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INTRODUCTION. WARM UP  Write the mind map about plants reproduction.

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2 WARM UP  Write the mind map about plants reproduction

3 PARTS AND FUNCTIONS Make a chart with the following information (Include Name, function and collective function) CONTAINERS 1. Peduncle: Flower stalk. 2. Receptacle: flower stalk bearing the floral organs. PROTECTORS 3. Sepal: Leaf-like structures at flower base, protects young flower bud. 4. Calyx: All the sepals together 5. Petal: Located in and above the sepals, often large and colorful, sometimes scented, sometimes producing nectar. Often serve to attract pollinators to the plant. 6. Corolla: All the petals together form the corolla..

4 MALE PARTS 7. Stamen: Male part of the flower, consisting of the anther and filament, makes pollen grains. 8. Filament: The stalk of the stamen which bears the anther. 9. Anther: The pollen bearing portion of a stamen. 10. Pollen Grains containing the male gametes.

5 FEMALE PARTS 11. Carpel\Pistil: Female part of the flower. Consisting of the stigma, style and ovary. 12. Stigma: Often sticky top of carpel, serves as a receptive surface for pollen grains. 13. Style: The stalk of a carpel, between the stigma and the ovary, through which the pollen tube grows. 14. Ovary: Enlarged base of the carpel containing the ovule or ovules. The ovary matures to become a fruit. 15. Ovule: Located in the ovaries. Carries female gametes. Ovules become seeds on fertilization.



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