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2  Proposals due to OAA by March 15 or October 15. Must have Dean’s signature before submission – speak to your Dean’s office about their deadline.  Proposals are forwarded to the Faculty Grants and Leaves Committee for review and rating  FGL Committee meets to discuss and determine final ranking (open meeting)  FGL Committee sends recommendations to the Provost  Provost approves or disapproves awards  Award/denial letters are sent out by Nov 15 or April 15

3  Follow the Outline and Rating Sheet and make sure to address each category and criterion – no more than 5 pages in length.  Proposals should be written so colleagues from a variety of disciplines can understand.  Include a CV for each faculty member.  Budget should detail and explain expenses.  Personal services must include benefit costs.  Travel expense limited to transportation only.  Include supplementary material if helpful.

4  Travel Grants can only be used to pay for transportation expenses (airfare, ground transportation).  Category 1: for the presentation of research - these are not voted by committee  Category 2: for the acquisition or processing of research data, etc. – voted by committee  Complete the application form, attach any supplemental documents needed.  Maximum that can be funded is $750 per faculty member.

5  Full-time regular or term faculty who are on contract during the period of the grant  No administrators, staff or adjunct faculty are eligible at this time

6  Faculty Development Grants – up to $4,500 per faculty member per guidelines in the Faculty Handbook ($42,797 per round in FY13)  Research Travel Grants – up to $750 per faculty member based on number of applications ($6,916 per round in FY13). Amount is divided between all eligible applications and pro-rated by amount requested.

7  Round I – March 15 Grants for July 1 to December 31  Round II – October 15 Grants for January 1 to June 30

8  Day 1 of your grant period  Must be encumbered by June 15/December 15 and spent by June 30/ December 31  No carry-over funding

9  Expenses will be approved for expenditures listed in your proposal budget by OAA  Personal Services require a job form approved by OAA  Travel Authorizations must be signed by OAA prior to travel, and Travel Expense Reports signed after - for transportation expenses ONLY  All Contractual and Commodities must be approved by OAA prior to purchase – can be purchased by Procard, purchase order, reimbursement, etc. with prior approval  Work with your department administrator to process appropriate paperwork

10  Can receive more than one Development Grant in a fiscal year, but cannot exceed the $4,500 limit  Can only receive 1 travel grant from each category per fiscal year  May apply for funding from both research travel and faculty development, but can be funded for the same purpose from only one funding source.

11  FACULTY SERVICES WEBPAGE developmenttravel-grants.cfm developmenttravel-grants.cfm

12 CONTACT:  Marian Bruce– Asst. Vice Provost x61063 or  FGL Committee Chair– Kathy Stephenson x64585 or


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