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2013- 2014 Cheerleader & Mascot Tryouts. Meet the Coaches & Assistant Principal Gina Sykes, Head Cheer Coach – 7 th NCA, AACCA Certified Cheer Coach/Safety.

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1 2013- 2014 Cheerleader & Mascot Tryouts

2 Meet the Coaches & Assistant Principal Gina Sykes, Head Cheer Coach – 7 th NCA, AACCA Certified Cheer Coach/Safety Instructor Laurie Fraser, Assistant Coach – 8 th Ms. Judy Pence, Assistant Principal

3 Am I eligible to tryout? Each candidate shall have no grade below a 70 for first semester averages in any class and no grade below a 70 at the 3 rd nine weeks report card. Each candidate must not have more than one “U” or two “N’s” in conduct. This is based on the 1 st through the 3 rd nine weeks report cards. You are ineligible if you have been removed from school, had more than one Saturday class, or had an AC assignment.

4 What are the Procedures for Tryouts? Packet due Friday, February 22nd at 12:00 PM to Mrs. Burnett, secretary to Ms. Pence in the RMS A.P. Office. No packets will be accepted after 12:00 noon – NO EXCEPTIONS! Mandatory practices (March 4-6) Mock Tryouts (not required, March 7) Tryouts ---March 8th during school

5 What do I wear for Practices? STUDENTS MUST BE IN DRESS CODE! Cheer Shorts or Athletic Shorts (no rolling, any color) Hair in a Ponytail T-Shirt with Sleeves (any color) No excessive jewelry

6 What do I wear for tryouts? STUDENTS MUST BE IN DRESS CODE! Black Cheer/Athletic Shorts (no writing, no rolling) Hair in a Ponytail White T-Shirt (with sleeves, no writing) White Socks and Sports Bra NO Jewelry of any kind

7 Judges, Scores, & Results Who judges tryouts? National Cheerleader Association (4 judges) How is the scoring done? Teacher recommendations 40% Judging scores 60% What do teacher recommendations involve? responsibility, punctuality, character, peer and teacher interaction, leadership

8 Judges, Scores, & Results What are the judges scores based on? dance, spirit, technique, voice projection, jumps, tumbling, and appearance How many students make it? 12-18 per squad (dependent upon score range – 18 max) How important is tumbling? It is worth less than 10% of the judges’ scores. How do I find out if I made it? Names will be posted on the cheer website by 7:00pm. How many girls tryout? It varies. For the last two, we had a 90+ girls.

9 Tryout Order Series of 3 different style jumps (choose your 3 best) Spirit to the center of basketball court Perform cheer taught during Mandatory Practices Afterwards, in groups of 3-4, perform the cheer dance to music

10 Mascots Those interested in mascot need to develop a skit to perform for the judges. You may use the mascot costumes. You may tryout in pairs. You are encouraged to use music and props. Please make sure that your music does not contain inappropriate lyrics (2-3 minute max).

11 Summer August Camp Practices Fun days KHS Community Kickoff Event Fall (2-3 nights per week) Football Volleyball Girls Basketball Boys Basketball Practices Pep Rallies Spring (2 nights per week through February) Basketball Practice Pep Rallies Tryouts Commitment

12 Attendance is mandatory at ALL football, volleyball, and basketball games. Cheerleaders need to view cheerleading as a team sport! Illness or (pre-approved) participation in another RMS activity are the ONLY absences that are considered excused. All other absences will be subject to demerits. Leaving early or arriving late will also earn cheerleaders demerits. Two demerits are given for each missed game due to an unexcused absence. One demerit is given for each late arrival or early departure. Cheerleaders go to the review board at six demerits. Attendance

13 Demerit Policy Demerits are issued in the following settings. Examples are listed beside each. Games (absences, tardiness, dress) Cheer Class (excessive talking, dress, lack of participation, stunting violations) School Day (behavior in class, tardies, dress, not fulfilling academic responsibilities) Only demerits earned in the following categories may be removed with merits: -Absence Related -Dress Related

14 Merit Policy In the event that a cheerleader earns demerits, she/he may “work them off” by earning merits. All merit opportunities must be prearranged with the coach. All merit opportunities will benefit RMS and/or the cheerleading squad. No merit earned for cheerleading may be used in conjunction for service hours, etc. for other organizations (inside or outside of school). The sponsors will periodically announce merit opportunities including such things as clean-up after games, closet clean-out, banners, work for teachers, Camp Longhorn volunteering, etc.

