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Office of Sponsored Programs Valerie Howard, Director Phone: 750-2413 Fax: 750-2412

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1 Office of Sponsored Programs Valerie Howard, Director Phone: 750-2413 Fax: 750-2412 E-mail:

2 MISSION The mission of the Office of Sponsored Programs is to provide leadership, information, direction and technical assistance services to faculty and staff in obtaining external funds to engage in research, instruction and other scholarly activities.

3 GOALS To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of research and sponsored programs; To increase sponsored programs productivity for the entire university; and To provide comprehensive support services for the development and administration of sponsored programs.

4 What Are Sponsored Programs? S Sponsored programs include research, instruction and training, public service, evaluative testing, and other scholarly and creative activities conducted under the direction of University faculty and staff. Sponsored programs are funded by organizations external to the University in accordance with award instruments, normally in the format of a grant, contract or cooperative agreement. OSP is responsible for administering all sponsored programs at WSSU.

5 One or more of the following provisions or criteria define sponsored programs: Funds to be used only for activities approved in advance by the sponsor Expenditures to be made according to a budget approved in advance by the sponsor Provision for audits by or on behalf of the funding source Obligation to satisfy specific funding source requirements (e.g., terms and conditions setting forth a detailed scope of work to be accomplished rather than a general area of research and program endeavor)

6 Provisions/Criteria continued… Testing or evaluation of proprietary products is involved Specification of a time period during which activities are to be conducted and completed Requirement for technical or financial reports, or for some other outcome or product of the activity Involves the disposition of property (tangible or intangible) resulting from the activity (e.g., data rights, copyrights, inventions)

7 Provisions/Criteria (cont.)  Return of unexpended funds to the sponsor at project completion  Non-financial (in-kind) awards of personal property or services to an institution in direct support of a formal project where other criteria of a sponsored program apply  Requirement for confidentiality

8 Non-sponsored programs include corporate/foundation support and gifts. A gift is an irrevocable transfer of personal property (e.g. cash, securities, books, equipment) or real property by a donor for the charitable purpose designated by the donor and without expectation of a tangible or economic benefit to the donor except tax benefits and life income in the case of planned/deferred gifts. A gift implies no responsibility to provide the donor a product, a service, technical or scientific report(s), or intellectual property rights. The donor may specify the use of the funds or the gift may be unrestricted for use in meeting needs identified by the recipient organization. A gift does not involve any facility and administrative (indirect) costs as part of the award. Provisions/Criteria (cont.)

9 A gift for research generally must meet the following criteria:  Funds are awarded irrevocably  The donor does not impose restrictive contractual obligations  There is no commitment of direct project personnel effort to accomplish the research  The funds are designated for scholarly endeavors

10 Pre-Award Services Provide proposal development workshops Coordinate internal authorizations Review and submit proposals to external sponsors Provide technical assistance (budget preparation, electronic research administration)

11 Pre-Award Services (cont.) Ensure compliance (human subjects, animals, recombinant DNA, biosafety, radiation, chemicals) Coordinate letters of intent, letters of support, concept papers Prepare pre-contract agreements (proprietary/non-disclosure, teaming, memoranda of understanding)

12 Post-Award Services Review and Negotiate Award Terms and Conditions Process Award for Project Initiation (FRS # and Project Briefing) Prepare Sub-contracts and Consultant Agreements Process Requests for Prior Approvals (budget revisions, no-cost extensions, changes in PI, etc.) Provide Technical Service Support to Faculty (Electronic Research Administration, Project Management, Interpretation of Agreement Terms)

13 Post-Award Services continued … Document Project File Provide Regulatory Updates to Faculty Coordinate and Monitor Reporting, Compliance, Project Reviews, Expenditures Coordinate Closeout (Financial, Technical, Property, Sub-agreements, Intellectual Property) Retain Project Records in accordance with Retention Guidelines

14 Proposal Processing Forms  Internal Notice of Intent Form  Internal Processing Form  Pre-Award Forms  Post-Award Forms

15 Contact Information  Valerie Howard, Director of Sponsored Programs and Research 750-2413 or  Paul Tuttle, Associate Director of Sponsored Programs and Research 750-3019 or  Carolyn Neal, Pre-Award Administrator 750-2606 or  Kevin Byers, Post-Award Administrator 750-2607 or  Carol Simrel, Administrative Assistant 750-2410 or  Stephanie Evans, Compliance Officer 750-2982 or

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