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CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION New Product Launch Overview e PC15T “Lite” Low Cost Industrial PC Ralph Damato VP – Product Management November 2010.

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1 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION New Product Launch Overview e PC15T “Lite” Low Cost Industrial PC Ralph Damato VP – Product Management November 2010

2 2 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION e PC15T Lite Summary The newest product in the Nematron lineup, the e PC15T ‘Lite” Industrial PC, is a lower cost version of the ePC- Series. It is intended for applications where low cost is important and some of the traditional ePC-Series features are not required. This “Lite” version is offered at a significantly lower cost while still providing the reliability and 2-year warranty of the ePC-Series. The ePC15T comes standard with an Intel N270 fan less CPU board and an Intel solid state drive, eliminating many of the reliability issues associated with industrial PCs. In addition its’ compact profile and high performance make this unit ideal for many space limited applications.

3 3 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Table of Contents Slide # Product Specifications 4 ePC15T Lite Dimensions 7 Product Features & Benefits 8 Target Markets & Applications 12 Pricing & Ordering Information 13 Release Schedule 15 Competitive Information16 Press Coverage18 Product Training and Demos 19 Closing Sales Notes20

4 4 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Specifications e PC15T “Lite” Industrial Computers Intel Inside –CPU board and proccessor –Solid state drive 15.0” XGA (1024 x 768) Color TFT LCD Display 5-wire Analog Resistive Touchscreen Utra-Thin panel mounting depth (2.4”) High Performance/Very Low Power Fanless Processor –Intel ATOM N270 (1.6 GHz, 512 K Cache, 533 MHz bus) DRAM options up to 2 GB Intel 40 GB Solid State drive External 100-240 VAC power supply –Regulated 12 VDC, 3.75 A max output UL, cUL, RoHS, & CE (pending) –Ordinary Locations (UL 508) only 2-year Warranty

5 5 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Specifications I/O Connectivity –One Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet port –3 USB 2.0 ports –One RS-232 serial port –Additional analog or digital video ports (supports dual video with internal LCD) –Audio Out NEMA 4/4x/12, IP65 Powder Coated Aluminum Bezel –Optional No Logo Bezel Optional NEMA 1 Rear Enclosure –Vented, not water or dust proof FCC and European CE compliant RoHS compliant Windows XP Professional

6 6 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Specifications 19.0” Environmental Specifications –Operating Temperature... 0 C to 50 C Humidity...... 20% to 80% RH Shock........ 15g peak, 11msec Vibration...... 0.006” peak to peak, 1g max 5-2000 Hz Altitude....... Sea level to 10,000 ft. NEMA 4/4X/12, IP65 DC Input –12 VDC, 3.75 Amp max –Supplied by included AC power supply brick 100-240 VAC

7 7 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION e PC15T Lite Dimensions Same Front Panel and Cutout as 15.0” ePC-Series IPCs & M-Series Monitors Click for more detailed layout

8 8 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Features and Benefits All Intel Inside –CPU Board –Fanless Processor –ATOM N270 (1.6 GHz, 512 K Cache, 533 MHz bus) –Solid State Drive –40 GB SATA interface Shallow Mounting Depth –2.4” in the enclosure Made with Pride in the USA –Local support and service –Quick turn around on repairs –Understandable support

9 9 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Features and Benefits Easy Cutout and Installation –Simple Rectangular Cutout No holes need to be drilled –Easy Mounting Clip Installation VESA Mounting on Rear –75mm on e PC15T External Power Supply –100-240 VAC input / 12 VDC, 3.75 A max output –Removes excessive heat from PC

10 Intel Solid State SATA drives –No rotating media –Higher reliability than conventional hard disc drives –Increased speed & performance –Short boot time required 10 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Features and Benefits Relative Performance of Storage Types 8 GB CF 160 GB HDD 40 GB SSD

11 11 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Features and Benefits Optional No Logo Front panel –Seamless OEM integration into machines/applications UL 508 listed (pending) –Allows easy integration into UL Panel Builders Program RoHS & European CE Approvals –Can be installed in Europe Optional NEMA 1 Rear Enclosure –Vented, Not Water or Dust proof –Stand alone table top Stand or Arm mounting

12 12 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Target Markets & Applications Many different markets and applications can utilize the ePC15T Lite: Automotive Assembly and Fabrication Pulp & Paper Process Packaging General Manufacturing Warehousing Primary Application Targets: Price conscious general manufacturing applications Non Hazardous Locations

