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CAN HELP M1500SRT Sunlight Readable 15.0” Monitor Launch Overview Ralph Damato VP Product Management.

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1 CAN HELP M1500SRT Sunlight Readable 15.0” Monitor Launch Overview Ralph Damato VP Product Management

2 M1500SRT Summary The M-Series Industrial Monitors have been shipping for over 6 years with impeccable reliability. Recently the LCD backlighting used in these monitors has transitioned from CCFL to LED backlighting, providing even more reliability and better performance. The rapidly growing expansion of LED backlighting has provided a new and more reliable method to obtain the greater than 1000 NITS needed to be considered “sunlight readable” for outdoor use. Nematron has utilized this new LED backlighting coupled with an ultra-clear touchscreen to produce a brighter than 1500 NIT panel mount industrial monitor that is certified for outdoor use, even in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations. To further enhance the performance of this new monitor a front mounted keypad allows manual or automatic brightness control. This new monitor, the M1500SRT, exactly matches the mechanical packaging of the current M1500T unit. The M1500SRT continues Nematron’s mission of supplying superior quality, state-of-the-art Industrial PCs and Monitors that are built and supported in the USA.

3 Table of Contents Slide # Product Specifications 44 Weight & Dimensions77 Product Features & Benefits 88 Target Markets & Applications 1414 Pricing & Ordering Information 1515 Release Schedule 1717 Competitive Comparisons & Advantages 1818 Product Training and Demos 2222 Closing Sales Notes2323

4 New M1500SRT Specifications 15.0” XGA LED Backlit Display - 1500 NITS (minimum) - Auto or Manual Adjustment Analog Resistive Touchscreen with Ultra- clear Polyester Top Sheet ­ RS-232 or USB connection ­ Optional Clear polycarbonate Window 100-240 AC or 24 VDC Power Supply Powder Coated Aluminum Bezel - Optional SS Bezel - Optional No Logo Front Panel NEMA 4/4x/12, IP66 FCC & European CE UL 508 and cUL Approvals Class I Division 2 Hazardous Locations - When mounted in a NEMA type enclosure - Temp Code T5 Will submit for ATEX Zone 2 Approvals 2-Year Warranty

5 Environmental Specifications –Operating: Temperature... 0° C to 55° C Humidity...... 20% to 80% RH Shock........ 15g peak, 11msec Vibration...... 0.006” peak to peak, 1g max 5-2000 Hz Altitude....... Sea level to 10,000 ft. NEMA 4/4X/12, IP66 AC Input –100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.8 A max. Optional Isolated 24 VDC Input –18-36 VDC, 2.75 A max Typical Maximum Power Rating – 50 Watts (to be utilized for sizing enclosures) New M1500SRT Specifications 55°C

6 Connection Options –Analog VGA or Digital DVI video connections –USB or RS-232 Serial Touchscreen connections New M1500SRT Specifications

7 M1500SRT Weights and Dimensions Same front panel dimensions as current M1500, ePC15T, ePC1550T, and iPC1500 units - Cutout compatible M1500SRT same physical dimensions as the M1500T - Same mounting dimensions

8 High Bright LED Backlit Display –Delivers 1500 NIT minimum through touchscreen (not just display rating) –Eliminates need for CCFL High Voltage Backlight Inverter Better EMI/RFI performance Cooler and more reliable backlighting system Brightness Control –Dimmer keypad built into front panel –Automatic Mode (indicator light on) using integrated light sensor Great for varying light conditions (i.e. night vs. daylight) –Manual mode (indicator light off) for adjusting to personal preferences as needed –Will adjust backlighting from full brightness (1500+ NITs) to totally off M1500SRT Features and Benefits

9 Ultra-Clear 5-Wire Analog Resistive Touchscreen –Allows the use of gloved hands and/or stylus, unlike capacitive solutions that require the electrons in your finger –Proven reliability of 5-wire touchscreens over capacitive, 4-wire, and/or 8-wire designs in industrial applications –Analog Resistive offers better, more stable, high temperature performance –Nematron’s Ultra-Clear solution appears to be capacitive and feels like it is actually glass covered! –Unaffected by water pooling causing false touches Capacitive solutions can experience false touches when water droplets (especially w/ salt spray added) pool on the surface M1500SRT Features and Benefits Capacitive Touch

