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Wednesday, 11/12/2014 Varsity Cheer Coach Heidi Burgess 480-541-6573 (classroom H13) CMS Varsity Cheer Parent & Coach Meeting.

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1 Wednesday, 11/12/2014 Varsity Cheer Coach Heidi Burgess 480-541-6573 (classroom H13) CMS Varsity Cheer Parent & Coach Meeting

2 Sports Required Paperwork Current Physical Athletic Participation Card Academic and Behavior Rating Sheet Participation Fee- There are NO REFUNDS even if the athlete gets hurt, quits, or becomes ineligible due to grades or behavior. Payments are due by FRIDAY. No Payment, NO UNIFORM!

3 Cheer Website Current Information:  Cheer Coach (Try-out Results)  Cheer Coach’s Letter  REVISED Try-out Evaluation  Cheer Calendar 2014-2015 –LINK TO SMART PHONE  Communication via Text Messages- Remind 101  “Grades & Goodies” Sign-Up List

4 Communication Via Text Message Just text @14780e to (480) 725-2217 Messages Via EMAIL: send an email to No Subject Needed. One-Way Text Messaging and Email System DO NOT REPLY!

5 “Grades & Goodies” Friday Sign-Up Please sign up to bring a treat to share with the squad for Grades & Goodies Friday! The team will practice from 3:30- 4:30. From 4:30-5:00, first, cheerleaders will check their grades in all classes and submit their Weekly Grade Check to Coach Burgess. Then they can bond while sharing treats and goodies!

6 Weekly Academic and Behavior Eligibility Weekly Eligibility- during FRIDAY’S practices, cheerleaders will review STUDENTVUE for eligibility the upcoming week. If you drop below a C or have unsatisfactory behavior Cheerleader or Coach Burgess will notify parents of being ineligible for the following next OR until your grade or behavior improves. Once you are eligible, you must bring Coach Burgess a print out from StudentVue of your passing grades. Cheerleaders who are serve time in the Focus Room or other severe consequence will also be ineligible for the following week. REMEMBER: You are a role model of appropriate school behaviors especially when you’re wearing your CMS uniform and when you’re NOT!

7 Varsity Cheer Practice Schedule WEBSITE! Practices from 3:30-5:00 pm Parent Pick-up at the Gym Parking lot.

8 Cheer Attendance Demerits The cheerleader must produce a note from a parent, doctor, or school activity sponsor the following school day for the absence to be counted as excused. Injury or illness that will require a cheerleader to miss 2 or more consecutive events requires a doctor’s excuse. Lack of participation in 2 or more consecutive events without a doctor’s excuse will be considered an unexcused absence. Unexcused absence from practice or a game-5 Late to a games-4 Late to practice-4 More than 10 minutes late for pick up from games or practice-4 Leaving early from a game without permission or not staying to clean up-4

9 Cheer Appearance Demerits Improper uniform for game (briefs, bow, shoes, poms, etc.)-2 Not dressed appropriately for practice-2 Uniform not clean-2

10 Cheer Behavior Demerits Using cell phone at games or practice without permission-3 Chewing gum or eating food during practice or a game-3 Inappropriate PDA during games or while in uniform-3 Using inappropriate language during games ( includes taunting and name calling)-5 Showing disrespect to coach or squad member-5 1 st Focus Room assigned-5 2 nd Focus Room assigned-10 3 rd Focus Room assigned- dismissed from squad Any suspension dismissed from squad

11 Cheer Consequences for Demerits Accumulation of 10 demerits will result in the cheerleader being suspended for one game. The cheerleader must still dress in uniform but sit with Coach Burgess during the game suspension. Accumulation of 15 demerits will result in the cheerleader being suspended for two games. During the suspension the cheerleader must dress in uniform but will sit with Coach Burgess during the games. Accumulation of 20 demerits will result in a meeting with parents, administration, and coach to determine appropriate consequences.

12 Missing Practice or a Game If you know you are going to miss a practice or a game, please email Coach Burgess at

13 Cheering for GAMES Review calendar for HOME games JV Boys Basketball games 5:00 pm Varsity Boys Basketball games 6:00 pm

14 Game Expectations CMS Game Day Checklist! Be ready prior to the game- clothing, shoes, hair, etc, Check IN & OUT with your Coach for attendance No eating or drinking in the stands, once the game has started. Absolutely, NO Gum! You are ALWAYS being watched by peers & parents!

15 ABOUT how much does it cost to be a cheerleader? If you already own it, you don’t need to buy it again. CMS Issued Uniform: Cheer Skirt (black and red), Cheer Top (black and red with CMS lettering), and Two pom-poms Maximum= $232.00 (Everything at high price), Minimum= $165.00 (Just Participation fee, Warm-Up Jacket, Stunt/Dance Clinics)  District Athletic Participation Fee ( payments online or at the District Office- NOT CMS )= $90.00 per season  Cheer Hair bow= $13.00  Black spanks or bloomers= $8-12.00 (available at Sports Authority and other sporting stores)  Black long sleeve shirt= $5-12.00 (available at Target and other clothing stores)  White Socks= $5-10.00 (a package of white socks recommended)  White Shoes (a majority white with smooth bottoms)=$13-20.00 (available at Target and other shoe stores)  Cheer Warm-Up Jacket/Sweatshirt= $40–45.00 (Coaches will place order online, same design as 2013- 2014)  To Be Determined! Two Stunting Clinics at AZ All-Stars= $30 ($15 per clinic per cheerleader)


17 New This Year! CMS Cheer Jacket- This is a Winter Sport! Ups/Warm-Up-Jackets/Zoe-Microfiber-Warm- Up-Jacket.axd Zoe Microfiber Warm-Up Jacket Item #: W914J Elsewhere: $39.95 Now: $17.57 that's a 56% savings! Matches Cheerleading Warm-Up Pants W914P Ultra soft and light weight microfiber by Zoe Cheer Full front zipper, side pockets with zipper closure Open waist and cuff Jersey lined body and nylon lined sleeves Women’s Cut Customize with embroidery (additional pricing) Add $2 to price for all size 2XL CLOSEOUT ITEM: Limited To Stock On Hand

18 AZ All-Stars Tumbling and Cheer Jennifer Lannon Owner & Director AZ All-Stars 480-560-9688


20 Questions & Answers (Hopefully! ) Coach Heidi Burgess (480) 541-6573 Classroom H13

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