13 13 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Pricing & Ordering Information Pricing is contained in the revised October 2010 Price List (rev 2.2) –Click here to get the new revised price List Only pages 16 (ePC15T), 24 (nPC100), & 25 (nPC200) revised –Click here for the ePC15T Lite price list page only Ordering Information is contained in the datasheets for this model –Click here to go to the e PC15T Lite Product Page Then click on the tab for Ordering Information Also contained in the datasheet link on this page

14 14 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Pricing Summary Main Unit (includes Touchscreen, Fan less ATOM N270, 1 GB DRAM, 40 GB SSD, External AC power supply, and Windows XP) Model List Price e PC15T-N270-1GB-40SS-XP $1,995.00 Options -2GB 2 GB DRAM+$100.00 -NL No Logo Front Panel +$0.00 -ENNEMA 1 Rear Enclosure+$150.00 See price list for complete list of options and pricing Notes: –Standard Nematron Distributor Discount for Computers applies to all prices –All prices are in US funds

15 15 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Release Schedule Press Release Distribution to Pubs...... November 2, 2010 Release Package Distribution.......... November 23, 2010 –Includes datasheets, price list, press release, picture, & launch presentation Production Units Available............. November 23, 2010 –Includes all options and accessories European CE & RoHS Compliance....... November 23. 2010 UL 508 Approvals..................... January 2011 (estimated) –Includes cUL –Currently at UL for testing

16 16 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Competitive Information e PC15T Competitive Comparisons – 15.0”, touchscreen, fanless, and non-rotating comparisons only Advantage Nematron 40 GB Solid State Drive, Metal Enclosure, Low Power, Better Performance, and Small Size for a Great Price!! Feature NematronAdvantech A-B VesaViewPro-face (Xycom) ePC15TPPC-L157TTPC-1570H6181F-15TSXPPS3711A-T42 Display Size15" Base Processor Intel ATOM N270 1.6 GHz Celeron M 1.06 GHz Speed DRAM1 GB 512 MB Max DRAM2 GB 1 GB Base Drive Intel 40 GB SATA Solid State 8 GB CompactFlash (optional 16 GB) 8 GB CompactFlash 8 GB CompactFlash (optional IDE solid state drives up to 64 GB) EthernetOne 10/100/1000Two 10/100/1000 One 10/100 One 10/100/1000 USB ports3 (2.0)4 (2.0)2 (2.0) 5 (2.0) Serial Ports 1 RS-2321 (232), 1 (232/485/422)2 (232), 1 (485/422)1 (232/485/422)1 (232), 1 (485/422) Panel Depth2.4"2.5"2.4"3.4"2.4" ConstructionMetalPlastic Metal Power Usage30 Watts50 Watts42 Watts100 Watts70 Watts Standard Warranty2 Year 1 Year2 Year Base List Price$1,995N/A $3,645$2,695 DIST Discount / Cost25% / $1,496.25$1,574 Direct$2,464 Direct24% / $2,77025% / $2,021

17 17 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION e PC15T Competitive Advantages Low Power Usage –Less heat input into machine/application UL, cUL, RoHS and European CE certifications Intel Inside –CPU board and processor –Solid State drive All Metal construction vs. Plastic Made in the USA –Local control of design and manufacturing –English speaking support –Quick repair and service 2-Year Warranty Standard

18 18 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Press Coverage Click on source below: New Equipment Digest ThomasNet Windows For Devices

19 19 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Product Training & Demos Specific product training is not currently scheduled –Contact if you are interested in setting up a training session or webinar, we will be glad to The best way to sell these new IPCs is to Demo them! –In order to aid your sales efforts Nematron is offering each distributor organization a half-price e PC15T of your choice –Take advantage of this great offer –Contact for more

20 20 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Closing Sales Notes Great price! Competitive with overseas pricing High Performance / Very Low Power All Intel Inside CPU board and fanless ATOM N270 Processor 40 GB Solid State Drive I/O Connectivity One Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet ports 3 USB 2.0 ports 1 RS-232 serial ports Additional analog or digital video port (supports dual video with internal LCD) Audio output jack Intel ATOM N270, 1.6 GHz Processor Intel 40 GB SATA Solid State Drive Full Agency Approvals UL 508 & cUL (pending) European CE and RoHS Optional NEMA 1 Rear Enclosure 2-Year Warranty Made in the USA!

21 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Thank You for Your Interest in the New e PC15T Lite Industrial PC November 2010

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