10 M1500SRT Features and Benefits 55°C Operating Temperature –Meets 46 CR 111.01-15(d) for offshore systems Requires 55°C rating on all electrical control equipment installed on offshore equipment (i.e. oil rigs) Established by US Government after Gulf disaster Cooler and more reliable LED backlighting system allows compliance to a higher temperature rating –Verified and listed by UL as part of the M1500SRT UL508 and ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012 (Haz Loc) Approvals Will not be easily found available from other suppliers! ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012 (CID2) approvals while maintaining a T5 Temp code at 55°C 55°C

11 Optional Stainless Steel Front panel –Ideal for Petrochemical, Water Treatment, Food, & Pharmaceuticals Applications UL 508 & cUL listed –Allows easy integration into UL Panel Builders Program –Can be installed in Canada (cUL) European CE Approvals –Can be installed in Europe –CE Now includes RoHS compliance ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012 (formerly UL 1604) Hazardous Locations Approved –Ideal for Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical Applications –Also meets 46 CFR 111.01-15(d) temp requirements M1500SRT Features and Benefits

12 Easy Cutout and Installation –Simple Rectangular Cutout No holes need to be drilled –Easy Mounting Clip Installation Shallow Mounting Depth –Less than 2.4” in the enclosure Integrated Power Supply –Do not need a cumbersome external brick –AC or optional DC Input –Medical Grade Reliability M1500SRT Features and Benefits

13 USB Touchscreen Cable Retention Bracket –Avoid accidental disconnects –Required for Hazardous Locations Made with Pride in the USA –Local support and service –Quick turn around on repairs –Understandable English speaking support M1500SRT Features and Benefits

14 Many different markets and applications can utilize the M1500SRT Industrial Monitors that require use in high ambient light conditions Petrochemical Agriculture Water Treatment Process & SCADA Pulp & Paper Food & Pharmaceuticals Warehousing Key Application Advantages Petrochemical & Agriculture –Class I & II Division 2 Approved –24 VDC Option –55°C temp rating Water Treatment, Food, and Petrochemical –Stainless Steel Option –NEMA 4/4X/12, IP66 Target Markets and Applications

15 Pricing is contained in the August 2013 Active Products Price List –Click here to get price List Ordering Information is contained in the datasheets for the M1500SRT –Click here to go to the M1500SRT Product Page Then click on the tab for Ordering Information Also contained in the datasheet link on this page M1500SRT Pricing and Ordering Info

16 M1500SRT Unit - includes Ultra-Clear Analog Resistive Touchscreen, Panel Mounting Hardware, Power connection terminal, 10 foot Analog Video, USB, and Serial Touchscreen connection cables (DVI cable sold separately) Base Models DescriptionList Price M1500SRT15” w/ T/S $1,995 M1500SR15” w/o T/S$1,795 Options -DC24 VDC Input instead of AC +$200 -NLNo logo powder coated front panel +$0 -SS Stainless Steel Front Panel +$500 Notes: - See Active Products Price List for complete list of options and pricing - Standard Nematron Distributor Discount for Computers applies to all prices - All prices are in US funds M1500SRT Pricing Summary

17 Press Release Distribution to Pubs.... August 28, 2013 Release Package Distribution......... September 4, 2013 –Includes datasheets, price list, press release, picture, & launch presentation Production Units Available........... September 15, 2013 –Includes all options except –SS option (4-6 weeks ARO for -SS) European CE & RoHS Compliance..... Currently Available UL 508 Approvals................... Currently Available –Includes cUL ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2011 Approvals..... Currently Available –Class I & Class II Division 2 approvals –ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012 replaced UL 1604 as of July 31, 2012 –Includes 55ºC rating while maintaining Temp Code T5 Release Schedule

