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Setting Up a Remote Observatory

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1 Setting Up a Remote Observatory
Bernard Miller

2 Agenda Roll-off roof versus dome Required Equipment Optional Equipment
Software Demo

3 Roll-off Roof vs Dome Reasons for choosing roll-off roof
More room 15x15 footprint allows for two piers Less complicated Syncing scope and roof is one more thing that can go wrong Possible higher maintenance Dome moves constantly throughout imaging session RoR opens and closes once per session Have a friend with RoR that served as an “adviser” Either one will work fine Go with what you are comfortable with

4 Required Equipment Pier WEB Switch Video Camera(s)
To turn equipment on/off Video Camera(s) To see what is going on in the observatory

5 Required Equipment Pier Concrete Pier using Sonotube Cheapest solution
Need to consider mounting plate for mount

6 Required Equipment Pier Omega1 pier from Backyard Observatories
More expensive ($800.00) Pre-installed electrical outlets Reusable in the future

7 Required Equipment Web Power Switch Power control via the web
Controls up to 8 devices Connects to internet via IP:port address i.e :1234

8 Required Equipment Web Power Switch

9 Required Equipment Video Express 4 Video Server (~$600.00)
Controls 4 independent video cameras Streams all four channels to WEB address WEB access using IP address:port ( :23)

10 Required Equipment Video Video Camera ($132.00 each)
Very low LUX rating (0.0003) Need video cable and power supply

11 Required Equipment Video Web Page

12 Required Equipment Video Internet Camera ($235.00)
TRENDnet SecurView Day/Night Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Surveillance Camera TV-IP422 (White) Would recommend getting wired version Avoid infrared cameras

13 Optional Equipment Backup Power Supply Dome Controller Power Monitor
At-Park Monitor Weather Monitor Flip-Flat

14 Backup Power Supply Backup Power Supply ($130.00 - $500.00)

15 Foster Systems Foster Systems Dome Controller ($260)
At-Park Monitor ($35) Power Monitor ($30) Weather Monitor ($630)

16 Foster Systems Foster Systems – Master Controller

17 Foster Systems Foster Systems – Dashboard

18 Foster Systems Foster Systems – RoR Controller

19 Foster Systems Foster Systems – A-Park Monitor

20 Foster Systems Magnetic Switches Tane Alarm Products
Model SM35WG These have a 2-inch gap tolerance (WG stands for wide gap) Easier to work with on RA/DEC since it is not always possible to space them close together In Phoenix I got mine at Tri-Ed 3725 E Roeser Rd., Suite Phoenix, AZ Tel Fax Use 20 or 22-guage 2-wire security cable Available at Home Depot

21 Foster Systems Foster Systems – Power Monitor

22 Foster Systems Foster Systems – Weather Monitor

23 Foster Systems Flip-Flat – Used to take flat field images ($450.00)

24 Software ACP MaximDL FocusMax Pempro Main observatory control software
Controls Camera and guide scope FocusMax Performs camera auto focus Pempro PEC and polar alignment

25 Software ACP ($895.00 plus $295.00/year)
Main observatory control software Controls roof, telescope, mount, camera, focuser, FTP for file transfers Integrates with MaximDL, FocusMax, Foster Systems controllers, and all equipment drivers Fully ASCOM compatible

26 Software ACP

27 Software ACP Telescope Setup

28 Software ACP Roof Setup

29 Software ACP Camera Setup

30 Software ACP Auto Guiding Setup

31 Software ACP Auto Focus Setup

32 Software MaximDL ($600.00) Camera and Guider control software
Integrates with ACP and telescope Controls guider and image acquisition

33 Software MaximDL

34 Software FocusMax Controls most autofocusers
I use Microtouch Autofocuser Integrates with ACP to perform autofocus before and during image acquisition Freeware

35 Software FocusMax

36 Software Pempro ($150.00) PEC Polar Align Wizard
Measure and train PEC on most mounts Polar Align Wizard Assists with drift method for polar alignment

37 Total Cost Lease: $5000.00 Observatory: $8500.00 Pier: $800.00
Web switch: $109.00 Video Server: $600.00 Video Cameras: $400.00 Foster Systems Controller: $350.00 ACP: $895.00 MaximDL: $600.00 Pempro $150.00 Total: $17,404.00

38 Some Pictures

39 Pictures Foundation

40 Pictures Slab

41 Pictures Midpoint

42 M33 Pictures Observatory

43 Equipment M33 Pictures

44 Pictures PGC 59984 M92

45 Pictures NGC 869 & 884

46 Pictures NGC 869 & 884

47 Pictures Lunar Eclipse

48 Pictures M42 Trapezium

49 Pictures IC 405

50 M33 Pictures NGC 604

51 M78 McNeil's Nebula

52 M101 PGC 49919 NGC 5477

53 M81 Holmberg IX

54 Demo ; ; ; This plan was generated by ACP Planner ; For: Bernard ; Location: Rancho Hidalgo ; Coords: Lat = 31° 56' 49" Lon = 108° 53' 54" ; Targets: 1 ; NOTE: Timing features are disabled ; Autofocus at start of run. ; #autofocus ; === Target M81 === #dither 0.8 ; Automatic dithering #repeat 1 #count 1 #filter Luminance #interval 60 #binning 1 M81 09:55: ° 04' 02.0" #dither 0 ; Disable dithering #shutdown ; Shut down the observatory ; ; END OF PLAN

55 Links My Web site:
Rancho Hidalgo: Granite Gap: Backyard Observatories: Web Power Switch: Video Server:

56 Links APC (UPS): (Video Server): APC (UPS): Foster Systems: ACP Observatory Control: MaximDL: FocusMax: Pempro:

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