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Persuasive Techniques

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3 Persuasive Techniques

4 Bias An unfair preference for or against something based on personal views.

5 Bias

6 Counter- Argument A statement against the argument being made.

7 Stereotype An oversimplified opinion, prejudice, or judgment to categorize a group of people.

8 Stereotype

9 Exaggeration To expand something beyond the truth.

10 Exaggeration

11 Fallacy Something that is believed to be true but isn’t.

12 Logical & Rhetorical Fallacies - used in debate to mislead or distract people from the real issue

13 Fallacy

14 Fallacy

15 Fallacy

16 Ad Hominem -Latin term meaning: "to the man" -an argument made personally against an opponent instead of against their argument

17 Ad Hominem

18 Sentimental Appeal -Fallacy also known as “Ad Populum” (means: to the people) -Argument built on emotions instead of evidence.

19 Sentimental Appeal

20 Appeal to Reason -To call upon a reader’s ability to think in a rational way in order to cause a change in his/her thoughts.

21 Appeal to Reason



24 Argument by: Cause & Effect Examples: Since Caused by In effect Because of This results in Brought about Due to Consequently Made possible Accordingly As might be expected Therefor As a result of Give rise to If…then Leads to Was responsible for

25 Bait and Switch A tactic where the customer is attracted by an advertisement for a low-priced item but then is encouraged to buy the higher priced one.

26 Bait and Switch


28 Propaganda

29 Propaganda


31 Bandwagon -Attracting customers by popularity/peer pressure -Wants you to “jump on the bandwagon” and “join the crowd”

32 Bandwagon


34 Popular Glittering Generalities -Freedom -Liberty -Strength -Choice -Patriotism -Change -Security -Family


36 Plain Folks -Suggesting something is practical and a good value for ordinary people.

37 Plain Folks

38 Repetition Using the product name, keyword, or phrase over and over so that it becomes embedded in the audience’s mind.

39 Repetition

40 False Authority Using a famous person to endorse a product.

41 False Authority


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