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3.5 Quiz Review: Jeopardy Colonial Conflict (The Road to the Revolution) Mrs. Cady US History Grade 7.

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1 3.5 Quiz Review: Jeopardy Colonial Conflict (The Road to the Revolution) Mrs. Cady US History Grade 7

2 Notable People The Acts It’s Intoler able! Why did that happen? ??? 100 200 300 400 500

3 He was a the first to die during the Boston Massacre and is considered to be the first casualty of the Revolutionary War. Notable People 100

4 Crispus Attucks

5 This man created the now-famous picture of the “Bloody Massacre” that depicted a biased version of the Boston Massacre. Notable People 200

6 Paul Revere

7 A Founding Father who started the Sons of Liberty and coined the phrase “No Taxation without Representation!” Notable People 300

8 Samuel Adams

9 Who was the King of England from 1760- 1820? Notable People 400

10 King George III

11 The Intolerable Acts made this person the new Governor of Massachusetts. Notable People 500

12 Thomas Gage

13 In 1767, these Acts began taxing paint, paper, lead, tea, and glass. The Acts 100

14 Townshend Acts

15 This Act taxed things like newspapers, licenses, documents and even playing cards. The Acts 200

16 Stamp Act

17 Parliament repealed these acts after violent protests (all except the tax on tea), like the Boston Massacre, in the American colonies. The Acts 300

18 Townshend Acts

19 Serving as a punishment to the people of Boston for the Boston Tea Party, these acts were the “last straw” that led to the Revolution. The Acts 400

20 Coercive or Intolerable Acts

21 Because of this act, the East India Tea Company was allowed to sell its product directly to colonists at a lower price than the colonial merchants. The Acts 500

22 Tea Act

23 Boston Harbor was closed until the colonists could pay for this. Intolerable 100

24 Ruined tea from Boston Tea Party

25 The Intolerable Acts were passed in this year. Intolerable 200

26 1774

27 Land in Canada that colonists won in the French and Indian War was taken away from Massachusetts with this act. (part of Intolerable Acts) Intolerable 300

28 Quebec Act

29 Colonists were forced to house and feed English soldiers under this updated Act. Intolerable 400

30 Quartering Act

31 The Intolerable Acts were known by this name in England. Intolerable 500

32 Coercive Acts

33 Colonists felt this way about being taxed by England. Why 100


35 Why were tax collectors enforcing the new laws afraid of some colonists? Why 200

36 Colonial violence (tar and feather, beatings, etc.)

37 This event resulted in 2 soldiers being convicted of manslaughter, branded on the hand and released. Why 300

38 Boston Massacre

39 The Boston Massacre occurred because colonists were angry. Why? Why 400

40 They didn’t want taxes or British soldiers in their cities.

41 Patrick Henry’s resolutions that were presented to Virginia’s House of Burgesses helped to have this act repealed in 1766. Why 500

42 Stamp Act

43 This act, passed after the Stamp Act was repealed, said Britain was allowed to tax colonists “in all ways whatsoever.” ??? 100

44 Declaratory Act

45 Why did Great Britian feel the need to tax colonists? ??? 200

46 To pay off the enormous debt from the French and Indian War.

47 What did colonists argue as a reason why taxes were illegal? ??? 300

48 “No taxation without representation”

49 The Sugar Act of 1764, the first act in which Great Britain placed taxes on the colonists also put a tax on this. ??? 400

50 molasses

51 What are ways in which people protested? ??? 500

52 Boycott, created secret groups like sons/daughters of liberty, colonial violence, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, etc.

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