18 Feature New NematronAdvantechVartechStealth M1500SRTFPM-3151SR-R3AEVT150PSHB2SVM-1500-RT-USB Display Size15" Backlight TypeLED LCD Brightness1500 NIT (minimum) Thru T/S1000 NIT (display)1500 NIT (display)1000 NIT (display) Contrast Ratio600:1 700:1 ResolutionXGA (1024 x 768) Viewing Angle (H/V)160° / 160°125° / 140°160° / 140°160° / 160° Backlight Life50,000 Hrs (1/2 life) 70,000 Hrs (total)Not Stated Panel Mounting Depth2.4"2.36"2.51"2.2" ConstructionMetal Front Panel Rating NEMA 4/4X/12, IP66 (tested & verified by UL) IP65 (stated w/o test verification) NEMA 4X, IP66 (stated w/o test verification) NEMA 4X, IP65 (stated w/o test verification) Front Panel Options Powder Coated Aluminum or Staniless Steel Powder Coated Aluminum Only Powder Coated Aluminum or Stainless Steel Powder Coated Aluminum Only Power Supply TypeInternal 120-240 VAC or 24 VDCExternal AC or DC, 12 VDC INInternal 110/220 VAC or 12 VDC Internal 24 VDC, external AC brick optional Typcial Power Usage50 Watts 12 Watts (+57 Watts external Power Supply) 35 Watts 45 Watts (not including external AC supply) Industrial UL 508 ComplianceYESNo, only Desktop UL ComplianceNO UL Class I Division 2 Approvals (ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012) YESNoNO Meets 46 CFR 111.01-15(d) [55 ° C operation] YES (w/ UL certification) States 60 ° C with no UL verfication NO States 60 ° C with no UL verfication CE / RoHSYESYesRoHS onlyYes Standard Warranty2 Year 1 Year Base List Price$1,995$1,654 Direct?? DIST Discount / Cost25% / $1,496.25??? Configured Price Includes 1500 NIT (minimum thru T/S) LED backlit display, ultra-clear analog resistive T/S, AC supply 1000 NIT display, Analog Resistive T/S, 12 VDC input w/ External Supply 1500 NIT display, Resistive Touchscreen, AC Input 1000 NIT display, Analog Resistive T/S, 24VDC input M1500SRT Competitive Comparisons Advantage Nematron 1500 NIT minimum through Touchscreen! Tested and Verified for by UL to ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012 for operation at 55°C and NEMA4/4X/12, IP66 Outdoor use! Strong Disadvantage

19 Truly Industrial UL/cUL ratings –Nematron UL 508 compliance allows easy integration into the UL Panel Builders Program –NEMA Type compliance is actually tested by UL as part of this certification, not just stated or implied –UL Description of Nematron approvals for Industrial Control Equipment (Programmable Controllers) is as follows: Other Suppliers do NOT have Industrial UL ratings (if any)! –Advantech’s (and other overseas suppliers) UL approvals are for Informational Technology Equipment (ITE), UL description as follows: Note: ITE approvals have NO requirement for NEMA Type testing! Which one would you promote to your industrial customers? M1500SRT Competitive Notes

20 Allen-Bradley, Xycom/Pro-face, and GE no longer offer sunlight readable monitors, especially with Hazardous Locations approvals Azonix and other very high-end suppliers offer versions that are many times more expensive than the M1500SRT No other US-based supplier has addressed 46 CFR 111.10-15(d) with full UL Hazardous Locations Approvals to the new ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012 replacement for UL 1604 The use of an Ultra-Clear Analog Resistive Touchscreen addresses many water pooling issues associated with Capacitive touchscreen solutions when utilized outdoors

21 Lower Power Usage -Less heat input into machine/application 100-240 AC & optional 24 Volt DC power supply -Medical grade reliability -High reliability and temperature tolerance Optional Stainless Steel Front Panel Approved for Class I Division 2 locations -New ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012 compliant (UL 1604 replacement) -Includes 46 CFR 111.01-15(d), 55°C operating temp rating UL/cUL 508, European CE certifications Long Product Lifecycle -5-year availability minimum Made in the USA -Local control of design, manufacturing, and support -English speaking support -Quick repair and service 2-Year Warranty standard M1500SRT Competitive Advantages

22 Specific product training is not currently scheduled –Contact your Nematron Regional Sales Manager or if you are interested in setting up a training session or webinar, we will be glad to assist The best way to sell these new M1500SRT’s is to Demo them! –In order to aid your sales efforts Nematron is offering each distributor organization a half-price M1500SRT Monitor –Not to be sold for 1 year, for demo purposes only –Take advantage of this great offer –Contact your Nematron Regional Sales Manager or for more details Product Training & Demos

23 Closing Sales Notes Great price! -Competitive pricing LED Backlit Display with 1500 NIT minimum Auto and Manual Brightness Adjustments on Front Panel Full Agency Approvals UL 508 & cUL European CE (includes RoHS) Hazardous Locations Approved (new ANSI/ISA 12.12.01-2012) Meets 46 CFR 111.01-15(d), 55°C Operating Temperature Stainless Steel Front Panels & 24 VDC options 5-Year Product Availability 2-Year Warranty Made in the USA!


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