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Presentation Author, 2006 GRANTS BATO Facts and Snacks December 16, 2010.

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1 Presentation Author, 2006 GRANTS BATO Facts and Snacks December 16, 2010

2 Grant Support SOE – Heather Lee x2639 –Note: this presentation is geared toward SOE faculty and staff, as BATO provides grant support for SOE HBSSW – Heidi Janzen x4766 Eric Gresnick (CABHR) x2486 CHS - Lillian Folk x6697 2

3 Grant Support – Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Steve Atkinson x4062 – provides one on one consultation on developing research ideas and finding funding Jennifer Kuhr x2565 – Pre Award SOE Eva Hoaglund x2715 – Post Award SOE 3

4 Agenda Pre Award –Timeline –Information needed –Budget development –WISPER Post Award –Award notification –Monitoring funds –WISDM –Effort reporting –Closeout Questions 4


6 Pre Award - Timeline Contact Jennifer Kuhr (OSP) and Heather Lee (SOE) early in the application process. –6 weeks prior to the grant deadline is ideal –1 week prior to the deadline is the preferred minimum If this is the first grant for the PI, an in- person meeting is best. 6

7 Pre Award – Information needed Sponsor/Agency Deadline Program number Website or hard copy of guidelines Length of project Budget information (see next slide) 7

8 Pre Award – Budget Info needed Key Personnel –PI, Faculty, Classified Staff –Estimated time on project –Summer vs Academic year time Graduate Assistants –Project Assistant or Research Assistant –Estimated time on project (33% vs 50%, Academic vs Annual) Student hourly employees –Estimated rate and hours per week Equipment, Travel, Participant Costs, Sub awards, Supplies 8

9 Pre Award – Budget Development Budget Development Tool archer-central/proposal- development/budget-tool/ Rates - Faculty, Graduate Assistants, Fringe Benefits, F&A archer-central/proposal-development/rates/ 9

10 Pre Award – Budget Development Demo of Budget Tool The budget template is a GREAT tool! It may not provide the flexibility needed for every grant scenario, but it’s a great place to start when developing your budget. 10

11 Pre Award - WISPER WISPER - Wisconsin Proposal Electronic Routing Provides electronic routing and approval, and documentation of the grant details. Required for all grant submissions. WISPER training and documents: central/proposal-submission/wisper/ Login to WISPER: 11

12 Pre Award - WISPER Documents to be uploaded to the WISPER record: 1. Budget 2. Budget justification Narrative of the budget Needs to match the budget exactly 3. Scope of work WISPER approvals required before OSP submits: 1. PI 2. Dept Chair 3. SOE budget (Heather Lee) 4. Dean’s Office 12


14 Post Award – Award Notification Once the grant award notice is received by the PI, it should be sent to Jennifer Kuhr in OSP. The PI is often the only one notified of the award, especially with the US Dept of Education. ( Also notify OSP if a submission has not been funded so they can close out their files ). A project number will be assigned in WISDM. The project number will be PRJ##XX (PRJ followed by 2 numbers and 2 letters). OSP will load the project budget into WISDM. 14

15 Post Award- Monitoring Funds Each PI is responsible for monitoring grant award funds and expenditures throughout the life of the grant. The grant should be monitored and reconciled, using WISDM, on a monthly basis. For WISDM training, contact Heather Lee in BATO. Things to monitor: –Salary buyouts –Travel expenditures –P-card expenditures –Supply purchases and reimbursements –Account balance 15

16 Post Award – Monitoring Funds If an expense needs to be moved to the grant, or off of the grant, a Non Salary Payment Transfer request should be filled out and sent to the BATO office. m If buyouts (salaries) should be posted on the grant, email Heather Lee in BATO with the information and she will process the necessary paperwork. 16

17 Post Award - WISDM 17 Grant Balance= Budget less: Actuals less: Encumbrances Encumbrances are funds that have been committed, but not yet expensed Ex. Salaries, purchase orders, subcontracts Actuals are expenses that have been posted

18 Post Award - WISDM Expenses not encumbered in WISDM: –Student and LTE salaries –Fringe benefits for all employees –Tuition charges for Grad Assistants –F&A/Indirect charges –Any expenses not on a purchase order Note on Faculty salaries: –Faculty salaries are encumbered for the current fiscal year only. They are not encumbered until BATO is notified that part of the salary will be paid on the grant. Summer salaries aren’t encumbered until summer months. 18

19 Post Award - WISDM When do expenses post? Fringe benefits: posted on the last day of the month, but will not show up in WISDM until the first week of the following month. F&A/Indirect charges: post multiple times throughout the month Tuition for Graduate Assistants: –Resident remissions are charged once per semester, usually after the semester has ended. –25% NRTR is charged on federally funded projects, and posts on the last day of the month, but will not show up in WISDM until the first week of the following month. 19

20 Post Award – Effort Reporting All PI’s are required to report their effort through the ECRT Effort System. Effort reporting provides assurance to sponsors that: –Salaries charged to sponsored projects are reasonable in relation to the work performed –Faculty and staff have met their commitments to sponsored projects You will receive emails throughout the year, prompting you to complete effort reporting. For questions, contact your Effort Coordinator or contact Dave Harris in OSP x5667 management/effort-certification/ 20

21 Closing out a grant 3 months prior to the grant end date, meet with Heather Lee in BATO to review the grant balance. Eva Hoaglund in OSP will email you, inquiring about your expected grant balance at the end of the period. For some grants, the balance needs to be exactly $0 in order for it to be closed out. You will work closely with Heather and Eva to closeout your grant at the end of the grant period. If the grant budget and expenses have been monitored monthly by the PI throughout the life of the grant, the closeout process is relatively smooth. 21


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