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Phillips preparatory Cheerleading tryouts

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1 Phillips preparatory Cheerleading tryouts
Mrs. Leisa Eiland Sponsor

2 Sign in from 6:00 – 6:10 Read the Cheerleading Guidelines

3 What is the role of a Phillips’ Cheerleader?
Commitment lasts a full year You are expected to keep up with the responsibilities of being a cheerleader as outlined in the cheerleader constitution. Your role as a cheerleader includes being a well rounded student that respects the faculty and staff of PPS 100% of the time.

4 Requirements Grades Attitude Conduct Financial Agreement
Transportation to and from practices, appearances and games.

5 Grades A “C” 70 or above average in all classes (a current copy of the 2nd quarter report card must be included with packet of information).

6 Attitude and conduct Conduct becoming of a cheerleader is an important component of representing our school. If a cheerleader is “written up” by a teacher and is sent to office to discuss the misbehavior with the principal or assistant principals, there will be demerits attached to the consequences. Consequences are discussed in detail in the cheerleader constitution.

7 Financial Requirements
$ This is paid in full by June 1st, 2014. This includes, camp (summer), All outfits, shoes, socks, bags, pon poms and bows.

8 Transportation and weekly obligations
Parents of cheerleaders do not have to attend each game in full. Some parents choose for their cheerleader to be picked up after a game, I remind cheerleaders that we don’t know an exact time that the games are over. Football season: most cheerleaders stay for the entire game. Basketball season and volleyball season: we cheer until 5:00 pm and the girls are allowed to leave. Don’t ask me for a schedule, those schedules are not available a year in advance Mrs. Eiland will not know exact days, times and locations until the Fall of Most football games are on Thursday. Volleyball games are twice a week, and basketball games are twice a week. We don’t go to away Volleyball games, ever.

9 Clinic Clinic is a mandatory time that carries a $ fee. The fee includes a music CD, training for all components of the tryout. The clinic fee pays the panel of outside judges and the accountant. The accountant tallies the judges’ sheets and gives Mrs. Hartzog a final squad. Mrs. Eiland does not judge or handle the judges’ sheets in any way. The tryouts are video taped through the security cameras located in the GYM. NO ONE is allowed in practice during clinic or on campus during the tryouts on Friday. You will get a full set of detailed directions on Thursday, Feb. 27th.

10 tryouts The girls will bring their snacks and clothes to school that morning. Please adhere to the rules. Do not bring a “happy meal” for your daughter and fuss over her hair in the bathroom before tryouts. It is necessary that I have all students dressed and ready to tryout as soon as the judges arrive. Parents can not get out of your car and walk around the campus while the tryouts are going on. We will have the Extended Day Care being held and you will see parents going to and from the building but they are not “cheer” parents. The list of the new squad will be put online via by 7:00 pm on Friday, Feb. 28th. Mascot Tryouts are only for former squad members. Open only to eligible 8th grade girls. The Mascot Tryout will be Thursday, during regular clinic times.

11 varsity Varsity is our cheerleading uniform supplier.
The representative will require a “Parental Fitting Agreement” to be signed prior to your cheerleader being fitted. This is a mandatory fitting and will be scheduled during the week immediately after school. That date is not scheduled yet and I will know that date before Feb. 28th. I will pass that along to girls on Thursday of next week.

12 Deadlines and dates May 1st 250.00 due June 1st 250.00 due
The Mobile County Public School Superintendent allows the parents of cheerleaders to pay installments towards your entire amount owed. For example: April 1st due May 1st due June 1st due Mrs. Eiland places this order to Varsity and it has to be paid in full or late fees will be charged to PPS. Last year the total amount was $ for each cheerleader.

13 paperwork Forms: the next slides will show you everything you need and how it should look, when you turn it in to me on Friday, Feb. 21.

14 Parental permission to be a cheerleader
Form #1 This form stays on top of the packet and the bottom portion is for Mrs. Eiland to complete. This form has a line for parents to print the child’s name. The date will be Feb. 21st. Signature by the parent

15 Cheer Constitution and form #2
This is kept with you and if your student makes the squad, this will be kept in a 3 ring binder and brought to all practices during summer and during school year. This is not returned or signed etc. Form #2 Phillips Preparatory Cheerleading Constitution Agreement will be signed AFTER you read the constitution. This is very important, a lot of your questions will be answered when you read the constitution.

16 Parent or Guardian permission & medical release form #3 and physical form#4
This has to be notarized before Friday. This is an important form ! Form #4 Physical form, must be signed by a physician or medical doctor. Do not allow the nurse to sign it, this will not be accepted. Your daughter will have to set out of the first clinic and will not be able to participate if all forms are not turned in on time.

17 Mobile county athletic permission form and concussion form
Concussion form has to be signed. Form #5 This form will have your medical insurance information listed on it. Mrs. Eiland needs a copy of the back and front of your medical insurance card attached to this form.

18 Birth certificate and fee
Mrs. Eiland needs a copy of the legal Birth certificate. Your check or money order will be attached to the very back of all forms. You will be given a receipt for your records.

19 Tryouts Group Chant Individual Cheer Jump Sequence
Tumbling during spirit time A group will be determined on Wednesday, a mock tryout will be held on Thursday. *photo of homecoming, Cheerleaders host the homecoming festivities

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