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CHAPTER 7 The Federalist Republic, 1789 - 1799 Web.

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1 CHAPTER 7 The Federalist Republic, 1789 - 1799 Web

2 The New Government Washington becomes president in unanimous vote Secretaries of State, War, Treasury, and Attorney General appointed and approved Judiciary Act of 1789 Congress adds Bill of Rights to Constitution First federal census is taken in 1790 Determines representation in Congress Amounts due for taxes Keeps up with growth of nation

3 Opposing Visions of America Federalist party supports strong central government, while Republicans advocate local control Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of Treasury, was the foremost Federalist Foremost Republican was Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State Hamilton refunded national debt by issuing new federal securities, new custom duties, and revenue from the Post Office Two sides agree on site for nation’s capital Washington, D.C.

4 National Bank Two parties disagree on need for a national bank Bank is chartered in 1791, vote divided between North and South states Bank of United States would contain 2 million in government deposit, 8 million in private deposits Federal government encourages manufacturing interests Samuel Slater Eli Whitney Oliver Evans

5 Expansion and Conflict in the West Whites defeat Native Americans in Kentucky and Tennessee and settle there with their families Native resistance in Ohio Valley, though stronger, proves futile Treaty of Greenville Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania demonstrates strength of federal government Spain continues to dominate Southwest, expand settlement, and found missions

6 Conflict in the Northwest Territory, 1790-1796 ©2004 Wadsworth, a division of Thomson Learning, Inc. Thomson Learning ™ is a trademark used herein under license.

7 Foreign Entanglements French Revolution supported more by Republicans than Federalists Edmond Genet sought support, Washington stayed neutral John Jay’s treaty with British enrages Republicans Thomas Pinckney negotiated Treat of San Lorenzo with Spain in 1796 In retiring from politics, President Washington warns against political divisions and foreign entanglements

8 The Federalist Treaties

9 The Adams Presidency Constitutional problems arise in 1796 election Federalist John Adams becomes president and Republican Thomas Jefferson becomes vice president XYZ Affair angers Americans and leads to “Quasi-War” with France Adams supports Alien and Sedition Acts which restrict rights Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions hint at future problems Web

10 Discussion Questions What were some of the problems facing Washington as the first president in the history of the world? How did Jefferson and Hamilton represent the fundamental political thought of the early United States? Discuss the pros and cons of the Hamilton’s national bank? Compare the presidency of John Adams to that of George Washington.

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