15 Much like RMS athletes, cheerleaders are held to a higher standard. We strictly follow the RMS Cheerleader Code of Conduct. Discipline and academic success are stressed! As a cheerleader, you are obliged to represent your school in an honorable fashion! WHAT TO REMEMBER:

16 Cheer Class Required for ALL cheerleaders Fall semester only Students will practice cheers, dances, make signs, improve form and technique, help develop pep rallies, improve squad stunts Study Hall will take place on game days Worth 1 semester of P.E. 7 th graders must take two semesters of P.E. 8 th graders must take one semester of P.E.

17 100% focus is required at all times. (That means no talking and playing around.) Absolutely NO stunting at any time without Coach actively present! Accidents will happen but will happen less if everyone is paying attention to their surroundings. Hair must be up and no jewelry can be worn. *Demerits will be given for not following these guidelines. Stunting Safety

18 Uniform shell & skirt cheer shoes hair bows spankies socks Camp Practice clothes/warm-up Game day shirts Cheer Bag Approximate Total = $600

19 Uniform Info 7 th Grade Uniform: New design in 2012; may purchase new or re-sale. 8th Grade Uniform: Same uniform as 2012-13; we will be collecting these for re-sale.

20 Dates to Remember New Cheerleader Meeting / Uniform Re-Sale: Mar. 20 @ 5:00 (Camp Fees of $170 are due at this meeting. You may also opt to pay for game day and practice gear this evening. Please have several blank checks with you this evening.) Uniform Fitting / Game Day Gear Due Date: Apr.10 @ 5:00 (Credit Card is the only form of payment accepted by the uniform rep. Please bring this information with you. A parent is required to attend. Orders will not be placed without a parent present. If you have not already ordered game day gear, payment by check is due for this merchandise. Credit Card Processing Date for Uniform Order: April 24th *Note: these dates are tentative; will be confirmed by Feb 25th

21 Dates to Remember Cheer Camp : *AUGUST 8-10 (all day) * this date has been confirmed Summer Practices: August 21 *Days may August 23 change 1 st Day of School Pep Rally: Aug. 26th @ 3:00

22 Judging Sheet for Cheer Appearance (neatness, grooming) 5 Spirit and Enthusiasm (ability to motivate crowd, eye contact, smile, sincerity, rapport with audience, facials) 10 Cheer Motions-Timing-Rhythm (sharpness, strong, good placement, routines balanced, flowing, smooth, natural) 10 Voice and Projection (loud, clear, natural) 10 Jumps (height, form, variety, flexibility) 10 Tumbling (skills, technique, form) 5 Dance Routine (dance ability, technique, timing, clean) 10 Tumble 1.- Round Off / Walkover 2.- Aerial (front/back) 3. - Round Off Backhand Spring/ Standing backhand spring 4. - Connecting Backhand Springs - standing or running 5. - Back Tuck and Above – standing or running

23 Judging Sheet for Mascot Appearance5 Spirit and Enthusiasm10 Music10 Technique10 Creativity20 Props5

24 Application Packets / Evaluations ___ Checklist ___ General Information ___ Emergency Information ___ Insurance Acknowledgement ___ Cheerleader / Mascot Acknowledgment ___ 1 st Semester Schedule Form – NEW!!! ___ A.P. / Counselor Clearance ___ Teacher Evaluations (7 each 1 st semester teachers)

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