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The Federalist Era, 1789-1800. Launching the New Government.

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1 The Federalist Era, 1789-1800

2 Launching the New Government

3 The First Federal Elections Picking the first president The new Congress The Bill of Rights James Madison George Washington John Adams

4 Filling out the government Henry Knox: Sec. of War Edmund Randolph: Att. General Thomas Jefferson: Sec. of State Alexander Hamilton: Sec. of the Treasury Washington’s Cabinet John Jay: First Chief Justice (SCOTUS)

5 Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Program

6 Assumption and creation of national debt “Report on Public Credit” Proposed congress charter a bank “Report on the national bank” Proposed a federal currency “Report on the Mint" Program to encourage domestic industry “Report on Manufactures"

7 Political Views: Hamilton versus Jefferson

8 Passionate Politics

9 Partisanship without Parties The New Politician: mobilized voters and created political organizations Expansion of the Press Democratic-Republican Societies Cultural Politics Peter Porcupine Federalist William Cobbett “Peter Porcupine,” scribbles attacks and insults.” Republican political cartoon.

10 Conflicts at Home and Abroad

11 The French Revolution in America Liberty and the Guillotine The revolution became symbol for both Republicans and Federalists

12 John Jay Jay’s Treaty, 1795 Treaty agreed to compensate America for cargoes sized in 1793-1794 and to vacate forts in the Northwest territory

13 Map of Spanish Interests in America Pinckney Treaty (1795): Secured America’s right to navigate the Mississippi River and use New Orleans (also settled boundary of Florida)

14 The Whiskey Rebellion Rebellion over Hamilton’s hated tax on Whiskey in 1794. Washington chooses the negotiate, but called the militia after negotiations failed Repeal the tax to avoid confrontation (R) Call up Militia immediately (F) Negotiate, but have militia ready.

15 The Presidency of John Adams, 1796-1800

16 Washington’s Farewell Attacked the growing factions and partisanship Advised Americans steer clear of permanent alliances with foreign nations

17 Election of 1796

18 The XYZ Affair and Quasi-War with France XYZ Affair (1796): Three French officials demand bribe from Americans to begin negotiations Quasi-War: An undeclared naval war with France from 1798-1800

19 The Alien and Sedition Acts Alien Acts (3 separate laws): Increased government deportation powers/Made it harder to become a citizen Sedition Act: criminalized protesting the government/criminalized speech or expression criticizing the government or its actions.

20 The Election of 1800 Jefferson’s opponents portrayed him as an atheist who drew radical ideas from the French Revolution. In this image the American eagle tries to prevent Jefferson from throwing the Constitution into the flames emanating from the altar of Gallic (French) despotism.

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