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ENVS 201 Spring Quarter 2012 Northwest Indian College Welcome to Northwest Plants.

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2 ENVS 201 Spring Quarter 2012 Northwest Indian College Welcome to Northwest Plants

3 Plant Parts stems roots leaves flowers fruits seeds vegetative organs: reproductive components:

4 Today: Flowers

5 Flower Features & Functions involved in sexual reproduction of flowering plants (angiosperms) produce fruits & seeds (following pollination and fertilization) vary little; primary basis for identification & classification may be self-pollinating or pollinated by various organisms

6 lily magnolia (Magnolia soulangiana) flower, l.s. (magnoliid)

7 Flower Components— Fertile, Male stamen - male reproductive structure filament - slender stalk-like structure anther - region of pollen sacs

8 Flower Components— Fertile, Female pistil - female reproductive structure stigma - region at tip of style that receives pollen style - stalk of the pistil ovary - swollen base of pistil, becomes fruit

9 snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) inflorescence

10 snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) flower, l.s. (eudicot)

11 Flower Components— Sterile (Auxiliary Structures) petal - one of the elements of the whorl inside the sepals (may attract pollinators) sepal - one of the elements in the outermost whorl tepal - petal and sepal, if indistinguishable from one another (e.g., lilies) receptacle - base where petals, etc. attached

12 lily (Lilium) flower

13 lily (Lilium) life cycle (monocot)

14 Other Flower Terms complete - flower with all four floral parts (sepals, petals, stamens & pistils) incomplete - flower lacking one or more parts perfect - flower with male & female parts; pollen & ovules produced imperfect - flower lacking stamens or pistils; pollen or ovules not produced

15 Flower Terms (continued) peduncle - stalk of an inflorescence or of a solitary flower pedicel - stalk of an individual flower in an inflorescence (or of a grass spikelet)

16 Flower Terms (continued) dioecious, dioicous -”two houses,” plant species with separate male & female plants; male & female flowers on separate plants (imperfect, unisexual flowers) monoecious -”one house” (with two rooms), plant species with both male & female flowers on same plant; both types of imperfect, unisexual flowers on same plant

17 Flower Terms (continued) regular (syn. actinomorphic) - flowers which are radially symmetrical (capable of being bisected into identical halves from any longitudinal cut (e.g., lily) irregular (syn. zygoomorphic) - flowers which are bilaterally symmetrical, only capable of being bisected in one plane to produce equal halves (e.g., snapdragon)

18 Ovary Position epigynous, epigyny - describes a flower which has an inferior ovary, with the sepals, petals and stamens attached at or above the top of the ovary perigynous, perigyny - borne around the gynoecium; floral parts (calyx, corolla and stamens) are attached to the edge of a cup-shaped hypanthium hypogynous, hypogeny - flower parts attached below the base of the ovary and free from it; flowers with this arrangement have a superior ovary

19 Flowers & Inflorescences solitary - plant with a single flower per stalk inflorescence - flowers grouped together in clusters of more than one flower

20 Questions & Comments?

21 Flowersarecool.

22 Hy’shqe!

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