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CAN HELP i PC Series Launch Overview Ralph Damato VP Product Management.

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1 CAN HELP i PC Series Launch Overview Ralph Damato VP Product Management

2 i PC Series Summary The i PC-Series Embedded High Performance Industrial PCs are the next generation of the very successful e PC- Series. These newest additions to the Nematron lineup provide the high performance of Intel i-Series processors and 64 bit operating systems. With four sizes to choose from (12”, 15”, 17”, & 19”) these ultra-thin industrial PCs can be used in many different applications, even Class I Division 2 Hazardous Locations. The i PC-Series continues Nematron’s mission of supplying superior quality, state-of-the-art Industrial PCs that are built and supported in the USA.

3 Slide # Product Specifications 44 Product Features & Benefits 88 iPC vs. ePC Performance Comparisons1212 Target Markets & Applications 1313 Pricing & Ordering Information 1414 Release Schedule 1616 ePC and iPC Product Direction1717 Industrial PC Market Trends1818 Competitive Comparisons & Advantages1919 Product Training and Demos 2323 Closing Sales Notes2424 Table of Contents

4 New i PC Series Specifications Four Display Sizes to choose from –12.1” SVGA (800 x 600) –15.0” XGA (1024 x 768) –17.0” SXGA (1280 x 1024) –19.0” SXGA (1280 x 1024) New! LED Backlit Displays Display-less version available (nPC300) Optional 5-wire Analog Resistive Touchscreen Ultra-Thin panel mounting depth (less than 3.2”) High Performance/Low Power Processor Options –Intel Dual Core Celeron P4500 (1.86 GHz, 2 M cache, 2 Threads) –Intel i5 Dual Core 520M (2.4 GHz, 3 M cache, 4 Threads) –Intel i7 Dual Core 620M (2.66 GHz, 4 M cache, 4 Threads) Up to 4 GB DRAM Base configuration includes easily removable Intel 40GB SSD –80 GB,160 GB, and 300 GB Intel Solid State Drive options Non-Rotating –250 GB rotating Hard Drive optional 100-240 AC or 24 VDC Input Power Supply Options Windows 7 Pro (32-bit), Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), or Windows XP Pro (32-bit)

5 New i PC Series Specifications Extensive I/O Connectivity –Dual Realtek Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet ports –6 USB 2.0 ports –Two RS-232 ports –One RS-485/422 serial port (jumper selectable) –Additional video ports (supports dual video only) Analog VGA HDMI (HDMI to DVI cables sold separately) Powder Coated Aluminum Bezel –Optional 304 Stainless Steel NEMA 4/4x/12, IP65 UL 508 and cUL Approved (pending) ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2011 Approved for Hazardous Locations (pending) −Replaces UL 1604 (UL 1604 to be withdrawn on July 31, 2012) FCC and European CE compliant (pending) RoHS compliant

6 Environmental Specifications –Operating Temperature... 0 C to 50 C Humidity...... 20% to 80% RH Shock........ 15g peak, 11msec Vibration...... 0.006” peak to peak, 1g max 5-2000 Hz Altitude....... Sea level to 10,000 ft. NEMA 4/4X/12, IP65 AC Input –100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.0 A max. Optional DC Input –18-36 VDC, 4.5 A max @ 24 VDC Typical Maximum Power Ratings –With all I/O ports functional –To be utilized when sizing an enclosure nPC300 – 60 Watts iPC1200 – 70 Watts iPC1500 – 80 Watts iPC1700 – 85 Watts iPC1900 – 90 Watts New i PC Series Specifications

7 i PC Series Weights and Dimensions Same front panels as current M-Series and ePC units - Cutout compatible nPC300 same physical dimensions as the nPC100 - Same mounting dimensions

8 Extensive I/O Connectivity –Do not need to add expansion cards for extra functionality Easily Removable Intel SATA Solid State Drives –No cables to contend with –Reliable and Fast Data Transfers –Redesigned internal iPC components for even higher reliability LED Backlit Displays –Eliminates need for High Voltage Backlight Inverter Better EMI/RFI performance Cooler and more reliable backlighting system i PC Features and Benefits

9 Optional Stainless Steel Front panel –Ideal for Food, Beverage, & Pharmaceuticals Applications UL 508 & cUL listed (pending) –Allows easy integration into UL Panel Builders Program –Can be installed in Canada (cUL) RoHS & European CE Approvals (pending) –Can be installed in Europe ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 (formerly UL 1604) Hazardous Locations Approved (pending) –Ideal for Oil & Gas, Chemical, & Pharmaceutical Applications i PC Features and Benefits

10 Easy Cutout and Installation –Simple Rectangular Cutout No holes need to be drilled –Easy Mounting Clip Installation Shallow Mounting Depth –Less than 3.2” in the enclosure Integrated Power Supply –Do not need a cumbersome external brick –AC or optional DC Input –Medical Grade Reliability i PC Features and Benefits

11 USB and HDMI Retention Brackets –Avoid accidental disconnects –Required for Hazardous Locations USB and Ethernet Strain Relief Clamp –Avoid accidental disconnects Made with Pride in the USA –Local support and service –Quick turn around on repairs –Understandable English speaking support i PC Features and Benefits

12 i PC vs. e PC Performance Comparisons Values are for relative comparison only Data obtained from Entry level iPC w/ Celeron P4500 has better performance than an ePC w/ T2500 and nearly equivalent performance as an ePC+ w/ T7500!

