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 Sexual requires an ovule and pollen  Asexual is vegetative.

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2  Sexual requires an ovule and pollen  Asexual is vegetative

3  Pistil: Stigma, Style, Ovary  Pollen lands on Stigma, travels down style to ovary

4  Perfect Flower is the same as a complete flower  has Stamen & Pistil on same flower  only one part = imperfect

5  Monoecious: male & female flowers on same plant  Dioecious: male & female flowers on different plants

6  Calyx: all the sepals  Corolla: all the petals

7  A flower that has all four major flower parts: Pistil, Stamen, Calyx, Corolla

8  has calyx, corolla, pistil, stamen  any missing parts = imcomplete  perfect & incomplete

9  basic flower unit

10  a group of florets

11 Panicle Inflorescence: (oats, some grasses) branched structure at tip of stem

12 Spike Inflorescence: (wheat, barley) spikelets attached directly to stem.

13 Raceme Inflorescence: (mustard, rapeseed) single flowers attached to stalk or stem.

14 Head Inflorescence: (sunflower) enlarged stem = receptacle

15  An Apple or Tomato is considered a fruit. A Fruit is a mature ovary.  Fruits can be fleshy (tomato) or dry (wheat)

16 process of transferring pollen grains from the anther to the stigma  plants can be self-pollinated (male & female flowers on same plant) or cross-pollinated (different plants)

17  when sperm is united with an egg  pollen lands on stigma, germinates, and grows down style to the ovary where sperm fertilizes the egg (pollen tube)  there are actually two fertilizations. Second sperm fertilizes second egg to form the endosperm (food for the seed)

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