Fall 2010

2 Institutional Support Institutional Priorities ◦ Facilities ◦ Scholarships ◦ Curriculum Development ◦ Faculty Development Faculty Sponsored Research ◦ For individual research

3 “Where do I start?” Meet with your Department Chair to discuss proposal. Set up an appointment Send us an abstract if you have one Send us the FOA or RFP if you have one If your research involves human subjects, contact the IRB to begin your application

4 From A (abstract) to F (funding) Abstract Award/ Decline Submission Funding Source Identification Proposal/ Budget Preparation Submission to Institutional Support Provost Review/ Approval Return to PI Department Chair Email Routing Form

5 A. Developing your ABSTRACT Components of an Abstract: Research and Contribution to your field Methods and Work Plan Competencies and Skills Final Product and Dissemination Abstracts are usually no more than 1 page

6 B. Developing your BUDGET “we can do this for you from scratch” Personnel Services ◦ Salaries and Wages ◦ Fringe Other than Personnel Services ◦ Supplies ◦ Equipment ◦ Consultants ◦ Subcontracts

7 Best Practices in Developing a Budget Think of funds only for expenses related to the project Make sure costs are reasonable (prudent person test) Make sure you can use funds within the term of the grant period

8 C. Connecting with a Funding Source IRIS – Illinois Research Information Services


10 Funding Source Identification

11 Search by keyword, Funding Opportunity Number (FON) or Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number. Search by a variety of categories of funding activities. Search from a list of agencies offering grant opportunities. Search by more specific criteria such as: Funding Instrument Type, Eligibility or Sub-agency. Examples of how you can search in

12 Funding Source Identification Grant programs offered by NEH View alphabetical listalphabetical View activity area listactivity area Application guidelines and deadlines View alphabetical listalphabetical View activity area listactivity area

13 Foundation Center Link

14 D. DEVELOPING your Proposal Components should be worked on in this order ◦ Abstract/Summary ◦ Budget ◦ Budget Justification ◦ Narrative  Needs Statement  Goals and Objectives  Methods  Evaluation  Future Funding ◦ Cover letter ◦ Appendix/attachments

15 Provost Approval Required for all external funded projects whether or not a funding agency requires institutional submission. Including Fellowships such as Fulbright, ACLS, and Guggenheim

16 Routing Form (proposed) Standard questions Project specific questions Routing signatures and attachments

17 E. ELECTRONIC Submission ◦ Most common portal eRA Commons (NIH) Fastlane (NSF)

18 F. FUNDED! Who receives notice? Who sets up an account? Not Funded?

19 FYI: Principal Investigators are required to oversee the financial transactions and financial status of each grant PI’s must financially closeout the grant and submit required progress and technical reports PI’s must know and abide by the terms and conditions of the award PI’s must ensure all work is conducted in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws PI’s must ensure project is managed in compliance with College policies PI’s must manage the project budget so that funds are spent correctly – taking into account any restrictions imposed by the sponsor

20 Questions

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