13 Many different markets and applications can utilize the iPC-Series Industrial Computers Automotive Assembly and Fabrication Pulp & Paper Process Oil & Gas SCADA Food & Pharmaceuticals Warehousing Key Application Advantages Oil & Gas –Class I & II Division 2 Approved –24 VDC Option Food & Pharmaceuticals –Stainless Steel Option –NEMA 4/4X/12 Target Markets and Applications

14 Pricing is contained in the July 2012 Active Products Price List –Click here to get price List Ordering Information is contained in the datasheets for each model –Click here to go to the iPC-Series Product Page Then click on the tab for Ordering Information Also contained in the datasheet link on this page i PC-Series Pricing and Ordering Info

15 Base Units - include Touchscreen (n/a on nPC300), Intel Celeron P4500, 2GB DRAM, 40 GB Solid State Drive, Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) Base Models DescriptionList Price nPC300Node$1,895.00 iPC1200T12” w/ T/S$2,695.00 iPC1500T 15” w/ T/S$2,695.00 iPC1700T 17” w/ T/S$3,095.00 iPC1900T 19” w/ T/S $3,495.00 Options -i5Upgrade to i5-520M CPU +$300.00 -i7Upgrade to i7-620M CPU +$600.00 -DC 24 Volt DC Supply +$200.00 -SS Stainless Steel Front Panel +$500.00 -W7UWindows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) +$100.00 -80SSUpgrade to 80 GB Solid State Drive +$200.00 -160SSUpgrade to 160 GB Solid State Drive +$400.00 -300SSUpgrade to 300 GB Solid State Drive +$800.00 Notes: - See Active Products Price List for complete list of options and pricing - Standard Nematron Distributor Discount for Computers applies to all prices - All prices are in US funds i PC-Series Pricing Summary

16 Press Release Distribution to Pubs.... June 8, 2012 Release Package Distribution......... June 15, 2012 –Includes datasheets, price list, press release, picture, & launch presentation Production Units Available........... August 1, 2012 –Includes all options and accessories European CE & RoHS Compliance..... August 1, 2012 UL 508 Approvals................... July 1, 2012 –Includes cUL (estimated) ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2011 Approvals..... August 1, 2012 –Class I & Class II Division 2 approvals (estimated) –ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 replaces UL 1604 as of July 31, 2012 Release Schedule

17 e PC and i PC Product Direction i PC-Series to replace e PC-Series with CM440 and T2500 CPUs i PC w/ i5 CPU roughly the same cost as current T2500 w/ superior performance -Passmark Scores: 925 vs. 2387 -iPC w/ CP45 actually costs less with better performance (Passmark score 1243) At the end of 2012 the ePC-Series will have been shipping for over 5 years -Verifies Nematron’s 5-year product life cycle commitment On July 1, 2012 base ePC-Series will raise $200.00 list price -Last Time Buy will be issued later this year on ePC-Series with CM440 & T2500 Actual date will be based on run rate and iPC conversion success rate -ePC-Series with N270 option (fanless) will remain unchanged in price and availability Recommended to transition current ePC w/ CM440 customers to ePC w/ N270 or iPC w/ CP45 Begin transition of current customers as soon as possible Enclosed ePC w/ CM440 or T2500 will not be transitioned to iPC units -Main reason is lack of sales and potential for dust intrusion with a CPU fansink -Enclosed ePC-Fanless with N270 will remain available Nematron is researching updated ePC-Fanless and ePC-Lite solutions -ETA goal is for early 2013

18 Industrial PC Market Trends Notes on Intel i-Series Processors, 64-bit Operating Systems, & Expansion Relatively new offerings into Industrial Automation Markets Processors and Operating Systems lag commercial markets by 1-2 years Only a few suppliers have Intel i-Series offerings -Even fewer suppliers have full UL approvals (especially C1D2) -Nematron Response – new iPC-Series and nPC300 Windows 7 64 bit support is very difficult to find in an Industrial PC -Nematron Response - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit available on new iPC Series and nPC300 Now also available on current ePC-Plus, nPC200, SB800, and RM1400 units Most Industrial HMI/SCADA software does not yet support 64-bit operating systems -Known exceptions: InduSoft WebStudio V7.0 and Iconics Genesis 64 -More will follow in the next 1-2 years PCI quickly being displaced by PCIe expansion cards -Many I/O and network communication cards have not converted to PCIe yet -PCIe used heavily by Data Acquisition, Vision, and Video cards in commercial markets -Nematron Response -planned for future ePC-Plus replacement w/ Intel i-Series CPUs

