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FLOWERS By: Chelsye DeBoor

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1 FLOWERS By: Chelsye DeBoor

2 Important Parts of a Flower
4 main parts Sepal Petal Pistil (or carpel) Stamen

3 Sepals Protect flower while developing from bud
Look like green little leaves Collectively called CALYX IMAGES:

4 Petals Member of COROLLA All the petals make the corolla
Brightly colored part of a flower Used to attract pollinators Images:

5 Female Parts: PISTIL Sits on the receptacle Made of 4 parts: Stigma
Style Ovary Ovule

6 http://www. cactuspedia

7 Female Parts Continued
Stigma Where pollen grains attach to Style Long filament structure Prevents pollen contamination Ovary Protects ovule; becomes fruit when fertilized Ovule Becomes seed when fertilized

8 Male Parts: STAMEN 3 parts Anthers Connective Filament

9 STAMEN continued Anthers Filament Produce pollen
Contains thousands of pollen grains Pollen contains male sex cells Filament Holds the anthers Fine and hair like IMAGE:


11 Other Flower Parts Receptacle Peduncle (pedicel) The part of the
flower that holds everything together Peduncle (pedicel) Stalk of the flower

12 Types of Flowers Imperfect Perfect Complete Incomplete

13 Perfect Flower Has both Pistil (Female) and Stamen (Male) Examples:
Lilies, Roses, dandelions, wheat, apple, tomato IMAGE:

14 Imperfect flower Has ONLY one type of reproductive organs
STAMEN OR PISTILS Requires 2 flowers (1 male, 1 female) to reproduce Examples: Corn Cucurbit family Melons, gourds, cucurbits (cucumbers)

15 Male vs. Female Corn Male: Female:

16 Male vs. Female Cucurbit

17 Complete Flower Has all 4 parts All complete flowers are
Sepals, petals, pistil, stamen All complete flowers are perfect, but not all perfect flowers are complete. Why??? IMAGES: IMAGE:

18 Complete Flower Examples: Roses, zinnia

19 Incomplete Flower Lacks one or more of the 4 parts Examples:
Cucurbitaceae family Melons, gourds, cucurbits (cucumbers) Calla lily Image:

20 Monoecious 2 options: Examples: Plant has perfect flowers (both sexes)
Plant has separate male and female flowers located on the same plant Examples: Easter Lily, pea, dandelion, rose

21 Dioecious Has imperfect flowers on separate plants
One plant is male, one plant is female Need 2 plants to reproduce Examples: Cucurbitaceae family

22 Monocot Embryo growth with single cotyledon
Flower parts in multiples of 3 Major leaf veins run parallel Stem vascular bundles scattered Roots are adventitious Secondary growth absent Pollen with single pore

23 Dicot Embryo growth with 2 cotyledons Pollen with 3 pores
Flower parts with multiples of 4 or 5 Stem vascular bundles in a ring Roots develop from radicle Secondary growth present Major leaf veins are netted

24 http://www. botany. hawaii

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