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2 Coaching Staff Caroline Gonzales – Head Girls
David Gresham – Head Boys Michael Carbery Brad Faldyn Jessica Fanucchi Brian Moore

3 How Can You Get or Give Information?
Phone Fax Coach’s web page KISD web page

4 Email/Phone Coach Gonzales Coach Gresham
Phone: Coach Gresham Phone:

5 Emergency Information
Please keep all information current for your child’s file. Your child’s emergency information travels with us to and from the meets. If there is an emergency we will need to notify you immediately.

6 Track T-Shirt & Sweatshirts
Long Sleeve T-Shirts- $11.00 Please make check to Krimmel or have exact cash. Orders forms must be turned in Thursday February 12.

7 Ear Warmers/ Headbands
$11 each + $6 to add name Money & order form due Thursday February 12th. KRIMMEL TRACK & FIELD

8 EQUIPMENT The school will issue: Sweat top and bottom
Competition top and bottom Spikes (depending on event) Travel bag All equipment needs to be returned as it was issued. Check periodically your child’s equipment to make sure they are taking proper care of it.

9 Optional Equipment Running shoes Running spikes Stopwatch
No basketball, football or skateboard shoes Running spikes Stopwatch BLACK spandex tights and shirt

10 Calendar Please refer to the calendar for meet times, sites and practices.

11 Morning Practice Morning practice will begin at 7:15AM. The gym doors will open no earlier than 7:00AM The following events will practice in the morning: Hurdles, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault, Distance Runners. Any students not in athletics Shot Put/ Discus & Relays are after school.

12 Practice Please, please, please check the calendar for all practice times!!! Please pay close attention to practice times and days…we have designated days for certain events. If you miss practice you can possibly miss the meet Each event coach decides who will attend meets in specific events

13 Meets There will be 5 regular meets and a 3 days of the District meet
There is one meet on Saturday February 28. No bus will be available for Saturday meet so please make arrangements. Your child will know the Tuesday or Wednesday if they are going to the meet. Only 3 athletes are allowed to compete in each event. All other meets will be held on Thursdays after school. Meets will start at 5pm and we will generally return to Krimmel between 8:45-10pm.

14 Meets, cont. All athletes must ride the bus to the meet but may be signed out by a parent or legal guardian. PLEASE check with the calendar for meet sites and times.

15 Transportation to and from meets
All athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from the meets unless a parent has signed the dismissal sheet before leaving the meet. Under no circumstances will athletes be allowed to leave without parental supervision. Please be on time to pick up your child! We cannot leave until everyone is gone!

16 Team Pictures Team pictures have been scheduled for Friday February 27th. Boys at 7:15 AM Girls at 7:45 AM Please wear track uniforms for pictures. If you pay by cash, please have the exact amount due…we don’t have the ability to give change. All forms and money are due at the time the pictures are taken.

17 NO PASS, NO PLAY Any F’s on a report card will result in an athlete becoming ineligible. They will remain ineligible for 3 weeks but may regain eligibility by PASSING ALL classes at progress report.

18 Prevention and Injuries
Good running shoes Adequate rest Good nutrition and hydration ICE Injuries Please report injuries to your coach immediately! A Doctor’s release is needed to be released and readmitted to playing status.

19 Hydration Drink plenty of water before, during, after practice. We will give water breaks Stay away from carbonated drinks or drinks high in caffeine Energy drinks and sodas Rehydration Sports drinks

20 Nutrition Please eat a good breakfast in the mornings before practice!
Oatmeal, toast, waffles, fruit Eat foods that are high in good carbohydrates and protein. Whole grain pasta and bread, fish and chicken Stay away from greasy and/or fried food before you compete.

21 In closing Please schedule all appointments (orthodontist, dentist, DR) around practice and meet times Monitor your child’s grades Keep schedule handy Check web site for meet day information Please call or ANYTIME with concerns you may have regarding your child during the season. T-Shirt $ & Rules are due THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12!!

If you have any questions or comments, please stop by and see us before you leave.

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