19 i PC Competitive Comparisons Nematron vs. Pro-face Pro-face recently launched PS4700 (15”) and PS4800 (19”) units Not truly i-Series offering, utilize Core 2 Duo P8400 CPU -P8400 Passmark Rating: 1519 Compare to Nematron –i5 @ 2387 130 Watts Max Typical Power -Compare to Nematron’s 70 – 90 Max Typical Power depending on size Utilizes traditional CCFL displays instead of LED backlights Nearly 5.5” panel mounting depth -Compare to Nematron’s 3.2” max panel mounting depth Does have Class I Division 2 approvals Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 Pricing starts at $4,825.00 for the PS4700 w/ 32 GB SSD, 2GB DRAM and Win 7 (32 bit) -Compare to the iPC1500T-i5-2GB-40SS-W7 @ $2,995.00

20 Nematron vs. Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation) 6181P Series - 1200P (12”), 1500P (15”), and 1700P (17”) Not i-Series offering, utilize Core Duo U2500 -U2500 Passmark Rating: 595 Compare to Nematron –CP45 entry level @ 1243 95 Watts Max Typical Power (U2500) -Compare to Nematron’s 70 – 90 Max Typical Power depending on size Utilizes traditional CCFL backlights instead of LED backlights UL/cUL listed Have Class I Division 2 approved 12” version only Does not support Windows 7 or 64-bit Operating Systems -XP and Embedded Windows only Pricing starts at $4,245.00 for the 1200P w/ Hard Drive, 2GB DRAM and Win XP -Compare to the iPC1200T-CP45-2GB-40SS-W7 @ $2,695.00 i PC Competitive Comparisons

21 Nematron vs. Advantech New IPPC-9151G (15”) and IPPC-9171G (17”) 2 nd Generation i-Series CPUs, utilize several processors including Celeron B810, i3, i5, i7 -i3 -2330E Passmark Rating: 2720 Compare to Nematron –i5 @ 2387and –i7 @ 2819 -i3 and other CPU options are Commercial offerings Compare to Nematron “Intel Embedded Roadmap” offerings for long term stability Max Typical Power not stated but utilize a 180 Watt inexpensive ATX power supply -compare to Nematron’s 70 – 90 Max Typical Power (depending on size) utilizing a 150 Watt medical grade power supply Does utilize LED backlights Not UL/cUL listed -Datasheet shows icon for Desktop Information Technology compliance (UL ITE) -Not UL 508 -Could not find UL certification listing for these products on UL’s site! Do not have Class I Division 2 approvals Supports Windows 7 64-bit Operating Systems Pricing starts at $2,923.00 for the IPPC-9151G w/ i3,32 GB SSD,4GB DRAM and Win 7(32 bit) -Compare to the iPC1500T-i5-4GB-40SS-W7 @ $3,095.00 -Only $172 delta w/o applying any distributor discounts!

22 Lower Power Usage -Less heat input into machine/application 100-240 AC & optional 24 Volt DC power supply -Medical grade power supplies -High reliability and temperature tolerance Optional Stainless Steel Front Panel -Available on all sizes! Approved for Class I Division 2 locations -New ANSI/ISA 12.12.01 compliant (UL 1604 replacement) UL/cUL 508, RoHS and European CE certifications Long Product Lifecycle -5-year availability minimum -Follow Intel “Embedded Roadmap” for processors and chips Made in the USA -Local control of design, manufacturing, and support -English speaking support -Quick repair and service Easily Removable Solid State Drives are standard 2-Year Warranty standard Nematron i PC Competitive Advantages

23 Specific product training is not currently scheduled –Contact your Nematron Regional Sales Manager or if you are interested in setting up a training session or webinar, we will be glad to assist The best way to sell these new iPCs is to Demo them! –In order to aid your sales efforts Nematron is offering each distributor organization a half-price iPC of your choice –Not to be sold for 1 year, for demo purposes only –Take advantage of this great offer –Contact your Nematron Regional Sales Manager or for more details Product Training & Demos

24 Closing Sales Notes Great price! -Competitive with overseas pricing Currently 12”, 15”, 17”, and 19” -No other competitors currently offer all sizes High Performance / Low Power Intel i-Series CPUs -64-bit Windows 7 Compatible LED Backlit Displays Extensive I/O -Dual Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet ports -6 USB 2.0 ports -1 RS-485/422 serial port (jumper selectable) -2 RS-232 serial ports -Additional HDMI and Analog Video ports (supports dual video) Full Agency Approvals (pending) UL 508 & cUL European CE and RoHS Hazardous Locations Approved (new ANSI/ISA 12.12.01) Easily Removable Intel Solid State Drive Stainless Steel Front Panels & 24 VDC options 5-Year Product Availability 2-Year Warranty Made in the USA!


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