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Presented by the Office of Contracts and Grants University of San Francisco November 2011.

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1 Presented by the Office of Contracts and Grants University of San Francisco November 2011

2  Introductions  General Information  USF Process  Special Circumstances/ Approvals  Cost Share  OCG Review  Resources  Reminders Questions At Any Time

3  Printout of the Presentation  OCG Contact Postcard  Submission Flowchart  GENIUS/SMARTS Profile Setup Handout

4  Institutional Approval is Required  Responsible Conduct of Research Course  Committee Approvals Required Before Award  Electronic and Paper Submissions


6 1. PI Submits “Intent to Apply” Form 2. Dean grants consent to develop proposal 3. OCG reaches out to PI to discuss proposal 4. OCG works with PI to prepare proposal 5. “Proposal Approval Form” is Routed 6. OCG conducts final review of Proposal 7. Vice Provost is presented with the proposal 8. Vice Provost reviews/approves the proposal 9. OCG submits the proposal to the sponsor

7 Notifies – Necessary Individuals Prevents – Unnecessary Work Initiates – Discussion of Idea Records – Notification of Intent Great Idea!! Approved to Submit!!

8  Reviews:  all proposals  Submits:  all proposals to government agencies  all research proposals to private foundations  Assists:  Finding Funding  Proposal Preparation  Trains:  Research Administration for Faculty & Staff  Monitors:  Post-Award Management Requirements OCG

9  Submits:  All non-research proposals to private foundations  All proposals addressing University Priorities  Assists:  Faculty with proposal development/writing  With matching faculty to opportunities  Fosters:  Relationship between USF and private foundations  Performs:  All communication with private agencies CFR

10  Restricted Fringe Benefits  Restricted Facilities & Administrative Costs  Cost Share  Release Time  Human or Animal Subject Use  Space - Additional or Renovating Needs  Health & Safety Issues  Exceptional PI Status  Grant Transfers

11  Any cost that is allowable on and allocable to a sponsored project, but is not charged to the project.  USF highly discourages cost sharing  Cost sharing must be approved by Deans and Provost  Cost share is tracked via a FOAP setup for cost shared items  Schools are responsible for meeting the approved commitments

12  Every proposal – Every Time  Signatures  Principal Investigator or Project Director  Dean of every school involved  CFR for private agency submissions  OCG upon review of complete proposal  Vice Provost upon OCG approval  At OCG at least 5 days before deadline

13  Review the solicitation  Any restrictions on money and time  Guidelines for proposal formats  Guidelines for submission mechanisms  Review the proposal  Check budget for accuracy and compliance  Check package for formatting compliance  Approves Final Proposal  Once all items have been checked and all is accurate

14  InfoEd InfoEd  OCG Website and Templates OCG Website and Templates  Corporate and Foundation Relations Corporate and Foundation Relations

15  Institutional Approval Required  Intent to Apply Form  Office of Contracts and Grants  Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations  Approvals 5 days before the deadline  Special Approvals

16 Office of Contracts and Grants Lone Mountain 132 (415) 422-5203 Eddie Meza x6921

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