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AARP Tax-Aide Sonoma/Napa District Bill Dornbush, TC Guide to Printer Sharing.

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1 AARP Tax-Aide Sonoma/Napa District Bill Dornbush, TC Guide to Printer Sharing

2 This session Copy of presentation is on the web site: Interactive – please Share your problems and solutions You may know 90% of this, but you may learn the 10% that makes this season easier Revised based on comments during the discussion

3 All methods PLUS Once configured, good for season as long as configuration doesnt change MINUS Printer driver must be loaded on laptop for each printer type Right version for OS, bits (32/64) Those with personal laptops may have difficulty switching between default printers – and networks

4 Types of sharing Printer switch or network Laptop server or printer server Wired or wireless There is as much that is the SAME between these methods as there is DIFFERENT

5 Parallel Port Switch Parallel Switch

6 Parallel Port Switch Obsolete: many laptops and printers dont have parallel ports PLUS No software or hardware changes needed No network is required MINUS You must have parallel ports You may need to operate switch to change laptops Cables are required – setup, safety issue Limited to 4 laptops per printer

7 USB Port Switch USB Switch

8 USB Port Switch Obsolescent: There are better ways PLUS Simple: No software or hardware changes are needed MINUS You must operate switch to change laptops You must use the same USB port each time to avoid duplicate printers in Windows Cables required – setup, safety issue Use BLUE or GREEN MASKING tape to secure cables to floor Limited to 4 laptops per printer

9 Wired Network Network Switch ??

10 Switch vs. Router Switch: Connects network devices together. Routes packet from one device to another based on the data packet destination. Cannot connect its LAN to another network Router: Switch and more: Has a gateway to the Internet or another LAN May provide DHCP server, firewall May provide wireless access point

11 Wired Network Laptop hosts printer, or Printer Server hosts printer Great choice for Client/Server TaxWise PLUS No network configuration needed Secure and stable Network manages print queue (all network configurations) MINUS Requires (router or switch) and cables Potential safety hazard

12 Wireless Network ??

13 Wireless Network Laptop hosts printer, or Printer Server hosts printer PLUS No cables Easier setup of site each session MINUS Requires router (dedicated or Quetec type) Must configure each network device Network may not be stable or may experience interference Try using other WiFi channels than the default 6 (set on router) Security issues Best practice: Use best encryption available WPA2 -> WPA -> WEP

14 WEP/WPA Security WEP security has been cracked: For 50% of cases, in one minute For 95% of cases, in two minutes WPA security has been cracked, but it takes a lot longer WPA2 security has not yet been cracked To improve security: Turn off SSID broadcasting Use MAC security as well

15 Laptop Server (wired/wireless)

16 Two-laptop network Network Crossover Cable USB Cable

17 Laptop server Applies for both wired and wireless Laptop serving printer may be different from laptop serving TaxWise or network PLUS No additional hardware needed MINUS Laptop must be present at each session Setup may be tricky due to laptop: printer sharing security issues: Windows, firewall Load right OS/bit version of driver from server laptop to client laptop

18 Printer Server Server

19 Printer server Printer server can be wired or wireless Network can be wireless and printer server can be wired Some routers include printer server via USB port Both USB and parallel port models are available Printer server can be built-in to printer Network can be wired or wireless PLUS Not dependent on laptop, so setup is easier: no security issues because of laptop MINUS Extra device (printer server) needed Configuration is a little different, uses Standard TCP/IP Port Built-in may not be usable with future versions of Windows

20 Daily startup for wireless printing Insert and/or enable wireless adaptor Connect to the wireless network Check default printer for Windows is set to the site printer Check default printer for TaxAide is set to the site printer Print a test page If you only use your laptop for TaxAide, your settings should not change from session to session. Otherwise, CHECK EVERY TIME.

21 What if it doesnt print? Is everything plugged in? Did you change any software on your laptop? A new version of your firewall or security software, for example. Try disabling your firewall and try again Try printing from another application to Windows If you can print from another application, check the TaxWise setup

22 Network Router Check the site router (box or laptop) Make sure that Status and WLAN lights are blinking (if this site has a router based network). If this site uses one laptop as the router, check its status (Quetec > Manager > Tools > Status)

23 Network Security Check that your wireless security is set properly (how to do this varies by type of laptop and network adaptor, usually right-click on Wireless Network Icon in System Tray and select Status > Properties.) SSID: carol (NOT Tax…) Network authentication: Open Data encryption: WEP/WPA/WPA2 Network key: taxaidetaxaid (or similar 13 characters)

24 What else? Laptop hosting shared printer – Make sure it is on the network. When you position the mouse pointer over the Wireless Network Connection icon in the system tray (lower right of the computer screen), you will see a message like Wireless Network Connection (carol), status connected. If the laptop hosting the shared printer has Firewall software, confirm that the firewall allows access to the shared printer. To see the firewall settings, use: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Security Center

25 Shared printer Shared printer – in the Printers window, it must have the shared hand symbol at the bottom of the printer icon

26 If all else fails… Turn off all devices Power up in sequence: Router Laptop/Server hosting printer Printer Your laptop

27 Recommendations Set up and configure printer sharing arrangement BEFORE the first day of counseling Install printer drivers before distributing laptops If wireless network, install wireless adaptors before distributing laptops Prepare your sites for wireless problems – they will probably experience at least one during the season Train them on how to troubleshoot Use one person at each site as contact so that they will acquire experience troubleshooting with you

28 Discussion

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