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Welcome Parents and Cheerleaders! Please find a seat and make sure you have the handouts. You may find it advantageous to also have a pen to take notes.

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2 Welcome Parents and Cheerleaders! Please find a seat and make sure you have the handouts. You may find it advantageous to also have a pen to take notes.

3 Who is your Coach? Coach Sharia Gomez 6 th grade Applied Math teacher and Inclusion Support 2 nd year coaching cheerleading at CTMS –Last year we competed at camp and received 2 nd in cheer and 2 nd in dance Attended Dallas Baptist University –Bachelors Degree in Psychology –Masters Degree in counseling –Played DBU women’s tennis team. Married for 6 years and have 2 dogs named Chubby and Chunky

4 Eligibility: 7 th Grade Inclusion Squad: Open to any 6 th grade girl who signs up and attends the uniform fitting. The requirements to be at the fitting are: Must attend the parent meeting Must attend the 2 mandatory practices before school. Friday, March 8 th and Friday, March 22 nd STARTING AT 8:00 AM Cannot have been academically ineligible for two or more grading periods Cannot have been absent more than 10% of the school year Must return required forms AND first semester report card by deadline assigned. (February 25 th )

5 Uniforms: Uniform includes: Shell, skirt, spanks, sleeves, shoes, poms, and bow. Uniforms will be worn on all game days. Uniforms will also be worn on all pep rally days. Uniform may not be worn outside of designated school activities. Uniform may not be worn by anyone other than the cheerleader. Shoes are apart of the uniform… They are used for cheerleading only!!!

6 Uniform Fitting Dates: –You will be fitted for your uniform Wednesday, March 27 th immediately after school. Fittings will be on a first come, first serve basis. Your Cheerleader will receive an invitation to the fitting at the end of the March 22 nd practice. Parent attendance is suggested but not required. ***The uniform payment of $275 will be due to the uniform representative on this date in order to be fitted. Payments can be made via cash, check, or money order payable to DEHEN.***

7 Camp: 7th Grade Inclusion Squad: Camp will be at Byron Nelson High School Date: August 14 th 9-4 August 15 th 9-4 August 16 th 9-12 Cost: $70 Please visit for more

8 So, how much does it cost? Uniform: $275 –Includes: Shell, skirt, bloomers, shoes, sleeves, and bow. Camp: –Camp: Byron Nelson: $70 *This does not include any optional items you choose to order such as warm ups or a duffel bag.*

9 Forms: The following forms must be filled out and signed. They must be returned to me by Monday, February 25 th. –Parent/Cheerleader Contract –Cheerleader Contract –Emergency Contact Information Sheet –First semester report card –Physical: Due May 1 st (if you have athletics, I need a copy of the one you give the coaches)

10 The Next Step… 6 th Graders: Return the required paperwork to myself in room C115 by Monday, February 25 th. –Forms in the Handbook completed!! Athlete Emergency Information Parent cheerleader contract Cheerleader contract –Copy of most recent report card Attend both practices (March 8 th and 22 nd ) –Last practice you will receive an invitation to the uniform fitting.

11 Questions? Please feel free to email me at or call me at 817-698-1631 with any questions you have. You can also access this presentation and the NISD Cheerleading Handbook via the CTMS cheerleading home page. Blessings! Sharia Gomez CTMS 7 th Grade Head Coach

12 Now That You’re A Cheerleader… Today we will be going over some of the most important parts of your cheerleader handbook. Please grab a handbook off my desk if you did not bring yours.

13 Grades: Both squads follow the no pass, no play rule governed by UIL. Any student who earns below a 70 is considered ineligible to attend games or perform in any manner. If academically ineligible, the cheerleader will be required to continue attending practices until they are eligible to cheer again. Ineligibility due to grades for any two six weeks will result in removal from the squad.

14 Games: Both squads cheer for most if not all home games for their grade level. Parents are responsible for transportation to/from all games and events. –Football games are held at NISD Stadium. Cheerleaders are required to be there by 5:30pm and picked up at 8pm. –Basketball games are held on campus and cheerleaders will stay on campus after school ends. Pick up is at 7:30pm.

15 Practices: Cheerleaders will practice during the summer. A calendar will be given well ahead of time so vacations, camps, etc. can be planned accordingly. Practices during the school year for football season will be held before school on specific days TBD. During basketball season, practices are after school before games begin. A calendar will be given well in advance. Missing the practice before any performance/game forfeits eligibility to perform unless it is an excused absence AND cheerleader can show adequate knowledge of performance material.

16 Absences: Cheerleaders must be in attendance at school the entire day of a game/performance in order to cheer that night unless arrangements have been made with the coach. Failure to notify the coach of an absence from a practice, game, or performance will result in demerits.

17 Demerits: Demerits are given for any infraction of the guideline rules. Some of the most common infractions are: Tardy to practice/game Unexcused Absence from practice/game Failure to assume responsibility Jewelry/gum/nail polish while in uniform Discipline issues in school

18 Demerit Consequences: Five accumulated demerits = suspension from one event Ten accumulated demerits = suspension from the next two events. Fifteen accumulated demerits = permanent removal from the squad Merits: Merits can be earned during the year to cancel out demerits. The maximum that can be earned is 5.

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