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Follow the instruction to install the PC Suite from the SD card: 1.Go to the settings -> SD Card & phone storage -> Enable the mass storage only mode 2.Connect.

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1 Follow the instruction to install the PC Suite from the SD card: 1.Go to the settings -> SD Card & phone storage -> Enable the mass storage only mode 2.Connect the phone to the PC via USB cable. 3.Click on Enable USB Storage 4.USB removable disk for SD will get created in My Computer 5.Open the same & copy the LG PC SUITE IV folder to your PC & Install it. 6.In case of connectivity issues, update the PC suite online as shown in the next slide Note : Before installation of PC Suite make sure that old PC suite & modem drivers have been removed from the system using Add/Remove programs option in control panel.

2 Open the removable disk,the files on the SD will shown. Click on the LG PC SUITE IV.

3 Step1: Install PC sync software from the setup file.

4 Step 2: Select language as English (US)& click on LG PC Suite Icon

5 Step 3: Press Next to continue installation & follow the instructions to complete it.

6 Click next to proceed. Note : Deselect the R-click & On screen phone option,as they are not supported for this model.

7 Step 4: After PC Suite installation, USB modem driver installation will start. Step 5: Press Finish to complete the installation

8 Install the Microsoft office outlook & make sure that it is working properly & it should be set as your default mail client.If it is installed & working properly then ignore this error & click ok. Step 6 :

9 After installation, LG PC Suite icon will appear on desktop.Click on the start button to proceed further. Step 7 :

10 Select the USB cable connection for further connectivity. Press next to connect the phone. Step 9:Step 8 :

11 Connected phone detected as GT540 & press next to get started. Step 10: Note : If phone is not getting connected, then disconnect phone, switch off & switch on & connect again

12 In case of any issue in connectivity, update the PC suite online as per the below process. After PC Suite installation, connect phone It will prompt for PC suite update Select Yes Note : Your PC needs to have an internet connection for online update of PC suite

13 Step 11: Select the Items to sync with outlook & press next to proceed.

14 Select the option as given below.Step 12:

15 Step 13 : Select the option infront of the contacts for transfer phonebook from phone to PC, Click phone transfer phonebook from PC to phone, click PC click sync now.

16 Step 14 : The syncronization will start. Step 15 : Click finish to complete the syncronization.

17 Step 16 : Click on the contacts,the phone contacts will appear on the screen,select all the contacts & export it by click the file option for transferring the contacts from phone to PC.

18 Step 17: Select the CSV to save the contacts to the PC. Step 18 : Browse to save the file.

19 Step 19 : Give any name to the file as like GT540 contacts.

20 Step 20 : Export completed will indicate that contacs are now saved to the PC.

21 Step 21 : Now click on the file & select import for transferring contacts from PC to phone.

22 Step 22: Select the CSV option.

23 Step 23: Browse the contact file(CSV) to import.

24 Step 24 : Open the file as like GT 540 contacts.

25 Step 25 : Press Ok to proceed further. Do the mapping as shown below to import all contact fields properly.

26 Step 26 : After the import completed,click on the sync contacts highlighted in the blue to transfer back the contacts in the phone.

27 Step 27 : To use the phone as modem, open the internet kit from the PC Suite main window.

28 Step 28: Click on add to create an internet connection.

29 Step 29: Select the LGE Android USB modem from the option & press next.

30 Step 30: Create the internet profile by selecting the manual option. Enter the settings as per operator & click save. Call type 3G-PS Profile Give any name APN As per operator Call No. *99***1# User Name Blank Password Blank Operator APNs : Vodafone www Idea internet Airtel BSNL3G bsnlnet MTNL3G mtnl3g

31 Step 31: Dialer is created as shown below Click connect & then ok for connectivity.

32 Step 32 : Modem is now connected…….. & we are ready for browsing

33 Tips & instructions for using PC Sync & Modem (Applicable to all LG Models) First of all make sure that internet service is activated on sim card. e.g for Vodafone Vodafone Mobile connect & for Airtel Mobile Office has to be activated Before installing PC Sync software for a particular model, make sure that the modem drivers & PC sync software of the previous model are uninstalled from the system. To uninstall a PC sync, remove it only from the Add Remove Programs option in control panel & dont forget to remove the USB modem driver. In case the modem connection is successful but web page does not open or while connecting gives error Remote protocol Link was terminated, follow the following process. Go to device manager Modem Right Click on the modem Go to Properties New Window Opens as shown below…… Go to Advanced Tab & input the Extra Initialization command (As per operator) Now restart internet cube & connect, It will run successfully Extra initialization commands at+cgdcont=1,IP,www Vodafone at+cgdcont=1,IP, Airtel at+cgdcont=1,IP,internet Idea at+cgdcont=1,IP, BSNL North

Download ppt "Follow the instruction to install the PC Suite from the SD card: 1.Go to the settings -> SD Card & phone storage -> Enable the mass storage only mode 2.Connect."

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